Elf Shmelf. Thank you Jake for saying what needs to be said.

Do you know Jake  from The Life of Jake

 Well..if you don’t then you should.

He just wrote the best freakin post ever about that creepy little freak that has invaded everyone’s house for the month.



Dang his post is RIGHT ON & I love the shit out of it.

We have not one..but two of those effin elves.


I’m sick of trying to stay awake until the kids go to sleep and find a new place for those damn things. AND I’m never as creative as their friend’s moms. ANNNND….alll kinds of hell breaks lose when I forget to move the overpriced/overrated suckers.

I’m totally with Jake on this one…how about makin the kids mind by telling them JESUS is watching?  Oh..b/c the spoiled rotten brats know that Jesus doesn’t bring the goods…that’s Santa’s job.  So…then there’s the other thing…spank their asses! Yep…I’m ganna go with that one.


Thanks Jake for literally making me LOL today. Your post hit the spot!


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