Easy Cheesy Mexican Pizza

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Sooo here is a TOTALLY easy meal.

Some may think this meal seems like common sense and doesn’t deserve a whole post. But I do & I’m awesome so BAM!

Fo reals though…here’s why:  Every working mom ever comes home and blankly stares into the fridge….then the pantry….then the freezer…then back to the fridge. The shelves are full. Plenty to pick from. Nothing to cook. After a full day of crazy head….your brain is fried and the Better Crocker shit ain’t happenin. Your mind just can’t THINK.

So even though you have plenty of food stockin the shelves…..there is nothing to cook.

This happens to me pretty much on a daily basis. That’s when I like to go to my blog. YES MUH OWN BLOG. And look at other things I’ve cooked. And there it is. An idea. That’s what I’ll cook!

So even though I’ve stared at the same ingredients twelve times in the last 30 min in the pantry…it just didn’t click. But to see it on my phone & yummy little pictchas ….it triggers something in my brain and I remember ..oh yeah..that’s a good quick little meal.

Decision made. DONE.

You’re welcome.

Or I’m welcome.


Moving right along…

Mexican Pizza

Gather the Goods

Tostada Shells, 1 can Refied Beans, 1 lb hamburger meat, taco seasoning mix, shredded cheese.



This is the kind of tostada shells I always get. But we used half of them with a previous meal & threw the box away.

I said cook it


Brown meat & add taco seasoning according to package directions.021 022

Cook tostada shells according to package directions.033

Warm refried beans on stove.034

Get yo shells out when they are done.035

Spread refried beans on shells evenly.036

Spread taco meat on top.


Add shredded cheese.039

Put back in oven and cook until cheese is melted.043

Eat that yum yum!045


Me & Garridon prefer ours sans the taco meat.  So if you’re not a fan either…this is the way to go!

019 038 044 046

I really really really love to add jalapenos to mine and then cook them…but we were out. But a dollop of sour cream seriously perfects this pizza!047


As always…here’s your awesome recipe card! You’re welcome!

Here’s a little tip...I know this meal seems easy…you probably don’t need to follow a recipe card to throw it together….BUT these are great to print and stick in a recipe binder for INSPIRATION! Just like I go to my Lazy Mom Meals section of my blog to give me an idea for dinner…just the visual of seeing this card, the picture of the food, and the simple ingredient list…will make it that much easier to say…that’s what’s for dinner!

Mexican Pizza Recipe Card


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