DIY Gingerbread House for Little Elves

Gingerbread house

Christmas is right around the corner! It’s never too early to start planning those school parties or just a fun family night to make memories!

This is a super easy little spin on the traditional gingerbread house which can be hard for little hands to manage.

I have done these with my kid’s school classes for several years and they are always a huge hit! I have also thrown a Gingerbread Party for my daughter & her friends using this same technique!

Here’s what you will need…

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If I am doing a class party…I just ask my children’s teacher to save the milk cartons from lunch one day. (Tip: hot glue the carton shut)

It isn’t necessary to put the frosting in a ziploc bag…but it sure makes it less messy & easy on little hands!

Graham crackers broke in halves fit perfect on the milk carton!

Use the frosting to “glue” the sides of the house (graham crackers) to the carton.



Tip: I like to hot glue the milk carton to the paper plate so that it doesn’t move around while they are decorating!




See how it shapes into a cute little house? The carton gives it just the support it needs!

Then grab whatever fun candy you want to decorate your house! Use the frosting to glue it on!



It’s that easy!

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