Total Diet Failure

Day 15. Sept 15.


Only down 0.4 lb. Less than half a pound. But I have to remind myself..that’s in one day. And I can’t expect to lose 2 lbs every single day. That is unrealistic. Almost 1/2 a pound in one day is still down. Progress. DOWN.

I’ll take it!

AND..when I add that 0.4 lb to the 7.6 total I’ve already lost..that gives me an 8 lb even total loss!

Buh Bam!

(the above I wrote first thing Sat morning)

This is from later that night:

Well..So I went to work & then went to Ft. Worth.

I had a sausage link (no bread) from the donut shop for breakfast, a subway pizza for lunch, & the worst mexican food ever for dinner. Oh ..& super yummy..two of these…

So..I would say I got very much off track.

I guess I knew I would be…since I was going out of town & all.

Day 16. Sept. 16.

Today (Sunday) I was in Rockwall doing some running around w/ the it was a donut & kolache for breakfast, hot dog for lunch, & drive thru wendy’s on the way home for dinner.

No weighing. No eating well. Just out & about!

What a weekend!

Day 17. Sept 17.

Time to survey the damage from the weekend.


So up 2.8 lb from Saturday morning (day15)

Still…today I didn’t start back eating great. Danny made me a healthy breakfast. Then I ran through taco bueno for lunch…& dinner we went to Pasados where I stuffed my face w/ the yummiest chicken fajitas eva! After the sucky mexican food Sat night..I was CRAVING some good mexican! So..I decided I better get that outa my system before I went back on the diet.

Day 18. Sept 18.

So..on Tues of course I was up even more!


But I was right back on it…


Danny made me breakfast…

Of course…it’s getting harder & harder to eat eggs. So..I didn’t eat much of the eggs.

Lunch I just had to grab what was in our fridge at work..& I ended up throwing the cheese away b/c it was nasty.

I know ya’ll must see chicken nuggets on my log & be all…that’s carbs! I know..but for some reason…it’s fine. I can eat chicken nuggetts & still lose. As long as I’m not eating like BREAD. Like straight up…pastas, bread, tortillas…just pure carbs. And basically…chicken nuggetts or beans are the only things I eat that have it.

Day 19. Sept 19.


Yeah..I was a bit shocked by how much it went down in one day. 5 LB’s is a lot! But..I chalk it up to water weight & my body adjusting to being back on the diet. Tomorrow it will prob be up a little.




My lunch & dinner was pretty much calorie loaded. I really need to start planning some healthier stuff.

Day 20. Sept 20.



See..I knew it would be up a little this morning. It could be water weight..or it could be the the not so healthy, calorie loaded food from yesterday. Who knows.

And here’s another thing..I haven’t went numba two for a coupla days..soooo that might be the culprit? yeah..I said it. get over it girls..that’s a fact of life that contributes to this stuff.



Let me just say..I’m sooo over eggs at this point. I basically cut them up & took ONE bite. I ate about two pieces of bacon.

I really need some time to research & plan out some different foods.

Sept 21.


Sept 22


Ok..I guess you can see this is where I just kinda quit. This is a few more days in September….




So there ya go…total diet failure. Again.

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