Did you know…

So…I’m a food loggin slacker. Actually, I’m pretty much a dieting loser, but most definitely not in the literal way.

I wrote this post about Why I Love My Fitness Pal like forever ago in my faithful calorie counting days…and then…completely fell off the L-B losing wagon for awhile.

But now that 2015 is here, along with the new year, new me bandwagon mentality…I dusted off my ol MFP app & took another go at it.

And surprise, surprise! New features on my beloved app!

The coolest, most rad new feature…it tracks your steps! Oh yeah!

Forget the FitBit, there’s a new tracker in town! Of course…if you have a FitBit that you just die over…you can use that instead & sync that baby up to MFP to automatically give you some cookie calories for those crunches.


So…hop on over to your MFP app & take a looksy around.




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