Did you freakin know?! Muh fav “iPad” & iPhone tricks….

I know I’ve been pretty much MIA lately. It’s that crazy thing called life again.

One thing that has definitely helped me in my hustle to stay adrift is muh new “iPad”.

I’ve picked up a few tricks & wanted to share them with ya’ll! most of these will prob work on the iPhones too.


1. FOR SURE this is #1!!!



Put your thumbs in the middle of keyboard & swipe them suckers to the sides…and BAM…it’s a whole new world!  Now you can type with your thumbs the same way you do on your iPhone.

2. Accidentally type an extra zero? That’s ok..simply remove it by swiping left to right!



3. Doing some nighttime work? Invert the colors on your device for a better viewing experience!



Inverting your colors will turn the screen black and the text white for less eye strain.Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Turn on “Invert Colors.”

4. Need it to charge faster?? Put it on airplane mode & it will charge twice as fast! Say what?!?



5. Just for the “iPad” users…did you know that…you can add up to six apps to the home row? AND you can add folders too?



6. For you blog masters like me, getting your blog on when on the go can be made a tiny bit faster when you know this little trick…double click that space bar to add a period & a space & automatically capitalize the next letter. 



7. What else can make you blog pros get after it quicker?? A blue tooth keyboard! I love mine! And here’s a dirty little secret…ALL blue tooth keyboards work with your gear! They don’t have to say “iPad” on the box!


Oh ya’ll know…it works for iPhones too!



8. Outsmart that pesky auto correct by adding an extra letter when you want to spell a contraction.



9. This next trick doesn’t really apply to me since my “iPad” & iPhone are strictly off limits to kids…PLUS…my little monsters both got their own iPads for their b-days!

but I thought I’d share for everyone else…you can turn on “guided access” when a kid is playing on your iPad.


Guided Access, once turned on, keeps users from errantly clicking or tapping within an app and ending up someplace they’re not supposed to be, or deleting something accidentally.

First, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. You’ll also want to turn on the Accessibility Shortcut.

Triple-click the home button in whichever app you want to turn it on for. From here, you can select any buttons that you don’t want clicked. Or you can also disable the home button while keeping the touchscreen on.

10. Those ear buds are pretty useful for something other than rockin out to your jams!


Just click the volume + button on the remote on your Apple or Apple-compatible earbuds while in camera mode to click and shoot, or the middle button (play/pause) while in video mode.

Obvi…me being The Selfie Queen…this is useful.

Queen Bee

But…ya know…here’s a little trick for your jam sesh too…



With the remote of your your earbuds, you can go to the next tack or the previous track while listening to music or podcats.

BONUS TIP FOR YOU Do It Yoselfers: There’s a level in the Compass app!

funny-iPhone-secrets-technology-level-hang 6-spirit-level-feature



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2 thoughts on “Did you freakin know?! Muh fav “iPad” & iPhone tricks….

  1. Shutup! Look at you being all helpful and shit! I love this… I, however, miss my iphone. *sigh* If they’d hurry up and make the screen big like the Galaxy S4’s, I’d be all over that shit. Pay full price and all!
    Thanks for the handiness… OTHERS will appreciate it. And I may or may not try it on my phone too! 😉

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