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I’m not going to clutter my blog with daily posts of my weight & food logs…But I want to keep track for myself & for those following along…so I will prob do a post once a week about my whole week…or every coupla days. Just depending on my mood. & whatever else. I am writing these on that day so I can kind of journal my process…it really helps me.


day foe. sept foe.


Down less than half a pound. Prob not even enough to count

Down just a tad. But down 4.5 lb from the beginning. So pretty good.

Maybe I should have ate some more frosting and I would have lost more. Lol

Ate ok. Healthy homemade stuff that I cooked. Not drive thru heart attack in a bag. So that’s always good.


Day five. Sept 5.


1 lb down. So I’m slowing down…but at least the scales still moving.

Seeing the numbers go down is what motivates me.

So my protein only for three days hasn’t really happened yet.

I haven’t really just straight up ate bread or pasta or carbs like that.. There have just been some minor carbs/ sugar in a few things, like baked beans, corn, tomatoes & beans (in chili) and oatmeal (in meatloaf). But I have consumed very minimal amts of this stuff.

So I’m eating right & watching portions… I just haven’t really I don’t think..ate my liver into ketosis doing a 3 day all protein thing.

And then today… There was a cookie. I mean.. It’s prob no different then the cake frosting episode.. But nonetheless .. Today there was a cookie.

I was sitting here for like ever


And I hadn’t eaten lunch and I could feel the hunger pushin out a headache. So I grabbed a complimentary diet dp &. Cookie. It was small. And gloriously yummy.


So I guess it’s good I haven’t technically did the 3 day thing.. Bc that demon cookie would have jacked me alll up.

day 6. sept 6.


ok. ok. ugh!

what. a. bad. day. yesterday.

after the ‘cookie thing’ & just a bad/ stressful day in general..I reverted back to my old habits…

first I was all..well…i already screwed up by eating a I’ll just get some Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

and then I was all…well..I already had a cookie & Chick-Fil-A & totally derailed this diet I’ll just go ahead & have some Mickey D’s for Dinner. After that it was a free for all binge eating blur.


That’s how it always starts isn’t it? So now I’m up by about a pound.

I didn’t even bother to log my food. I knew it was over my calories & I knew it was bad. Loaded with carbs. Loaded with salt. Loaded with regret. Loaded with guilt.

But then today…I woke up & saw the scale. I knew it would be up. I actually guessed it would be higher than it was. And then today…I was know..I might have slipped. Broken. Had a bad day…

But today is a new day.

So..I’m just going to keep going.

I did go ahead & log the food…just to give myself a VISUAL of the calories & what I did yesterday. A reminder that…that “meal” I had at Chick-Fil-A is really the caloric equivalent of three meals. And that value meal from McDonald’s…set my body in backwards motion.

A reminder that it’s not worth the calories. A reminder of just how many calories it really is.


20120906-144450.jpg…I’m back on track.

I had just some sausage for breakfast & some chicken taco soup for lunch. Stayed within portions. Logged it.

Please pray for me that I have the strength and will power to not slip on bad days. Please pray for me that I have the determination to go back to eating healthy after a day that I have slipped.

Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, & most of all encouragement!

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