Conversations in My Car…

Daynie: What happens when all the people that work at like a restaurant or store are all English and a Spanish speaking person comes in? What do they do?

Daynie: Mamma, does your car have internet?

Garridon: (at the Movies) I have to go to the bathroom, will you pause it?

Garridon: Mamma…why don’ t you have fancy clothes on? (He wanted me to come watch their puppet show)

Garridon: The thunderstorm can turn lights off in houses. The lightricity.

Garridon: Mamma..did they give the circle a haircut? (At the little grass circle in Kilgore that was just mowed)

Garridon: Where does the tooth fairy get money? Does she sneak in the bank and take it? Daynie: Maybe she makes the money.  Garridon: Maybe she sneaks in people’s houses at night and steals the money. Me: I don’t think the tooth fairy sneaks in and steals people’s money just to sneak back in and leave it. LOL

Garridon: How did God make himself?  (I get A LOT of God questions from Garridon while riding in the car)

Garridon: Can Grandma’s work at McDonald’s? Are they allowed to?

Daynie: Where we going?                                                                                                             Me: Don’t ask that again!                                                                                                         Daynie:  I wasn’t going to ask that.                                                                                                 Me: Ok then what?                                                                                                                 Daynie: Who invented cars?                                                                                                         Me: Henry Ford.                                                                                                                    Daynie: Who invented gas?                                                                                                  Danny: I did, every time I eat beans.

Danny to Daynie: I bet you $5 you can’t spell your name.                                               Daynie: My whole name?                                                                                                 Danny: Just your name.                                                                                                        Daynie: My middle name to?                                                                                                Danny: Your name!                                                                                                              Daynie: Just my first name?                                                                                                    Danny: Never mind!                                                                                                               Ha Ha! That joke didn’t go as planned!

Garridon: If you eat a breakfast burrito not in the you call it a burrito?

Daynie: Fine! I’m just ganna look ugly today & be a big freak!

Garridon: Am I wearing a pullup?                                                                                         Me: No..they are just the little underwear.                                                                           Garridon: No they are big. They’re big like the other ones but they’re fat..that’s why their little. (funny thing is..I know EXACTLY what he is saying!)

Daynie: I kinda don’t want to cheer here…I think the dogs to their business here.

Talyn (my 4 yr old niece): want more smoke?                                            Garridon: My mom has my cigerettes.                                                                              Talyn: Can I have one? Mine broke.                                                                                      Garridon: Last one.                                                                                                                    (My sister bought them candy cigs at the Ft. Worth Stockyards)

Garridon: Mamma, can you turn the fan on to none?




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