Coming Clean…not to be confused with Going Clean.

Today I am coming clean…

not to be confused with….going clean.


Uh..yeah….That ain’t ganna happen.

What I’m actually referring to is…coming clean.

as in….

I must confess.


I’ve been on a bad bad road lately.

Slipping back into old ways. Losing sight of new ones.

It’s pretty much been a binge fest in Nina’s world.


I’ve been stuffing my face like there’s no tomorrow & being

L.      A.      Z       Y.


It’s soooo hard to make this healthy stuff into a lifestyle.

It just seems like it’s ALWAYS something.

If you haven’t noticed from my lack of blogging life has been nutso crazy busy.

Like fo reals.

& of course one of the first things I let slide is Project: Me.

I got into a good little schedule of going to the track to do the Couch 2 5K thing for about a hot minute. Then dentist appts, rain, kid’s games, & the rest of life came up. And now….now I don’t go.

I was staying away from fast food, watching my calories, & trying to only put semi-healthy crap in my face hole.  And now…now I just eat whatev. I halfway acknowledge the calories…as in…dayyyyyummmm that’s gotta lotta cals…oh well…in with the yumminess!

And now. I find myself gaining weight instead of losing.

I was sooo happy with how things were going. I know I’m tired of starting over.


I know that LIFE has soo much to do with why I get off track. But sooo much more is my attitude. My mood. ME.


I gotta get muh head back in the game. I gotta make it a priority again. I gotta get back on track & stay on track.

I did treat myself to a little inspiration to help me on this never ending journey….

If you follow me on Instagram you saw me working on this…


I ordered three lockets…one dedicated to muh babies. one to muh man. & one to ME.

In the one for me… I got 2 charms & a dangle to remind me I CAN do the two major things that are important to me to accomplish. A running shoe charm to remind me of my weight loss & running journey. And a laptop charm to remind me of my blog which I LOVE & want to grow.

ch1326 ch1624 empowerment_ican

I CAN do these things. AnD I WILL do these things.

It might take me time & a million do-overs….but I will get there.

Like I said…ESPECIALLY on the diet thing…I’ve gotta get my head BACK in the game. Gotta get BACK ON TRACK.

And it starts NOW.


LoL. J/K.

Obvs I start tomorrow.


ONE.  I made a vow to neva evaaaa start a diet on a Monday again. 

TWO. I need to finish off these today.

Image converted using ifftoany

OBVS I can’t let the best invention ever made by mankind go to waste.

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