Just a little Valentine’s Decor…

I love to add a little splash of whatever holiday it is to my decor..and I think sometimes we forget about V-Day.


At work, I actually took all the red & silver candy left over from Christmas & filled these clear vases for some instant decoration!


I turned the little red Santa tin around so you couldn’t see the buckle and filled it with red & white peppermints leftover from Christmas.  I then went on The Google & snagged me a free printable…stuck it in a simple $1 frame…and now I have a cute little Valentines Display 🙂



At home..I have this lovely plate rack that I used as my little Holiday display. I keep all my printables in the frames year round so I’m not searching for them next year.





I also grabbed a couple $1 frames to put here:





I’m SO delighted with my easy, simple decorations!


Here’s the free printables I used (I got all of the off The Google). You can right click and hit open in a new tab…then in the new tab right click and choose save or print.

20271b1ad445d0e5c607867be79a89bb 90290d879a63bbe45accd2e37e1b7426 aa8a3065b726cff9d21b9d6660927503 e43f2c885758b0ec9cb838b478046160 Image1

ALL-YOU-NEED-IS-LOVE-8x10 Love-Black-White-Gold-8x10

How do you like to decorate for Valentines??


Five on Friday



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Have I told ya’ll how much I LOVE fall??  I had to pick up this cutesy deco for my office…it’s the little things ya know.









Speaking of my holiday obsessions…here’s more…


Butterfinger Jingles.



Reese’s Bells.

Why do they have to be sooooo flippin good?

I prob shouldn’t have included them in my office deco…they call my name ALL DAMN DAY. And by call my name..it’s not…Nina eat me.

IT’S….NINA DON’T EAT ME! You’ve already ate all my friends! (as I devour it)


and you prob would be interested to know what my child is doing with them right now…





She might be a little bored 😉

It’s keeping her busy & keeping me from eating them all…so win/win.

Tuesday night she was stung by we are guessing a yellow jacket. She said it was “really long & really yellow”  Well..Wednesday the redness & swelling overtook half her thigh & by yesterday it covered her whole thigh. It’s also hot & hard.

So to the doc she went today.

Ugh! I feel like I live at the dr’s office. Any dr. mine, theirs, the dentist, eye dr, ortho… Doesn’t matter I’m always at one of them.

On the bright side..she did allow me to MAKE her sport this cute holiday attire PLUS a bow today! Oh happy day!

035 051 052


I LOVE LOVE LOVE big layered bows! Daynie has over 100 made to match bows & she won’t hardly wear them anymore 🙁  I’m contemplating having another baby just to get more bow use.




One good thing about doctor days though:



Tacos from my fav place evaaaa.

I had to miss G man’s field trip today b/c of Daynie’s dr appt… booooo. But I’m thankful for good friends that are picture whores like me!



Check out my new site..www.FrugaLatte.com….it’s a total knock off of the crazy white  trash bitch that wronged me’s site. I let her do all the work & then just copy it. Ya know..just using her own game against her to try and make back some of the money she stole from me. I don’t copy everything b/c a lot of her stuff is pretty lame. So I add cooler better stuff to mine. If you noticed Gnomie Not My Homie in the ad and on the website…it’s bc he is the spokesman for my new site. He dumped that B  & decided to get on board with the cool crowd when he found out all the stuff that cold hearted crazy bitch did. I know I said before that he was dead…what I meant was… dead to me but I’ve since had a change in heart b/c  apparently he is #aliveandwell.

yes, yes he is.

Yes. Yes he is. #andmakingme$$$

I know this might all seem a little cray..but hey…sometimes we all need a little cray in our life! An eye for an eye. Bible style.


Anyhoo..it’s good for you..b/c I post some GOOD DEALS & FREE STUFF!

FrugaLattes Header 1200x300

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Pinterest follow me button tutorial[11]



Thanks for the traffic…

The thing about people…they love drama and they love scandal…so to say you are playing right into my hands is an understatement. 😉

I’ve always loved that photo of me 🙂  Thanks for picking muh fav!

I was just sitting here with an old “friend” and we were discussing how you are a lying, stealing, piece of white trash shit. We decided to use your own game against you & will be profiting from it.  With my awesome new face/spokesman of this venture…. I should have no problem making back the money you STOLE from me.

Peace out bitch. And by bitch…I most definitely mean you Janie.

photo (26)

ps. You are but a mere form of entertainment for me now. I shall sit back and enjoy the show. Let your Carly shine!



I am the dagumm sunshine.

So lately..maybe I haven’t been the sunshine.

Dayummm Walt I'm tryin...Give a girl a break.

Dayummm Walt I’m tryin…Give a girl a break.

Okay I’ve been down right bitter.

Someone left me with a hell of a mess at work….a financial burden personally….and a broken heart friendship wise. (Blog post when I’m ready)

…and…Completely squashed any progress I’ve made in the trust issue dept.


so..I’ve been really busy & really broken lately…hence the lack of blogging.

BUT…it’s time I put muh big girl panties on…which I will happily report are getting too big….and get to gettin on with my life.

What better place to start than playing along with a little Q & A from one of muh favs in blogland….Tim Bob’s Bloggy Blog.


1.  What’s the sexiest song you’ve ever heard?

Too Close by Next has been doin it for me since 1998…roll down the windows in that Chevy Malibu & blast that chit w/ muh posse.

2.  Dream vacation?

at the moment…ANY vacation. seriously. I just need to check out of life for awhile.  I’m thinking of staging a nervous breakdown so I can have an excuse to do just that.

3.  First movie you saw in the theatre?

Oh wow..I don’t even know this? And I have a GOOD memory. I remember seeing Casper with my Aunt Nina. She fell asleep and was snoring & I had to wake her up.  Before that maybe Fern Gully? Wowza I’m shocked I don’t know this.

MV5BMTk1NTYxMzU0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzU1NzQyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_ MV5BNDMyOTMzMjc0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDc4MzEzMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_
4.  Celebrity crush?

I’m not a big on celebrity crushes. Yes there are some super hot guys that make me crazy went they dance on the big screen…but I don’t get gaga over any celebrity really. Unless they’re a blogger.


okay okay…I may or may not have a thing for a coupla the Duck Dynasty guys…


I’ll let you guess which ones.
5.  Your worst family reunion moment?

Hmm..we don’t really have family reunions anymore…
6.  Best Christmas present you ever received?

A pager circa: 2000 from muh man. I still have that bad boy. 143 baby. 143.

7.  Worst Christmas present you ever received?

Umm..where do I start? Danny has made this a open running list….We will just start with the deodorant in my stocking that wasn’t even my brand…
8.  Disney World or the beach?

Well the only beach I’ve ever been to is Galveston & I thought it was icky. So I’m ganna go with Disney World. I super jumbo heart love that place!

9.  Post a selfie pic of you at this exact moment.

10.  Post the 5th picture in your phone.

photo (3)


This cracks me up. I used it as my Day 1:  Eat photo for my Instagram Photo a Day challenge. Jump in there & do it…you know you wanna. All the cool kids are doin it.



If you are wondering why I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog world for like evaaaa….then you’ll just have to wonder a little bit longer. #sorrynotsorry . Ok I am sorry for using that lame hashtag. #not.

Have no fear! I will be back in the blogosphere in full force soon enough!

For now…enjoy this repost from Back to School stuff from last year….


When I was a kid…I was lucky to get this:



Like O. M. G. I’m totally going to spend 3 hours every night carefully crafting my rotten child’s lunch into the most adorbs little creations so I can totally be the coolest mom on the block. THANKS PINTEREST!

Crazy mom say whaaaaat??

Although the latest Pinterest craze of fun kids lunches is cute….that’s all it is. Cute.

Hello people!

It’s just NOT practical!

Step away from the mouse! Don’t you pin that!


Shrimp? Really? SHRIMP????

I’m sure that is ganna be fresh & smell spectacular come lunch time. Your child’s teacher thanks you.

The skewer lunch above would just result in pissing my kids off. That wouldn’t fill their tummies. Daynie would open her lunch box & be all…”W-T-F MOM?!”

This giraffe is soooooo cute. Umm…yeah…but it’s sure the hell not practical!

I’m sure this kid appreciates the amount of bread you just wasted to perfect each body part:

I mean…is THIS practical?? What a WASTE…

You ganna eat YO cone-bread?

Where’s the rest of the orange?

Did you REALLY just cut open a whole orange to use ONE slice to make a sun? Mom, c’mon…I’m starving here…can you stop teasing me & let me eat the WHOLE orange?

This looks fun:

I’m sure the Cafeteria Monitor Nazi’s are totally going to be into letting the kids play just one more game before eating their lunch.

I’m sure this will remain intact by lunch time:

And these?? Don’t EVEN get me started on THESE!

DIY Re-usable snack lunch bags?

Because the 200 pack of ziploc bags for $1 at Wal-Mart isn’t practical OR going to save you time & money. Hmph.

Do I even need to touch on CLEANING THOSE THINGS??



Mom’s…you’re setting the bar wayyy too high.

Think of your child’s devastation on the days they open their lunch box to see this:




Yes my friends…there’s a pin for that.


Mom’s you must STOP this PINstrosity right now!


Weird Work Stuff

We have the most awkward service guys at work in the history of EVER.

Like…not the guys that work for us…just servicing accounts.

Like the two companies that service our uniforms.


He looks like this…


His looks aren’t the awkward part. It’s his PRESENCE!

The guy seriously has to walk a total of 20 feet from his truck to our desk.

And every. single. time. We are scared he is going to kill over dead right on our ceramic tile.

He huffs. and puffs. and wheezes.

Even during the 5 minutes he stands still while he makes awkward convos and creepy eye at us while we sign the flippin ticket.

And yes…creepy eye.


His less than pleasant smell and greasy dirty signature machine make me have an intense need to wash my hands for 2 1/2 minutes OCD style after his departure.



photo (1)


Supporting evidence for my case: This is a text from muh office partner in crime.


Creepy McWeirdo Numba TWO:

The guy from uniform company numba two.

He looks like this.



And I’m pretty positive he goes home at night and puts that exact outfit on too.

I can just tell.

This guy. Bless his little heart. Is sweet as can be.

Too sweet. Too friendly. Wayyy too friendly.

He’s one of those guys that is so nice you feel bad for thinking he’s really this guy..



But I’m 100% convinced I’m going to flip on the 10 o’clock news one night and there he’ll be.

He always has a big awkward smile on his face.

His convos are even longer & awkwarder than the other uniforms guy.

Bc this guy…he just stares at you.

Like deep.


With his creepy little smile.

The smile that says…”I’m imagining chopping you up and wearing you as a dress right now”

THAT kind of smile.

And when he talks to you. You better answer.

You better look at him and give him your undivided attention.

Or else.

Or else he will kick up the creepy awkwardness full dial and stay longer.


And then.

Then there’s the Schwann’s guy.



He looks like this.


He says awkward things like Snackalicious. And tells us we’re “naughty” when we pick out things like Mac & Cheese.

One day…I was having a meeting with the President/Owner of the company & our Operations Manager (muh hubs Dan tha Man) and the creepy short Schwann’s man walked in. I tried to intercept and politely decline a purchase for the day…when he turned to the two men sitting at the conference table. Then he proceeded to ask me if the President/Owner of the company was my husband. I embarrassingly said no, and introduced him. Then the FUH-REEEEK proceeded to say…”Well he may not be your husband but he’s sure your daddy”

photo (4)

WTF??????? Is this guy serious????

He fo reals said that in front of my husband & MY BOSS?!?!?!


Yes. I died.

I died a long tragically dramatic death of embarrassment.

On our office ceramic tile.

In a puddle of Mr. GK Wheezy’s sweat.

photo (5)