Wait. What?! It’s Wednesday?

Oh…it is Wednesday already??

I almost forgot until I saw the Humpday posts flooding my IG feed.

reaction Liz-lemon-eye-roll-gif


Seriously ya’ll….even the camel is over that damn joke.



OR…he could just look like that because Miley violated him.



Whatevs…either way…the ridiculous amount of Hump Day crap reminded me that it is in fact…Weight. What?! Wednesday.


Womp. Wooomp.


Obviously this is not going as planned. I feel like a loser when I have to post my weight & it’s higher than the previous week…AND OF COURSE…that is the whole point of Weight. What?! Wednesday….to make myself accountable and know that I am posting it on the blog…. therefore make me stay in check….except it really doesn’t.

Because..well…although I usually start every other day out with good intentions…


Life throws me vomit & laundry…

and add to that being stuck in the house all day..with the perfect ingredients to make the perfect sandwich just taunting me…


And DAMN, just DAMN…I really need that greasy, cheesy, mayonaissey, goodness to deal.

In fact…I would say…I deserve it!

Except people…the problem is that is my life everyday.

One healthy meal…17 bad meals.

I blame it on Eve...

I blame it on Eve…

Good intentions…no follow through.

One revelation…25 excuses.

photo_1 (1)


I have tried to make small changes and have stuck with a few…like no soft drinks…and…uh…ok well that’s really it.  Everything else I keep slipping back into old habits.


photo_3 (1)


Ha…maybe I need to take my own advice! Well…my goal is always the same…and I will always keep trying to reach it…but I for sure need to come up  with some better methods because what I’m doing is obviously not working.

So…tell me…how do you stay motivated through the tough times when you just want to quit?

In other big news…

Frozen came out on DVD yesterday!

Just in case you live under a rock & didn’t know.

Because OMG obviously you’re the only one that ran out & bought the movie. I’m pretty sure every daggum person in America had Frozen on the tv yesterday. I even ordered it for my sick kid off PPV….but guess what….I didn’t POST it…GASP!!! #Bandwagonmuch?


In other fun news…in between loads of laundry and disinfecting EVERYTHING…I found funnies to text muh man.

photo_1 (2)


photo (3)


Maybe these were just funny to us considering my husbands obsession with Craigslist & our ongoing debate about  Bigfoot’s existence.

When I came across this I just got a little creeped out…

photo (2)


Haha! Maybe I should take it as a sign to suck it up & quit being a baby about this diet thing!



Is being fat really all that bad anyway?

photo_2 (1)


Weight Loss Tips from a Skinny Bitch…

This week I’m totally bailing on Weight. What?! Wednesday again. Not just because my life is super crazy busy between my demanding VIP job & my demanding VIP family…but mostly because I can’t get my shit together and don’t want to keep posting that the scale is up & not down. Let’s just say my New Year’s Resolution isn’t really going as planned….



Dontcha just hate skinny bitches?



Skinny Bitches can’t be real life right?

I mean c’mon….trying not to be fat is HARD & they act like it’s nothing.



BUT…since I’ve joined the blogging world…I’m learning that even the skinny bitche’s struggle is real.

Since I can’t seem to get my blog butt in gear…


…I’ve got an equally as awesome guest blogger for you today.

Queen Skinny Bitch herself, Rikki.

If you’ve never been to Rikki’s blog…you are missing some serious shit. I for real get giddy every time I see a new post from Momma’s Got a Dude’s Name in my Bloglovin feed.  She’s hilarious & her humor is just me.

Check. Her. Out. Stat.

And with that I  present to you:

Weight Loss Tips

Don’t tune out just yet. 

I may have a point. 

(but you are skinny and I hate you)

That’s okay. But honestly, do you want legal advice from a convict? 

Do you want math tutoring from a flunk out? 

Do you want financial advice from a poor person swimming in debt? 

I hope the answer is a resounding NO because anything else would be dumb. 

So here is my story: 

The most I have ever weighed is 150 lbs. That’s about 20lbs higher than I ever should have weighed but I didn’t feel bad about myself at 145. I just had a little extra cushion and a bigger trunk for my junk. 

I honestly did not think I really needed to lose any weight. I looked healthy. 

Then I went to the doctor for one of my check ups and he informed me I had high cholesterol. 


I have a normal BMI. 

I was 28 years old. 

What the hell? 

Immediately, I told the doc, “But I love eggs!” 


And I do  ya’ll. I could live on eggs and bacon. 

You know what he said, “Good. Keep eating them.” 


Yeah. He said the new research coming out is that processed foods are what is causing A LOT of our medical problems INCLUDING high cholesterol. Also, our body removes cholesterol that is ingested almost entirely. High cholesterol tends to be the body making too much, not ingesting too much.

So he recommended to me what I have now termed the reverse racism diet: 

No whites. 

No white flour. 
No white sugar. 
No white rice. 
No white potatoes. 

That’s right. 

I looked at him with big puppy dog eyes and said, “But the carbs! I loves the carbs!” 

He said, “How does Lipitor sound?” 

Dammit if he doesn’t know me. I don’t like taking medicine. Nevermind that I take what seems like a million pills a day, but I wasn’t adding another one! 

So I took his challenge. I had six weeks to re-test my cholesterol and see if I did a good job. 

Six weeks later: 

I had lost 15 lbs and my cholesterol was down 50 pts

I feel so much better. 

I look so much better. 

Would exercise help?

Sure. But I don’t want to. It gets in the way of my lying around time. 

Now, for a guilty snack I have some dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter. 

I’ll eat a hamburger plain or wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. 

I pass on cookies, cakes, etc. If I do indulge, I have very little or I have whole wheat (not pretend whole wheat. I’m talking Ezekiel bread). 

And to be honest I’ve never felt better about myself. 

And my body revolts if I eat the stuff now. Stomach cramps, feel nauseous… the whole nine yards. And I’m okay with that because it just proved to me how much it did to me before, I was just used to it.  

I am now down 20ish lbs and sitting at a lovely 125lbs. I have fun shopping now. I feel great. I have way more self confidence. 

Take it from a skinny bitch, this works.  

Ignore the mess. I’m skinny, not clean.




Weight. What?! Wednesday.



Well well Wednesday…so we meet again.

photo (9)

Meh…ya know.

I’m happy that it is down 1.6 from last Wednesday..but a little sad that it is up a 0.6 from yesterday. And I may or may not have moved the scale to 17 different locations in the bathroom and leaned 12 different ways just trying to maybe make it show the 216.4 if showed yesterday. Just maybe though.

But hey…it’s my own fault. I was trucking along doing quite well thank you very much..& then this happened:


ALL THE FOOD & ALL THE SODIUM…I just knew I would be up 2 lbs this morning! Thank you little baby Jesus it was only about 1/2 a pound!

It SHO was good though! Thanks to my husband for taking the fam out! I think he wanted to do something to get Daynie’s mind off this:

photo_1 (3)


She got her expander in yesterday! AND…it was quite the dramatic process! Any moms of 9 year old drama queens out there that can sympathize?

photo_2 (3)

Poor baby really couldn’t eat yesterday…but she loved to sip that soup!

photo (10)

I find it a bit ironic that I was chowing down on a the above yesterday when my clean eating post went live. Haha!

Obviously ya’ll if I could stick to a 100% clean diet my scale would be going down a lot faster!

Dontcha just hate when you see something & that’s it BAM you crave it until you get it?? Yesterday, when I picked my kid’s up some lunch at Subway I saw that cookie AND I KNEW….that was it…either go ahead & give in and get that damn cookie or spend two weeks thinking about that cookie.

So you know what?

Oh wait..you already know…I bought the dang cookie.

But what you don’t know is…it wasn’t even that good. I ate half & trashed the rest.

And there ya go. Craving satisfied so I don’t UHBSESSSSS over it for all the dayzzz…but really didn’t even crash my whole diet either.

Gotta get that balance people.

I’m obviously a work in progress.

Trial & error baby.

How do you balance your cravings?

Link up Ladies!

Weight. What?! Wednesday.



Just a quick little check in…ya know for accountability!

Very happy to report this:



218.6…I’ll TAKE IT!

What?! What?!


Especially after a no go on the healthy eating through the weekend. Friday kicked that off with a Margarita Meeting…then it just carried over into the whole weekend of crazy go go go for twirl, work, & gymnastics. But..I got back on track Monday and so..I’m pleased with the number.


One of my fav blogstars, Holly, did a post on The Next Five Pounds that really got me to thinking about my own struggles & setbacks. Sometimes I am so focused on the large amount of weight I still need to lose that I feel defeated & give up. I really need to learn to set small goals. Focusing on five pounds at a time is a good start. Except five isn’t really one of my fav numbers…so I’m going to go with 7.


What have you found that helps you reach your goals & keep you motivated?


Link up ladies!


Weight. What?! Wednesday…



Oh ya’ll…guess what! I finally got my head on right & got this weight loss going again!

Sunday night I posted this on my IG…

It just really got me to thinking…I have wasted SO MUCH TIME! Look at what my baby girl has accomplished in 5 MONTHS…and what have I done during that time?

So Monday I woke up & weighed? Can’t say I was like….weight….what?!…because I totally knew where that scale was going to stop.

I’m just glad it wasn’t more!

Monday, Feb 10:


(Obvi a pedi is wayyy overdue!)

So I made a decision (yet again) to start that day eating right.

Tuesday morning I was rewarded 🙂



And this morning…..


and this morning I WAS like…weight. what?!…yeah baby!

I’m glad to finally get back on track. It is SUCH a mental game! Everyday I have to pump myself up to eat right & make good choices. Maybe one day it will be second nature to me..but today ain’t that day.


So link up ladies…let’s encourage each other!





brown hair banner

An apology…

Sorry, ladies that I missed Weight. What?! Wednesday yesterday…I’ve been so flippin sick for dayzzzz….



That’s pretty much my life right now.

I don’t know if I caught yet ANOTHER cold or what…but my head feels like it’s going to explode, my face hurts, my ears hate me, ect. ect. ect. Pretty much everything that sucks about being sick is me right now.

I had to take a sick day yesterday & get me some antibiotics & try to sleep it off. Hence, skippin out on my own link up.

I’ll save you the wonder though….my weight was exactly the same as last week. To be honest…I’m kind of happy about that.

Considering Miss Priss’s birthday bash was Saturday night…& I stuffed my face with 12 lbs of cake.


And…I’ve been sick…so COMFORT FOOD baby.

So thank you baby Jesus for letting my weight be the same and not on the rise.



I promise I am going to get my shit together eventually & start working out and dieting again. Just let me enjoy ALL THE CARBS first mmmkay??

In case you don’t follow me on the IG...I gave a few sneak peaks of the fab party I threw for Daynie Muffin. I will be doing a post soon with all the little details…but I wanted to share a few things with ya now.

First..the hands down best thing I’ve ever done at a party….have a dress up photo booth.


I had two tables set up with boy & girl dress up props. SO FREAKIN FUN!

That’s muh sista & her brady bunch fam.

Also…the next big hit of the party….KARAOKE!

The kids are too cute…but the adults…down right hilarious!

You may wanna screen the songs first though:


I don’t know when I will be able to get the party post up…but hopefully soon! My life is SO damn busy lately!  Saturday both my kids have a gymnastics competition in the morning..then Daynie has a twirling competition that evening in Ft. Worth. I can’t even stay in FTW & hang with the sis b/c Sunday I have to work all day. BOOOO!  Hopefully I can shake this sickness too…or take all the meds I can get my hands on so I’m not a full on zombie all weekend!

Oh yeah…one last thing…I’m stoked I hit 5,000 followers on Pinterest!



Get with it & follow me b/c…



Peace out peeps!


brown hair banner

Weight. What?! Wednesday. & what we’ve been up to…

Weight what wednesday


So…here it is…




Yeah I know..don’t even say it.

I almost just posted that I was too busy to do the weigh in today b/c I know that the scale is going the wrong way…but I decided to just be honest with ya’ll instead.


Life is busy right now & that number is just not at the top of the list. My head totally isn’t in the game. The struggle is real. I know that there are a lot of people out there JUST. LIKE. ME.

You may have seen me here on the IG:

Don’t let me fool you. This is me.

If you look close at the gym pic you can see Daynie running the track. I sat the side line. And the next time I sat in the car & slept. I know..I know…LOSER. My excuse: I’ve been up late everynight doing party stuff.


Oh shut up motivational quote. This is real life here.

Oh yeah…& I’m also a #jmdvdchallenge DROUPOUT.

It was a good 10 day run. But when I got too busy & started missing workouts…I felt like I missed to many to get back in to it.

It is what it is…hopefully after Daynie muffin’s Big B-Day this weekend I can get my shit together and get back to losing some fluff.



Hopefully I will lose all my excuses next week. But I’m ganna be up front with ya’ll RIGHT NOW….Saturday night…it is PARTAYYYYY TIME! And you betta believe Imma stuff my face with ALL THE PIZZA & ALL THE CAKE!

Speaking of that birthday bash…I literally decided to have a party for her birthday 8 days ago at 11pm laying in bed browsing Pinterest. So…that gave me a week and a half to plan & execute a lavish affair! Usually I start planning parties months in advance!

So basically…that’s where I’ve been. Planning. Shopping. Cutting. Glittering.


I’m stoked about how this party is coming together! I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll on the blog next week! Stay tuned to IG for some sneek peaks!

Last night me & the kids hit up this in support of an awesome family that we love:

The Sweets are one of my favorite families. Like for real. You will not find a better dad than Nick. And Leanne is one of the hardest working, coolest chicks I know. Leanne was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She had surgery to remove it and had some complications as a result…plus once they got it out they found out it was Gloiblastoma. She’s 33. For more info & to donate…CLICK HERE. Please remember this sweet family in your prayers.

The kiddos had a blast!


G was especially happy to see his #1 since they were 18 months:

Two cool guys & double the trouble!

And as always..we are at the gym ALL. THE. TIME.

We are there 3 nights a week but they recently added Saturday & Sunday. Add to that Daynie having twirling 3 times a week too. We are NEVER home!



There is NO internet/cell service at the gym..the building blocks it all…you have to walk outside to send a text…so I can’t get much blogging or anything done there. This week I’ve been getting party stuff done while they are at gym.



I’m working on a post about Daynie’s journey to make the gymnastics team. I am SO SO SO PROUD of that sweet girl!

When we aren’t at work/school, gym, or twirling…Daynie tries to catch a minute to do some practicing!

So…I’d love to here about your week! Link up a post or comment!



Weight. What?! Wednesday.

Weight what wednesday     So..let’s just cut to the chase…20140122-101659.jpg Did you  just say…Wait. What?!? That’s what it was last week! ummm….yeah….I know. LoseWeight-500x373 Up down up down…healthy bad healthy bad…that pretty much sums up my week & my life. I blame these… 20140122-101721.jpg   And I’m pretty sure 730 calorie breakfast of Hot Chocolate & Chicken Minis yesterday didn’t help my situation any. I’m pretty sure Starbucks & Chick Fil A lace all their products with crack.   I know I sound like a whiney baby all the time but…dieting is hard ya’ll! AND to call it a lifestyle change just sucks…because let’s just call it was it is…A NEVER ENDING DIET! UGH! new-years-resolution-lose-weight-binge-eating-encouragement-ecards-someecards Pretty much every night I find myself saying this…especially on weekends… regarding-evening-fuck-diet-weekend-ecard-someecards   When I get down on myself..I have to remember how far I’ve come. 20140122-101912.jpg

Don’t forget to link up! We are all in this struggle TOGETHER!

Weight. What?! Wednesday.

Weight what wednesday


Sooo…I’ve decided to start my own little Wednesday Weigh-In to help keep me accountable. I call it Weight. What?! Wednesday. As in…what I say every damn day no matter what the scale says. If it’s down..I’m like Wait..what?! Yeah Baby! But if it’s up…Wait What?! WTF Eff you scale!

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately…but Jan 1…like every other human on the planet…I did start my “get my shit together for real this time” resolutions and started dieting again.

I am TRYING to change the way I & my humans in my home eat…from something fried & caloric heaven…to more…healthy. Obviously that doesn’t always go as planned. BUT we keep trying.


Jan 1 is like a magic reset button! The whole world uses it too. So…because I love me a good bandwagon…I jumped right on & decided that was my day to reset my habits.

I wanted to start out getting in the groove by only eating high protein, low/no carb, no sugar stuff. Meat & eggs ya know.  And that was my plan.


Jan 1, 2014-Wed




I can’t say I was shocked that the scale is UP. But that only makes for a better starting point to go down right?

January 2-Thur


January 3-Fri



Jan 4-Sat



Jan 5-Sun

photo (1)


Jan 6-Mon



Jan 7-Tues

photo (2)


Jan 8-Wed



Jan 9-Thur


As you can see for the 1st 10 days I did really good..stuck with it & it SLOWLY (oh mother of God freakin slowly) crept down….then…it stalled.

Jan 10-Fri



Jan 11-Sat


For 2 days…This is where I curse the existence of the scale…it’s a love hate relationship really. I love it when it’s kind to me & hate it when it’s not. Funny how that works.


So..here’s how it took a turn for the worse. My friend called. Now..I’m not saying it’s her fault. But…




She actually tried to persuade me not to break my diet…but MAN I NEEDED A DANG MARGARITA.

And it was just what the doctor ordered.

I had a glorious meal at Cheddars full of CARBS, appetizers,  a Texas Margarita, & girl talk.



And. It. Was. HEAVEN.

And then…Sunday happened.

The walk of shame to the scale….


Jan 12-Sun


TWO EFFIN POUNDS….from ONE meal & ONE margarita! Ain’t that a bitch.

So…what’s a girl to do…but jump RIGHT BACK ON THAT DIET. New day, new attitude, new choices.



This bitch went to Olive Garden.


Jan 13-Mon



Jan 14-Tues

photo (3)

As you can see…Mon & Tues may or may not have been a wash too.

That just goes to show how hard it is to get back into the game when you get off track.

Since then…I’ve been trying to eat healthier. I have been indulging in a little carbs here & there…but not all in like the weekend.

Jan 15-Wed

photo (5)


The scale was a little nicer to me this morning. It sucks having to lose the same pounds over again.



Seriously stupid side note- when I was on The Google to find an image for the quote above..I found myself. Saying it. I guess I need to take my own advice.

I’m sooo much better at being bossy though 😉

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