Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Back on October 4th…Muh Girls & I  hit the road with Hippie Santa and headed to Dallas for the Dirty Girl Mud Run!



Hollie was super excited about the bridges in tha big ol city!

We got to our hotel Friday night & promptly got busy on taking our IG selfies!

1440 1441 1443 1444 1445 1446

We finally got the perfect one! You’re obvi welcome IG.

Then we headed to get some yummayyy Tex Mex & Margaritas! (both staples for the #RoadtrippityTribe)

Great girl talk & great company!

We even found some sweet deco for Uncle Babe.

photo (5)


We grabbed our To Go cups & took our party on the road!

Errr..or to the back parking lot for some drunk cartwheel fun.

Luckily Walmart was also in the same parking lot & we were able to hang there for a bit to let our buzz fizzle do some shopping.


Hippie Santa was a great DD!

Even though he did drive sooo slow he caused this!

We headed back to the hotel to rest up for the big race the next day!





Or something like that.

There may or may not have been a lot of drinking, social media, & twerking involved.

Unfortunately, even though Hollie has exceptionally AMAZING twerking skills…she’s kinda not as awesome as me & wouldn’t let me share. BOOOO. That’s ok ya’ll…I’ll totally make you a spoof video and show you how it went down.

The next morning we were up and out the door to make the first time slot at the race!

I can’t EVEN explain to you HOW MUCH FREAKIN FUN the Dirty Girl Mud Run was & really the whole weekend! We had THE BEST TIME!

There are wayyyy too many photos from the race…so I made you an awesome vid to enjoy! Sorry there isn’t any fun upbeat music…I suck at making a decision on something cool. There is sound on the video parts so turn up the volume when your watch it. Pump up the jam Pump It up. Oh wait…no music…anyone have any fun song ideas I can add to this video after watching it LET ME KNOW & I will add them…and you will get mega street cred cool Nina points.

We walked a lot of it…but we also ran a lot of it. We completed every single obstacle like a badass! I can’t wait to do it again!

And what’s next for this #RoadTrippityTribe ???  Just more pure awesomeness.


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Best Day Everrr…Worst Day Everrr…

It’s a sad sad day here at The Nina Show.

This morning the unthinkable happened.

And my heart is heavy.

I was rockin to muh jams on the way to the Post Office to check the three PO boxes just like everrr other day…and I hit the brakes to stop. Out of nowhere the front seat flew my stupid rude ass laptop and into the floorboard….


Hippie Santa.


(insert super ugly Farrah cry face here)

The tragic accident severed his arm.

(insert super ugly KIM Kardashian cry face here)

And it was kinda his important arm.

uh yeah he's just chillin on top of muh Bible. uh...you couldn't protect him GOD? WTH?!

uh yeah he’s just chillin on top of muh Bible. uh…you couldn’t protect him GOD? WTH?!


Worst. Day. Everrrr.

I just really don’t know where to go from here.

Hippie Santa was muh BFF.

We had some good times together.

Road trips…. (aka #roadtrippity)

Late night Wally World trips…

He’s with me through the everrday rigamaroo. (yes that’s totally a word)

He’s right by my side on my binging days.

He’s my party partner.

Oh yeah.. Gnomie My Homie DiED.  Forgot to tell ya’ll.  It’s all good though…it was for the best. Blessing in disguise actually.  I think he died of being a lying, stealing, pathetic, piece of white trash shit..but not for sure. You should ask Janie.

(I know Gnomie looks sweet…but don’t let his face fool ya..wolf in sheep’s clothing.)



I’ve got pictchas of EVERRRbody I know peacin out with Hippie Santa.

He’s a pal like no other..Seriously the most awesome dude eva.

And now this…

photo (4)


How he’s still cheesin & peacin under the circtumstances…I just dunno. He’s got the best attitude. We could all learn something from him.

Right now we are meeting with surgeons and exploring our options.

So if anyone has any ideas of how we can help Hippie Santa make it through this heartbreaking time…let me know.

I’m thinking of organizing some kind of event. He needs a color, a slogan, and an emblem. I was thinking about Hope 4 Hippie Santa. 

Hope 4 Hippie Santa

in other news

Even though my morning started off rather cataclysmic…it also started out uber awesome!

That’s b/c muh FAVVVVV blogger HOLLY at Where we can live like Jack & Sally asked me to guest post for her today!!!

What?! What?!

I mean really...how can you not be in love with her after reading that about me.

I mean really…how can you not be in love with her after reading that about me?

Holly is seriously one rockin cool chick. Her humor completes me.

She is the wife of this guy:

Who is equally as hilarious. But not as famous.

Check out muh guest post awesomeness HERE.

guest post


so here are more pics from our San Antonio iVaca LAST YEAR.

We spent about 4 days in the San Antonio area…this is from the Riverwalk:

852 853 854 858 859 860 861

This gorilla was right about our table. Being Danny’s first time at The Rainforest Cafe he took one look at that gorilla & said….That thing there fixin to do something?  I had to laugh bc he looked a little freaked out!

862 863 864

Joking Danny asked the kids…How do they water those trees without getting the floor wet?…the kids were so serious & answered…they’re fake..they aren’t real. LOL

865 866 867


986 987



855 856

869 870 871

Another place we visited on our trip was Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch…

872 873 874 875 876 878 879 880 884 885 886

Danny was talkin to this buffalo….”Hey man..how’s it goin…seen any Indians?”



IMG_0971890 891

When we got to the zebras the kids showed the zebra Daynie’s pillow & hollered….We ripped your friend’s skin off!

892 893 896 897

IMG_0973 IMG_0974

898 899 900 901 902 905 907 908

While I was taking pics of the kids….Danny was taking pics of this:



I’m pretty sure he text it to someone with a smart ass remark.

911 912

We also went shopping in San Marcos at the outlets and hit up Bass Pro Shop AND Cabelas. We drove A LOT!

913 915 917 919 921 922 923


Danny took G for a ride on the train at one of the outlets.. IMG_0980


925 928

This Cabelas is AWESOME. Seriously…if you are ever in the area…take your kids in to look around.

929 930 931 932 933 934 935 939 941 943 945 946 947 948 949 950 951 952 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967

Annnnd we made a 2nd trip back to Bass Pro. LOL


My kids are such dorks…

969 970

We spotted the pizza guy from our room!

971 973 974 979

ugh! the worst part of vaca….unloading the bags & washing the clothes!


The damage from all the shopping…981


I was going through my draft posts & found this one that I started exactly one year ago on July 28, 2012. I had started it & never finished or published it. Sooo here ya go…LOL…a full year later…here is the unfinished post!  Oh yeah…the pic with me in it is TOTES CRAY CRAY! I don’t even recognize that person!


This is the first vaca I didn’t bring a camera!

I took all pics with my iPhone/BFF

Although I used my phone for all pictchas… I tried not to be on it otherwise. Especially at the parks or when sitting down for meals. It aggravates me to be at dinner and look around & everyone is looking at their phones & not being completely with the people they are with. It’s just rude. I really wanted to soak up my time with my family and give them all the undivided attention they deserve.

So we broke out the ol piggy bank & counted our change fer some spendin money!

598 599

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This week…


I know ya’ll could prob careless about my little weigh ins & food diaries..but they are mostly for me. It seriously makes a difference to blog it.


This week I’ve eaten pretty good & stayed on track although I’ve only halfway tracked my cals in MFP.  I had to re-lose a few pounds that I gained back over my weekend of partying. Hopefully this weekend I can stay the course and continue to lose and break this nasty slump/cycle I’m in.




20130628-085630.jpg   Wednesday 20130628-085621.jpg   Thursday




I did some sponsoring over at a couple of my fav blogs. They write the most awesome shout outs. LOL

20130628-085720.jpg 20130628-085728.jpg

They kinda cracked me up a bit…

IMG_6819 (1)

If they only knew…Ha! They did make me feel like I need to step it up on there & let my true colors shine! Instagram followers watch out! Your feed is fickin tuh blow uuuup! Iz ganna be OFF. THE. CHAIN. Also..this gives me some serious chuckles…


68 repins for a picture & a clever little description. It was actually a little joke…me & the bee were having a discussion of how people pin anything. That is just a pic of the back of my car on a roadtrip I took. And then there’s this…


Just a pic of my laundry from one of my posts..add a kick ass bio…

photo (2)

and BAM! 43 repins. And that ya’ll…is Pinterest done right.

So..besides stalking the scale & a few laughs from muh blog…in real life my week consisted of this:


Finding & disposing of my son’s stash of 28 paper airplanes.


And that was just in his room And…a little pool at the laundry mat.


And I leave you with this little Pinterest Pot O Gold….


You’re welcome.

#roadtrippity…Intagram Greatness


So on the back of our awesome Color Me Rad shirts we made…

We gave ourselves hashtags that expressed us. Then hashtagged ourselves on Instagram.

I thought it was fun to see the other pics on Instagram with the same hashtag.

A little creepy that more than one of these is in a cloud of smoke….




I got a good chuckle that there were actually some other RUNBABE hashtags!  And an equally good chuckle at the girl next to Aunt Babe’s pic.1020


Little tip…if you want a screen shot of a popular hashtag…take it the SECOND you upload it…otherwise it will take you over an hour get back to it.



I love that I’m grouped with Starbucks, Six Pack, & Dyed Deviled Eggs…all the true symbols of #awesome.


Pretty sure that little girl in the middle is a cheer leader but whatev.



Nice. EFF bomb right next to muh bebe. Chinese Chick (I think) in top row middle doesn’t look so happy it’s her bday. Big titty prom girl at the bottom has some fierce posing skills.1025

This one is as exactly what I thought it would be. All is right in the world.



I thought this one would be wayyy more interesteing. I mean c’mon…it’s #photobomb people!!



For more instagram greatness follow me!


#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part seven-All good things must come to an end


How do you end an awesomely epic adventure like ours??731 732



Buh-Bye Houston!photo (8)

You also end it with some yum yum Chick-Fil-A!


NOOOO Road Trip is complete without the classic side of the road cheesy bluebonnet pics.741 742 744

Haha!!! DO YOU LOOOOVE IT???749 750 765

This is muh rainbow bright look I was rockin all the way home.769 770


Of course we had to have an end of the roadtrip photo sesh.776 777 805 808 810 813 815 821

This is muh fav pic!

photo (10)

The kids swung on this gate. Good times Good times.833

And then LeeAnn made the kids give her some lovins.834 835836837 838 839 840

Some gave it up more willingly than others. LOL841

G…not so much842 843

She wouldn’t let him go until he hugged her.844

This is what she got. LOL. That kid is a MESS! Such a jokester! Good thing I’ve got fun jokester friends that give it right back to him!845

My kids really do love her!

After we dropped LeeAnn back off…Aunt Babe decided to try out Daynie’s sandals LOL

photo (9)

After the Bee & LeeAnn were dropped off…Aunt Babe & the kids & I headed to Granny’s for a little gathering of yard ball, fried fish, egg huntin, &  birthday cookie.


864 865 868 872

photo (11)


892 894

He got that hat from school. 901

He wanted the part with his name. I happily complied. That’s my baby you know.906


And that’s how we ended the most awesome road trip EVA! Cookie cake.

Thanks for checking out our epic adventure:

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#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part six-Finish Line

Right befo we crossed the finish line!538 539 540

We decided to go ahead & run it on in. Ya know…for the full effect!542

These kiddos had the best time! Even Daynie Muffin who was not completely sold on the physical part of it!544 545

This kid pretty much had the best day of his life! 546 547 550

531 530554

CIAH13_05_05490 CIAH13_05_05493 CIAH13_05_05494 CIAH13_05_05495 CIAH13_05_05496555 556 558 559 560 561 562 563 564

This guy was fun. He took our after fotos.565

CIAH13_10_00219 CIAH13_10_00220 CIAH13_10_00221 CIAH13_10_00222 CIAH13_10_00223

Listen…if ya ever do something like this…DO the photos. They were fun. They turned out AWESOME. And they were surprisingly CHEAP. $2-3 bucks for DIGITAL. You get to print all ya want!


The sun was a tiny bit bright!575 581

Back at the hotel we had a random weird guy take our group photos. With Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie.


He might be the ONLY guy on the planet that can’t take a pic with an iphone.  588

He took NINE flippin pics just like it.

582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590

Luckily we were able to zoom & crop & instagram it to greatness…734


Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie were pretty pissed off that we made them stay at the hotel during the 5K. But we made up for it by bringing some fun back with us!594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601

614 678

1009679 682 703 712


And remember my genius idea for the shirts involving duct tape?? They turned out quite fab if I do say so muhself.  And I do.

1000 1001

Lee 1003 1004 1005 1006


Bomb Diggity

After our photo sesh…we changed clothes & got ready to head out of the big city…I’ll post about that awesomeness tomorrow.726 727  1027 1028

And…I leave you with our precious little babies singing this precious precious song.



#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part five-Color Bomb Diggity

(be prepared…this is a loooong post with a bajillion photos…b/c obvs a bajillion photos is the only way to accurately portray the awesomeness of the color bomb)

When I left you guys at the last #roadtrippity post…we were pretending to run so we could get some photos. Ha!

Well…we actually DID run some of the race…

And not just to film that video either LoL….we actually on some parts would run from one curve of the track to the next.

The first color we came to was green…


We weren’t expecting it to be liquid…I thought it was all going to be the powder stuff…but the liquid was still neat. It sure did dye our clothes better.375

Garridon LOVED it. He stood still in front of a guy & just let him spray him like a dog getting sprayed with water on a hot day.376 377 378

Daynie obvs was a little more cautious. 379 380 381

383 397

Purple Powder!404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415

421 422 423 424

Thank the Lord for H2O!!! We were so parched.

Have you ever seen a trash can full of nothing but water bottles?? Me neither. Now we both have 😉  Yes…these are the things that intrigue me & I take pics of on a reg basis. You’re welcome.


Coming up on another Color Bomb Station!426 427 428 429 430 431 432 434 435 436 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448

I’m the life of allll parties!450 451 453 458 460 461 464 465


Now for the best color! PINK!!

469 470 471 472

The lady chased Garridon around. Luvs it.473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 483 484 486 487 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505

Going back up to the bridge at the end of the race.506 507 508 509 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529


As you can see the kids had a BLAST! This was hands down one of the funnest things we have ever taken the kids to do!

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up with the finish line & after…

#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part four-And we’re off!

So when I left you hangin on the last #roadtrippity post…we were here:



At the start line.324

With allll these people behind us:330

Let me start off by saying….Since we started telling the kids about where we were going…we called it a “race” for lack of better words.  They really had no clue what to expect. They had never been to anything like that before & had no clue what it was all about. So I can see when we say the word “race”  (which is sorta kinda right) I can see how they got their point of view.

So..I was thinking because we were surrounded by hundreds of people…that the start off would be rather slow & congested.

I wasn’t counting on the possibility of us being FIRST at the starting line! I mean c’mon..what are the odds of that?? Of course…what are the odds of my son getting Happy Birthday sung to him by hundreds of people?? Apparently pretty good. Ha!


So…what came next…I wasn’t really expecting.


The guy put down the flag & said GO….And Garridon set off to win the race.

Yes…I had a minor freak out.

Ok…I had a major mom freak out moment.

I was laughing & freaking at the same time.

That kid is FAST.


There was NO EFFIN WAY  I…or any of muh posse was ganna catch that kid.


CIAH13_05_00313 CIAH13_05_00314

Even if I wasn’t an asmathic hippo…I couldn’t have caught him.

CIAH13_05_00315 CIAH13_05_00316

I was afraid he would get like 1/2 a mile ahead & realize that we weren’t with him and look around & see hundreds of strangers. or get off the track & get lost. or get kidnapped. or be scared when I wasn’t there.

Thank the sweet baby Lord Jesus that the kid only got about a hundred yards ahead before he turned to see where we were.

I felt so bad for him because he really was ahead of everyone..& so proud of himself that he was that fast. He really thought that was what he was supposed to do!


This was really the only hill the whole race..up & down the bridge.342 343 345 346 348

Daynie’s face was pretty much like that the whole time LOL. She was not into the physical part of the whole thing!354 355 356 359

Here is Aunt Babe pretending to run.

Notice the people walking behind her the whole time.

361 362 363 364 365

Here’s me pretending to run. We were trying to get some action shots…to show we were ya know…really into it. Also notice the people walking behind us. Lol…we didn’t really think things through.366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373


Next post I’ll get to the Color Bombing…

.for now..enjoy this BEFORE of us getting photo bombed,


Some mo befo’s:

CIAH13_10_00531 CIAH13_10_00532






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