Bzz Agent…you are my hero.

So..I’m a secret agent.


Kinda like Special Agent Oso..


but way cooler.

photo (90)

Well…maybe not a secret agent. But you can imagine what it would’ve been like. Prob way awesome.

I’m a BzzAgent.

Still wayyy awesome!

I get free stuff & coupons in muh mail.

and I heart it soooo much!

Lately though…muh freebies from the Bzz has been a lifesaver.

If you can’t tell from my lack of blogging lately…my life is pretty much crazy busy. I hardly have time to fit anything into my day.

So I def haven’t had time to plop myself into a therapy chair & get muh herrr did.

My roots were outta control.

Thank the Baby Lord Jesus when BzzAgent sent me a coupon for this:

Oh yeah baby!

I was excited to try it out!

494 495 496 497 498 499

Does anyone else play with their hair like this when they are coloring?

If not…you’re just boring.

You gotta see how high you can make it stick up!

Then slick it back to see what you’d look like as a boy!

This stuff was seriously awesome! I loved the way it smelled. It wasn’t an overwhelming chemical smell. It smelled GOOD! Plus my hair turned out so soft. Even forever after I dyed it…it was still soft.

Ya’ll gotta try this stuff.


You likey?


So…this has pretty much been East Texas lately:



That would be POLLEN peeps.




721 722

Here it is around our dumpster at work. That would be G Man’s adorbs little flipped flopped feet.



Seriously ya’ll….the pollen is nuts right now.


And this is me….


photo (88)


Does anyone have a machete so I can cut my head off?

Unfortunetly…my little male clone.has also inherited my allergy gene.

We are both the seasonally sickly nerds of the family.

So I owe a BIG FAT thank you to BzzAgent & Claritin for this SUUU-WEEEET little package:

photo (87)

They have been a lifesaver for this mom & her baby!

It’s getting harder to get my kids to guzzle the liquid stuff & they just don’t have a clue when it comes to swallowing pills…so these were perfect. G loved the taste. I haven’t noticed any sneezing or snorting since he started taking it…so it must be working! I only have to give him one every couple of days.

And me?? Yes. I take two. It’s the same dosage as one adult Claritin…but it tastes sooo much better. I don’t like swallowing pills & the melt in your mouth stuff makes me want to gag. They work just as well as the adult stuff.

Do you wanna getcha some too?

I have 3 extra $3.00 off coupons to give away! Just like my Facebook page & you are entered to win!



Feelin Lucky

I was very excited to come home Monday & see this little box sitting on my doorstep’


I won it from a giveaway hosted by Kelly on Semi Homemade Mom’s blog!

It was sponsored by independent Scentsy Consultant, Sierra Gillham.

Click the links to check out these great ladies sites!

I’ve never really won anything before so I was feeling lucky!


I’m so excited to try out these three scents!


I’ve been wanting a scentsy warmer with a cross on it for a long time! Thanks so much Kelly & Sierra!

Get YO Valentine Freebies!!



This Bingo set from Project Inspire is too cute! It even has bag toppers!

Classroom Valentine Bingo Game


Check out this cute Valentine book download from Amazon! Jump on it while it’s free!

I always download books when they are free on Amazon…even if I don’t go back & look at them for awhile..I still snatch them up while they are free.



Here’s a free Make Your Own Heart Crayons tutorial from busy bee + the beard.


These Free Star Wars Valentines are sooo adorable!



Aren’t these pretend iPhone’s sooo cute?! This free printable fits over Brach’s Candy Hearts.



Owl’s are soo in right now! These free Valentine bookmarks are sooo adorable!

There is also a matching free printable owl Valentine on the same link!



This cool free printable movie ticket from Avery is great for ALL ages!



This is seriously one of the cutest ideas of seen for Valentines! Free tutorial & printables too.



Holy Moly it’s a Valentine edition cootie catcher free printable!



This free vintage Valentine printable is too cute:


Here’s a cute Kid’s Valentine Book FREE (for Amazon Prime members) to borrow on Kindle. This was free on Saturday for everyone else…but has since been put back at 99 cents which is still a great deal!



Freebie Friday

Check out these great deals:




Dailies- Free Trial Certificate

New lenses every day, and refreshing comfort all day long with every blink. Register for a Free Trial Certificate.




Don’t forget…10 FREE Valentines from Vistaprint ends today!




Don’t forget my fav…Tax Act. I will be doing my taxes FO FREE…here in a day or two!


25% off Valentine flowers & gifts…may not be free…but discounts are always a great deal!

6f6f4902-04b4-40c1-a5d9-79e8151bf7df is another great place to score Valentine gifts at steep discounts!




Hurry & use this coupon code for 25% off at




V-Day is right around the corner! Free cards!



I (heart) Vistaprint & use them for allll kinds of stuff. Banners for softball…business cards for muh blog…just to name a couple.

Here’s a totally awesome deal:

Vistaprint – 10 Free Valentine’s Day Note Cards

Who doesn’t love something sweet on Valentine’s Day? 

A personalized valentine with a piece of candy will definitely make anyone’s day!

This year, get away from the generic boxed cards and give extra-special valentines that will really make everyone smile.

I like to be the over the top do it different mom…so I jumped right on this for teacher’s & g-parents, & bff’s.


It’s Tax Time!


It’s that time again…



I actually like to file..because I know I’ll be getting a chunk of change back.

The process of filing kinda sucks though…



When I first met Danny…his mom filed his taxes for him…PAPER FORM!

I thought that was totally old school.

From the time I started filing taxes..I did it online…using Tax Act.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s free.

I think one year I tried a different big name free website….and ended up just going back to Tax Act….I like the step by step dummy proof find me all muh money system they have.

Check it out…Seriously…it can’t get any easier or Free-er than this!


FREE Wall Calendar to start off the New Year Right!

EVERYONE needs a wall calendar! Check out this great deal! What is better than FREE??

Now that the stress of the holidays is winding down, you can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy the last few days of 2012. While you’re reminiscing over all the memorable birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and vacations, collect your favorite pictures to use in a 2013 calendar so you can remember every moment year-round! Plus, with all of those pictures on your camera from the holidays, now is the perfect time to show them off!

And right now, you can customize your own photo wall calendar for free!

With over 300 design templates for you to choose from,its easy to find the perfect theme to showcase each and every one of your photos. You can upload your favorite snapshots to each month, create a photo collage, and even crop or resize your pictures, too. Plus, since they are great to share with friends and family, in just a few clicks, you can even add the dates for their birthdays, anniversaries, homecoming games, graduations, and your unofficial family holiday, so they have no reason to forget any special occasion in 2013. They willll make the perfect personalized touch to start the new year off even better than last year! .

Click Here for this great deal!



Why I love My Fitness Pal

Everyone & their mamma has said for like ever, that if you want to really lose need to write down every single thing that goes into your mouth  & I’m pretty sure that it’s been proven in like a million studies. or something like that.

Thanks to a friend..I found this app that is the bomb diggity of all weight loss apps!


It is easily accessible & convenient…not like the good not so good old days when it was this…


Unlike a post it note or a journal, we’re never without our phones, so it’s easy to log your calories. And it’s fun!
You can add friends and they can watch your progress & encourage you and vice versa.

You record your weight and it automatically calculates your daily calories.
Logging your food is really easy.
You just select whatever meal you are logging

It has a list of your previously logged foods. .

You can either pick from the list, search for a food, or select the little barcode by the search box to scan your item.

Can it get any easier?

When you select your food, you can change the serving amount.

Once a food is automatically deducts it from your calorie bank.

It’s quick and it’s easy.

We did weight watchers back in January and you had to have two different apps.. One to log food and one to scan items. The back and forth was annoying. And more than half the time it froze up.

My Fitness Pal as a huge database of food. And everything I have ever scanned comes right up. With WW I got a lot of item not found.

Keeping up with calories as opposed to points just works better for me.

Love the charts too that let you know just what you’ve put inside your body today and areas where you went over/under.


You can also log in online and view/update your diary.

And THE BEST PART of My Fitness Pal???


So grab you phone & download that app!

B/c My Fitness Pal ROCKS!

& it’s totally helped me!


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