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Have I told ya’ll how much I LOVE fall??  I had to pick up this cutesy deco for my office…it’s the little things ya know.









Speaking of my holiday obsessions…here’s more…


Butterfinger Jingles.



Reese’s Bells.

Why do they have to be sooooo flippin good?

I prob shouldn’t have included them in my office deco…they call my name ALL DAMN DAY. And by call my’s not…Nina eat me.

IT’S….NINA DON’T EAT ME! You’ve already ate all my friends! (as I devour it)


and you prob would be interested to know what my child is doing with them right now…





She might be a little bored 😉

It’s keeping her busy & keeping me from eating them all…so win/win.

Tuesday night she was stung by we are guessing a yellow jacket. She said it was “really long & really yellow”  Well..Wednesday the redness & swelling overtook half her thigh & by yesterday it covered her whole thigh. It’s also hot & hard.

So to the doc she went today.

Ugh! I feel like I live at the dr’s office. Any dr. mine, theirs, the dentist, eye dr, ortho… Doesn’t matter I’m always at one of them.

On the bright side..she did allow me to MAKE her sport this cute holiday attire PLUS a bow today! Oh happy day!

035 051 052


I LOVE LOVE LOVE big layered bows! Daynie has over 100 made to match bows & she won’t hardly wear them anymore 🙁  I’m contemplating having another baby just to get more bow use.




One good thing about doctor days though:



Tacos from my fav place evaaaa.

I had to miss G man’s field trip today b/c of Daynie’s dr appt… booooo. But I’m thankful for good friends that are picture whores like me!



Check out my new….it’s a total knock off of the crazy white  trash bitch that wronged me’s site. I let her do all the work & then just copy it. Ya know..just using her own game against her to try and make back some of the money she stole from me. I don’t copy everything b/c a lot of her stuff is pretty lame. So I add cooler better stuff to mine. If you noticed Gnomie Not My Homie in the ad and on the website…it’s bc he is the spokesman for my new site. He dumped that B  & decided to get on board with the cool crowd when he found out all the stuff that cold hearted crazy bitch did. I know I said before that he was dead…what I meant was… dead to me but I’ve since had a change in heart b/c  apparently he is #aliveandwell.

yes, yes he is.

Yes. Yes he is. #andmakingme$$$

I know this might all seem a little cray..but hey…sometimes we all need a little cray in our life! An eye for an eye. Bible style.

f4d0cad41c0108b37e90e45bee4fbafb’s good for you..b/c I post some GOOD DEALS & FREE STUFF!

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Back to School with a BANG


It’s that time again!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE back to school time! When I see the school supplies stocked on the aisles of Walmart I get giddy! Everything about back to school is so exciting!

I thought I’d share with you a few of my FAV FINDS to get you & your clan going back to school with a bang!

The FIRST thing you need to do…is get your kids & take some pictchas of the big day! Print these & have some fun!

Cute Chalkboard Printables from That’s What Che Said.  



Love these different designs from A Blissful Nest featured on Living Locurto’s blog.



Trendy Hashtag printables from Tator Tots & Jello HERE.


I am alll about some organization! My life is soo chaotic I NEED something to tame the chaos!

I am LOVING these cute weekly calender free printable from Living Locurto HERE


My kids & my husband are one & the same. I have to spell everything out for them. Tell them step by step what to do. For example…if I ask any of them to get the towels out of the dryer & put them up. I ACTUALLY have to verbally include the step, FOLD THEM.

So…when I came across these adorable little checklists…I thought to myself…why not make my life a little easier?

Back to School Dry Erase Chore Charts from The 36th Avenue. 



Ok..I have to admit…I’ve been a lame mom when it comes to the lunchbox. Daynie actually asked me one time to write her a note for her school lunch like her friend’s mom does. I felt HORRIBLE. and then. I STILL forgot to include one!  TOTALLLL MOM FAIL.

It’s reallly easy to google & come up with a ton of cute lunchbox notes…I found these  fun lunch box notes by Kiki & Company that were more “us”. I printed them..cut them out..put them in a ziploc baggy by the lunch I could see them & remember to grab one & include in their lunch.



Aren’t these lunch blox from Rubbermaid the coolest? Our Thrifty Ideas has a whole post on how she used them for her little ones plus a link to a $2.00 off coupon to get ya some! Daynie & Garridon will totally dig these…I’m def putting them on my shopping list! I LOVE how the ice pack is on the bottom.


Teacher GIFTS!! This is one of the MOST important parts of back to school!


If your kids are little heathens like mine…they need all the help they can get!

Again..Pinterest & The Google is full of great ideas…here are just a few I like…

Mason Jar w/ FREE chalkboard tags from The Crafted Sparrow.

Back to School Teacher Gift



I’m doing FLIPS that you’re my Teacher tags… from Simply This and That…so cute & what teacher doesn’t love a good snack! CHOCOLATE!!

Flips 3



These are my kid’s Back to School teacher gifts from last year….Keep Calm & Teach On easy printables…click HERE.


These “School Notes” I actually found & printed last year. Just print a stack & keep out for your kid to grab. I like to punch holes & stick in a binder. It’s fun to flip back and see how their answers have changed over the year.

These are GREAT for opening up the lines of communication with your kids and also just seeing what goes on in their little heads…feeling & stuff.



50% off Back to School Products at Vistaprint!




Freebie Friday…Getcha Some Goodies!



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Freebie Friday! Whoop Whoop!

Check out this awesome free stuff you guys!

John Freida samples…here



Answer a couple Q’s with strongly agree to get the sample.

Need to wash yo dishes? Get some soap for the box that cleans them here.



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If ya D.O.G. is hungry..feed it a free sample from here.



If yo hair is nappy…make it happy with one of these samples.



Need to wipe yo rear? Get ya free ROLL of toilet paper here.


Here’ s some other free samps.



Shout out to the Bee for giving me a heads up on this free stuff.

If you are ever being stalked by a attention whore crazed zombie…I totally have ya back!

Oh wait.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Now get over yourself Pinterest Project Mom



This is not just a day for saying….thanks for putting up with my devil child for 8 hours everyday.

This is a day for saying…thanks for doing the job that none of us want to do, but somebody has gotta do it, so thanks for being the one to do it and being awesome while you do it.

And since that doesn’t sound all cakes & pies on a hallmark card….America turns to Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong..I LOVVVVVE Pinterest.  It’s pretty much muh BFF these days.

BUT…after about the 7th food or drink product with a cleverly coordinated cute saying…the teacher is pretty much over it & rolling her eyes.

Because nothing says I appreciate you a bottle of orange pop.

Because nothing says I appreciate you teacher…like a bottle of orange pop.

So after searching Pinterest anyways for a bazillion nano seconds…I FINALLY found it!


These free printables from Chicabug are seriously epic.


Cute. Funny. Free.


These are perfect!

PLUS they are what the teacher’s really want & NEED….the goods.

ANY freakin gift card on the planet is better (& more appreciated) than that glittery glob of trash you stayed up all night making and posting show off pics  of on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Keek accounts.

GET OVER yourself & show your kid’s teachers how much you truly APPRECIATE THEM…not how how awesome of a Pinterest Project mom you are.


25 FREE pics today at Walgreens



Enter coupon code PICTURES25 at checkout thru Thursday, April 4th*

here’s a little secret…it’s by email…so you can create a new account with a different email & get another set of 25 free. and so on. and so on.

and feel free to hit up all the walgreens in the vicinity so you don’t feel like a complete douche rackin up on the same free prints from the geeky kid at the same walgreens photo counter.

you’re welcome.

oh & thank the bee b/c she totally told me about the free prints.

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