Just a little Valentine’s Decor…

I love to add a little splash of whatever holiday it is to my decor..and I think sometimes we forget about V-Day.


At work, I actually took all the red & silver candy left over from Christmas & filled these clear vases for some instant decoration!


I turned the little red Santa tin around so you couldn’t see the buckle and filled it with red & white peppermints leftover from Christmas. ¬†I then went on The Google & snagged me a free printable…stuck it in a simple $1 frame…and now I have a cute little Valentines Display ūüôā



At home..I have this lovely plate rack that I used as my little Holiday display. I keep all my printables in the frames year round so I’m not searching for them next year.





I also grabbed a couple $1 frames to put here:





I’m SO delighted with my easy, simple decorations!


Here’s the free printables I used (I got all of the off The Google). You can right click and hit open in a new tab…then in the new tab right click and choose save or print.

20271b1ad445d0e5c607867be79a89bb 90290d879a63bbe45accd2e37e1b7426 aa8a3065b726cff9d21b9d6660927503 e43f2c885758b0ec9cb838b478046160 Image1

ALL-YOU-NEED-IS-LOVE-8x10 Love-Black-White-Gold-8x10

How do you like to decorate for Valentines??


Well Good Golly Miss Molly it’s the Coveted Sunshine Award!



uhhh…what?!?!? I won AGAIN??


Thanks to muh Texas gal pal Ashton for nominating me!

download (1)

Rules: Post a pic of the award in your post (side note..thank you someone for finally upgrading the pic! the other was too ugly!)
Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
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Write 11 questions for them to answer
Let them know they’re nominated!

Apparently numba 11 is mighty popular!



Fluffy’s questions:

(In true Ashton fashion…I shall answer her questions in as many gifs as possible)

1. Book you are reading right now?



I LOVE to read. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But like I said before..I don’t have time to sit down & enjoy a book. And I CAN NOT just pick one up here & there. I have to finish it like when i start it. I will read all day & all night til that shit is finished.
2. Top 3 favorite movies?

I’m not a fan of watching movies over & over like my crazy husband who has seen Joe Dirt no less than 647 times. I don’t wanna see a movie again until I’ve had enough time to forget everything about it.

BUT…if I had to pick ONE amazeballs fav movie evaaa…

Um duh:



Grease FO SHO.
3. Funniest one-liner joke you know??

I kinda suck at jokes. I don’t really know any. And if I can actually remember one..it’s prob inappropriate. Like WAYYYY inappropriate. I leave the joke tellin to my husband. He’s the king of all retardedness.

4.  What does your bed comforter look like?


I’m kinda diggin this question bc #1 I LOVE MY BED.


Here’s what my bed DID look like. LOL



I LOVED that comforter. I’ve had it forever. But unfortunately it got some wholes in the seam that I’m incredibly to lazy to sew up yet…so I ordered us another comforter off Zulily.



It’s sooo soft & fluffy & comfortable. I’m starting to love it as much as my other.

062 063 066

Idea Alert


Umm..I DO have a bed skirt…but we don’t use them. I’m afraid of scorpions crawling up them? Lol..don’t know where in the world I got that…but I for real check the bed EVERY single night for those damn things before I get in.
5. Describe your very first car!


Kind of hard to describe…other than to say it was a TRUCK. I think like an 83 Chevy.
6. PC or Mac?

P freakin C

7. Prefer your beer/soda in a bottle or a can?

I don’t drink beer or soda. But this question reallllly makes me want a Margarita ¬†for some reason!

8. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!! You can only grab two valuable items from your house. What are they?

Is this where I’m supposed to say my kids?



They got legs they can run!


I’m not really sure what the Zombie stuff is all about…so I’m just going to grab my phone so I can call someone to ask what the hell to do. And to take pics with. Obvi if there are zombies I’m going to BLOG about it!
9. Favorite fast food indulgence?

Oh muh LAWD where do I start???



I used to go through several different fast food places ¬†at one time.and just get my fav at each. That’s some serious fat girl probz right there. In the last year I’ve cut my fast food intake drastically. I hardly ever eat it & not really crazy about it much anymore. But there are a few that still make me bat shit crazy until I get my hands on them when a craving hits.

Waffle fries and mayonnaise from Chick Fil a. Chili Cheese Fries from Dairy Queen. Tacos from Frank N Burger. Oreo Shake from Herschels. ¬†Dipped cone from McD’s plus small fry to dip. Thin crust pepperoni from Dominos. Bam. My fattening food friends.
10. Instagram or Twitter?

Why is this even a question??


IG allll the way baby.

11. Best bit of blogging advice?


Except for me of course.




That’s a wrap folks!


blogger face


ps..I’ve never been much of a rule follower. So I just followed the ones I wanted.


Paradise…well almost…

Danny & I both grew up in the country. Wide open spaces…no neighbors…and lots of beautiful TREES.

The road Danny grew up on & we lived together the first couple years…

When Daynie was about to start school…we bought a house in a sweet, quiet little neighborhood…just to get in the school district.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our house.

I said when I first saw it..this house was built for me.

It’s huge, has a massive open living/kitchen/dining area perfect for my entertaining, a large master bedroom with closet to die for, tile throughout (perfect for my allergies) ¬†and the biggest craft closet you ever did see. The neighborhood is wonderful and you couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

Just one little problem….we want land. And privacy that just doesn’t come in a neighborhood. ¬†We want lots of land and lots of trees.

I was already beginning to notice a huge difference in the way my kids were growing up & the way we did. We want a place for our kids to play outside for hours, ride 4-wheelers, shoot guns, go fishing, & just feel that quiet country atmosphere.

I realized this was a serious problem when my kids & I had to jump a gate/fence once a while back ¬†and they were clueless as of how to cross. Such a simple thing I take for granted..you’d think it’s just common sense…but for a kid that has never had to do it..they didn’t really know how to start. LOL.

Over the last few years we have been on the lookout for land to build on ¬†or a home with land in the area. The summer of 2012 we thought we had found “the perfect home” and it had the perfect amount of land with it. ¬†It had EVERYTHING we wanted. A pool, a huge shop, 13 acres, two ponds, and a jack & jill bathroom for the kids! Again..when I saw the house…I had this overwhelming feeling that the house was built for me. We immediately secured a contract and put our house on the market. We were tight lipped about it because we didn’t want to jinx it!

And then we waited.

And waited.

Here we are over a year and a half later and our house hasn’t sold…but our dream home has.

I was a little sad but I knew the whole time that it was completely out of our hands. We did everything possible to make it happen and if it didn’t…then that was God’s plans.


We kept our house on the market awhile longer as we explored our options and made decisions. Houses are just not moving in the area. I think in a couple of years after the new school is built and people are desperate to get in the district again..we will have better luck. Danny just wants land now. So we looked for something that we can buy to go spend weekends & holidays that we could afford. Something we can do all the things we want to. And we found it.  So we took our house off the market for now. We will try to sell again later on. Then we will find a large acre tract and build our forever home on it.

The land we found for our family for now..while we keep our current home… is about 20 min from our house. It’s a six acre tract ¬†that is lined by a creek. on 3 sides. Adjacent to one side is 30 acres owned by Danny’s family.

Our little piece of paradise is just perfect for what we want it for. It has a massive in ground pool & hot tub. It has a pump room for the pool that is huge and has a bathroom/shower. Beautiful landscaping. There is so much detail even in the driveway pavement/edging. There is a treehouse/fort built into a tree for the kids. And it has a cute little cabin! At one time it actually had an over 4000 square foot house built on it that burned down. So now we are left with a HUGE slab.

This piece of property has been sitting dormant for awhile. It needs a lot of work to get it up to date and in working order. Danny & I are so excited to roll up our sleeves & make it our own!

The land is just gorgeous! We already have plans to build a pond!   We have sooo many plans for this great place!

For the next few years while our kids are growing…we will use it as a weekend & holiday getaway. A place to relax & swim & enjoy the outdoors. Family & friend get togethers. And parties!

I have a lot of other things up my sleeve though…business opportunities & dreams to make come true. This place is perfect for that too! ¬†I saw it the minute I viewed the place!

Texas is turning winter here…& the place needs a lot of work…but here is the pictures of my little piece of paradise in the making….

Here is the retaining wall that is adjacent to the 30 acres…look at all that rock! You can also see part of the driveway.




This is looking from the slab to the pool below. 050

We don’t know what all we need to do to the pool yet..but we plan on having it sanded & painted.¬†051 052 053 054 055 056 057

So much space! I can see my kids riding their atvs now!


Isn’t this just the coolest for a kid? Danny has a lot of work to do to it…but we will make it awesome!061

I am SOOO in love with this cute little cabin! It’s so perfect for us!



I can’t wait to get the landscaping all cleaned up! You can see in the pic below where the steps lead up to the slab.065 071 072

This is the shallow end of the pool…074

The pool is crazy deep! You can also see the cabin in the background of the top right of the pic below.


Waterfall that goes down ¬†into the pool….080


The hot tub….081 082 083 084 085 383 384 385

Here’s a few pics of the inside of the cabin…we’ve had some big rains lately in East Texas and it flooded the cabin…but we have it fixed now so it won’t flood again. We will tear out the floors & do lots of updating in here..especially the appliances.


The loft for the kids…389 391 394 396

This is a little bedroom…398 399 400 401 403

The loft…404 406 409 411 412 413 416


See the washer/dryer in the little closet to the right?419 426 428 430 433 438 446 448 450 452 454 456 458 460 464 472 474

See how huge the slab for the house is?? That’s only PART of it!476 478


I will update ya’ll when we start getting to work on this amazing place!

And when it’s ready to go…PARTAYYYY!! (and yes…I’m going to invite all my awesome blogging friends for a weekend of awesome!)



Pretty much the best birthday everrrr….

Yesterday was muh bday.


It was awesome! Pretty much one of the best everrr.

I didn’t get my drink on & party like it’s 2001…I wasn’t invited to that party.¬†

I did something pretty equally amazing though…I spent the day with my family just doing stuff.

I stayed off all social media for the day. I only touched my phone to take pics and answer birthday texts.

Here’s how it went:

First thing to make my bday totally awesome….

I got to sleep until I woke up ON MY OWN.


Since having kids, work, and a husband…this experience is pretty much non-existent.

Danny just laid beside me and patiently waited for me to wake on my own. Then after I woke he was even more patient and we just laid & cuddled & he rubbed my back. I love mornings like this! Then I rewarded his patience & allowed him to give me my 1st bday present…then I hopped into the shower while he started cleaning the house & making breakfast.

Our plan was to spend the day together at our new land & ride Danny’s new toy…but Danny got called into work for an oil leak…so he was gone pretty much the whole day.

I finished cooking breakfast and enjoyed eating with my two babies and Danny’s parents.

Danny's dad & my goofy kids.

Danny’s dad & my goofy kids.

Then we loaded up & headed out to the land to show Danny’s dad the new place.

I CAN NOT be more excited about our new land!

I am going to do a separate post on this exciting birthday present tomorrow!


We hung out there for a bit and let the kids run around. Then we headed back to the house. I wish Danny hadn’t been called into work b/c I really really wanted to take his new toy for a spin…

Supposedly…that was MY birthday present. Ha!

Back at the house I opened all the doors and let the beautiful sunshine & breeze flow through the house while I took some time to clean, mop, & even scrub toilets and baseboards. As in on my hand & knees with muh yellow gloves on scrubbin every last inch of the toilet. On my birthday. And it made me happy!



I also added a few more fall decorations around the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! November is obvi my fav month!

480 484 485

Then me & the kids loaded up again and headed to work to clean the office. I love taking my kiddos with me! They are so fun to hang out with & a big help!

We went to Walmart to grab dinner to cook & groceries for the week. And guess what?!?! My kids weren’t crazy little heathens in Walmart! Glory Glory Hallelujah Happy Birthday to me!

1339448105856_5155672 MjAxMy1lZjhiNWViMmJkMjM2MWU5

When we got back to the house around 5pm…my parents were there for dinner and Danny was finally home from work. I left Danny to cook our scrumptious meal and my parents and the kids and I headed back out to the land to let them see it. Can you tell I’m excited??

When we got home this yummy goodness was waiting on us…


All of muh fattening favs. Baked potatoe casserole, Stouffer’s mac & cheese, garlic toast, & Danny’s steak. I’m kinda stuck up when it comes to my steak…I only like the edge piece off the ribeye. Danny cooks THE BEST steak.

496 497 500

And now…the most AWESOME part of my birthday??

The gifts my dad brought! Starting with this cake he made me!

493  502

Seriously…yesterday morning at the store when I was getting breakfast stuff to cook…I wished I had a homemade cake and even stopped on the cake aisle and looked at the boxes of mix. I haven’t had homemade cake like that in years! It was such a great surprise when my dad showed up with it! It was SO GOOD!

My parents even got me this cool cake server that flips and can be used as a punch bowl! Holla!

503 489

And of course my Si bobble head & Tervis cup!



Gorgeous photos of my AUNT NINA!! (prounounced NINE-UH)



Obviously I this is the beautiful lady I was named after!

Here is her & my Uncle Eddie…

519 509

I also got her drivers license & her and Uncle Eddie’s SS cards.


Aunt Nina lived in Florida when she past years back. Her son passed earlier this year so his step daughter sent my dad a some of her things.

This gorgeous photo is my Aunt Nina’s daughter…Dottie…


She passed before I was born from breast cancer. I have heard of Dottie much over the years but never knew why she died. It’s a bit surreal to hear it was of breast cancer. That means it runs on both sides of my family as my Aunt Nina is my grandfather’s sister and my grandmother also had breast cancer.

See the pearls on her photo? When they opened Dottie’s urn a few months ago to split up the ashes…the only thing inside was these pearls.


I am SO very thankful that my Aunt Nina’s step-grandaughter mailed them to my dad. I have ALWAYS wanted some kind of jewelry of my Aunt Nina’s to have. ¬†I don’t know if these pearls were ever hers or if she bought them for Dottie or even if there is a story behind them…but I am so grateful that they are mine now and I have a part of my Aunt Nina.

Oh..& what else did my dad bring me??


My Aunt Nina!


See the box in the middle? That’s her!


The box is beautiful! I think it’s so amazing that her ashes are inside! I love having her close!

Shhhh…don’t tell Danny he would probably freak! He hasn’t noticed yet!

Her step-grandaughter shipped her here so my dad can bury her next to my grandpa (her brother).

So all in all it was pretty much an amazingly perfect birthday!

Beautiful Day. Beautiful Family. Beautiful Life.

I am sooo blessed!

oh & to top it off….

when I weighed this morning expecting to see a bigger number from the weekend of yumminess:




Thank you weight loss gods & muh scale for that added bonus of a birthday gift!

I think I’ll roll with it and start the healthy eating today!

I’ll be on My Fitness Pal¬†(mommy_edwards)¬†¬†loggin like a fool!

Before & After…a little decorating at the MNL’s

Found these before & afters of some decorating I did at my Mother N Law’s last year.

I found the pillows to tie in all her colors & went from there.313 635

I made the big cross in the middle. The rest are various we already had. Got the rug and pillows at Walmart. Got the end tables and coffee table off Craig’s List. It also came with a taller sofa table that matches… We put it on the opposite wall and put the tv on it! It’s perfect! (sorry no pic of that)

637 638


I don’t have a before of above the cabinets…but just imagine the whole thing empty.



639 640 641

The picture frames were some collage frames we took the pics out of and I stuck placemats in them. They match her curtains perfect!


The evolution of my cabinets…

When we bought our house in Sept 2009…the cabinets were ‘unfinished’ and there were no top cabinets.

l (4) l (9)




l (19) l (24)

About a year later we hired a guy to install top cabinets, backsplash, & stain all the cabinets in the house. This is how far he got before he flaked out on us!


download (9)


download (10)



You can see in the pic above where he stained the doors of a bottom cabinet & it didn’t match the stain on the top cabinets!

Our cabinets remained like this for a couple of years. We didn’t really know what to do! We had gotten estimates & they were totes cray cray. PLUS most said they wouldn’t be able to get all the stains to match on all the cabinets!

In Nov 2011 we finally just got someone to paint them! I went with a distressed black instead of taking a chance on stains being crazy.


336 338 339

340 341

057 071 076 077 078 080 093 094



005 011 026 029 034


Before & After Kitchen


Before & After bathroom


Linking up to Kelly’s Korner Blog Show Us Your Life-Mantles

My mantle is pretty plain jane.

I’ve never been crazy about my brick on my house OR my fireplace. I always wanted to rock the whole daggum thing (the fireplace that is) w/ a beautiful dark stone. aNd replace that fugly mantle.

So…if you are wondering what’ sup w/ our fam pic…it’s those stinkin elves!

Elf Shmelf!

The photo above is from ChristmasTIME 2011- jus a lil snapshot of those elves in action.

So yeah…we left their artwork. Lazy? Eh.

Seriously the kids love to tell all about it when someone asks what is up w/ that piCtcha. Guess I’m a cool mom like that…ya know…letting the aftermath of the elves stick around all year as a reminder to my kids that I’m a cool mom¬†of what the elves did and that they are always watching.


Did my cool N E WAYZ slang send you on a flashback to these dayz……?

I thought so ūüôā You’re welcome.

So…here’s anotha fo yo motha:

Talk about creative!

I just had to share this awesome idea from Southern Disposition!

What does this:

and this:

and these:

have in common with this chick?

Only the coolest idea eva!

Southern Disposition is RIGHT ON TARGET when she says that Barbie’s pad is: Big, expensive, & not cute!

So she came up with an awesome compact, affordable, & totally cute version!

Check out her tutorial here.

Such a brilliant idea! This looks sooo easy to store on a bookshelf and travel with to sleepovers or grandma’s house!

Daynie’s Barbie House:

For sure gets a¬†check mark¬†for being big.¬†It’s major honky & has always taken up mucho room in her..err..room.

It also gets a check mark for being expensive.

But I wouldn’t¬†necessarily give it a check mark for being not cute.¬†¬†I searched long & hard for a Barbie house that matched her room. I love the bright/hot colors & zebra print. It matches her room perfect.

But I will say there are plenty upon plenty of not cute Barbie houses out there. Hence the…searching long & hard part!

That’s why doing it YOself is so awesome because you can customize the whole house decor & furniture to fit your own child’s style!

Seriously…check out her tutorial!

You can also check out her other great tutorials:



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