Elf Shmelf. Thank you Jake for saying what needs to be said.

Do you know Jake  from The Life of Jake

 Well..if you don’t then you should.

He just wrote the best freakin post ever about that creepy little freak that has invaded everyone’s house for the month.



Dang his post is RIGHT ON & I love the shit out of it.

We have not one..but two of those effin elves.


I’m sick of trying to stay awake until the kids go to sleep and find a new place for those damn things. AND I’m never as creative as their friend’s moms. ANNNND….alll kinds of hell breaks lose when I forget to move the overpriced/overrated suckers.

I’m totally with Jake on this one…how about makin the kids mind by telling them JESUS is watching?  Oh..b/c the spoiled rotten brats know that Jesus doesn’t bring the goods…that’s Santa’s job.  So…then there’s the other thing…spank their asses! Yep…I’m ganna go with that one.


Thanks Jake for literally making me LOL today. Your post hit the spot!


brown hair banner


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Have I told ya’ll how much I LOVE fall??  I had to pick up this cutesy deco for my office…it’s the little things ya know.









Speaking of my holiday obsessions…here’s more…


Butterfinger Jingles.



Reese’s Bells.

Why do they have to be sooooo flippin good?

I prob shouldn’t have included them in my office deco…they call my name ALL DAMN DAY. And by call my name..it’s not…Nina eat me.

IT’S….NINA DON’T EAT ME! You’ve already ate all my friends! (as I devour it)


and you prob would be interested to know what my child is doing with them right now…





She might be a little bored 😉

It’s keeping her busy & keeping me from eating them all…so win/win.

Tuesday night she was stung by we are guessing a yellow jacket. She said it was “really long & really yellow”  Well..Wednesday the redness & swelling overtook half her thigh & by yesterday it covered her whole thigh. It’s also hot & hard.

So to the doc she went today.

Ugh! I feel like I live at the dr’s office. Any dr. mine, theirs, the dentist, eye dr, ortho… Doesn’t matter I’m always at one of them.

On the bright side..she did allow me to MAKE her sport this cute holiday attire PLUS a bow today! Oh happy day!

035 051 052


I LOVE LOVE LOVE big layered bows! Daynie has over 100 made to match bows & she won’t hardly wear them anymore 🙁  I’m contemplating having another baby just to get more bow use.




One good thing about doctor days though:



Tacos from my fav place evaaaa.

I had to miss G man’s field trip today b/c of Daynie’s dr appt… booooo. But I’m thankful for good friends that are picture whores like me!



Check out my new site..www.FrugaLatte.com….it’s a total knock off of the crazy white  trash bitch that wronged me’s site. I let her do all the work & then just copy it. Ya know..just using her own game against her to try and make back some of the money she stole from me. I don’t copy everything b/c a lot of her stuff is pretty lame. So I add cooler better stuff to mine. If you noticed Gnomie Not My Homie in the ad and on the website…it’s bc he is the spokesman for my new site. He dumped that B  & decided to get on board with the cool crowd when he found out all the stuff that cold hearted crazy bitch did. I know I said before that he was dead…what I meant was… dead to me but I’ve since had a change in heart b/c  apparently he is #aliveandwell.

yes, yes he is.

Yes. Yes he is. #andmakingme$$$

I know this might all seem a little cray..but hey…sometimes we all need a little cray in our life! An eye for an eye. Bible style.


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Frosty the Fridge

I was on the google looking for fun Christmas deco for my kids..& I found this!  I’m soo stoked! I plan on doing it in the middle of the night so when the kiddos wake up they will be like… WHAAAAT!


It looks soo easy! There are several different ways to do it.



You will basically need:

2 large black circles (eyes)

3 medium circles (buttons)

5 small black circles (mouth)

1 orange triangle (nose)

If you are feeling really creative use some square colored construction paper and make a scarf. AND black construction paper to make a hat!

I made it mostly easy by making this free printable! Just print however many you need to get all your circles! To print or save….Right click on image and hit Open in a New Tab. In the new tab right click image again & hit either Save Image As or Print.

Frosty the Fridge

FREE Thanksgiving Printables!



freeTo save and/or print these…

Just right click on the picture. Click Open in New Tab. When it opens in a new tab…right click and hit Save Image As or Print.


Keep Calm and CRANBERRY On printablecupcake picks East free-thanksgiving-banner-printable-decorations free-thanksgiving-printable-decorations-party-circles getpie_pumpkin give thanks blog series 1 3 ThanksgivingPrintable3 thanksgiving-printables-smaller thanksgiving-subway-art-printable


Blessed PrintableGive Thanks Printable2itg5dc


Seriously..these utensil & water bottle printables are over the top cute! Thanks BetweenUandMe.com!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Thanksgiving-Utensils-Pouch Thanksgiving-Waterbottle-Wrappers

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