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The end of the year/1st of the year is crazy nutballs for me at work…so you’ll have to excuse my lack of blogging…but stay tuned…b/c I gots some big time awesomeness planned for twenty-fourteen!



I’m currently working on getting my shit together so I can make this blog blast it’s full on potential of straight up awesome.  I’m working on getting organized so that I can keep my chit together & bring ya’ll a steady stream of awesome. AND most of all…I’m trying to get muh head in the game to turn my eating/diet/exercise lifestyle around & back on track.  AWESOME is the word. Obviously.


If you are all about Muh Bill Book…keep a look out b/c I am getting together an updated version…with new free printables, versions to buy, & a giveaway.



Confession: I totally suck at the weight loss/fitness thing.  After losing 50 60 lbs…most of 2013 was pretty much a wash for me since I gained 10 lbs back, lost it, gained it back, ect ect. I just suck at it.

2014 is GOING to be the year of change for me & my family.



Imma buckle down and get this weight loss/healthy lifestyle stuff UNDER CONTROL.

NO MO diets. Lifestyle change. Somehow…someway…I’m ganna make that happen.

Imma get my life organized and make it more awesome.

Imma get my mind and my body surrounded only by awesome, positive thoughts & people.


Awesome. AwesomER. AwesomeNESS. Awesomesauce.

I only want 2014 to be filled with..you guessed it …

PURE: awesome



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Back to School with a BANG


It’s that time again!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE back to school time! When I see the school supplies stocked on the aisles of Walmart I get giddy! Everything about back to school is so exciting!

I thought I’d share with you a few of my FAV FINDS to get you & your clan going back to school with a bang!

The FIRST thing you need to do…is get your kids & take some pictchas of the big day! Print these & have some fun!

Cute Chalkboard Printables from That’s What Che Said.  



Love these different designs from A Blissful Nest featured on Living Locurto’s blog.



Trendy Hashtag printables from Tator Tots & Jello HERE.


I am alll about some organization! My life is soo chaotic I NEED something to tame the chaos!

I am LOVING these cute weekly calender free printable from Living Locurto HERE


My kids & my husband are one & the same. I have to spell everything out for them. Tell them step by step what to do. For example…if I ask any of them to get the towels out of the dryer & put them up. I ACTUALLY have to verbally include the step, FOLD THEM.

So…when I came across these adorable little checklists…I thought to myself…why not make my life a little easier?

Back to School Dry Erase Chore Charts from The 36th Avenue. 



Ok..I have to admit…I’ve been a lame mom when it comes to the lunchbox. Daynie actually asked me one time to write her a note for her school lunch like her friend’s mom does. I felt HORRIBLE. and then. I STILL forgot to include one!  TOTALLLL MOM FAIL.

It’s reallly easy to google & come up with a ton of cute lunchbox notes…I found these  fun lunch box notes by Kiki & Company that were more “us”. I printed them..cut them out..put them in a ziploc baggy by the lunch stuff..so I could see them & remember to grab one & include in their lunch.



Aren’t these lunch blox from Rubbermaid the coolest? Our Thrifty Ideas has a whole post on how she used them for her little ones plus a link to a $2.00 off coupon to get ya some! Daynie & Garridon will totally dig these…I’m def putting them on my shopping list! I LOVE how the ice pack is on the bottom.


Teacher GIFTS!! This is one of the MOST important parts of back to school!


If your kids are little heathens like mine…they need all the help they can get!

Again..Pinterest & The Google is full of great ideas…here are just a few I like…

Mason Jar w/ FREE chalkboard tags from The Crafted Sparrow.

Back to School Teacher Gift



I’m doing FLIPS that you’re my Teacher tags… from Simply This and That…so cute & what teacher doesn’t love a good snack! CHOCOLATE!!

Flips 3



These are my kid’s Back to School teacher gifts from last year….Keep Calm & Teach On easy printables…click HERE.


These “School Notes” I actually found & printed last year. Just print a stack & keep out for your kid to grab. I like to punch holes & stick in a binder. It’s fun to flip back and see how their answers have changed over the year.

These are GREAT for opening up the lines of communication with your kids and also just seeing what goes on in their little heads…feeling & stuff.



50% off Back to School Products at Vistaprint!




DIYoself Jewelry Board

I’ve been wanting to tackle this project for awhile!

I have a large jewelry box but it just doesn’t do the job!


It only holds about 8 necklaces & when you put them in the drawers they are a tangled mess. It was seriously getting out of control.

I had some extra bulletin boards at the howse so I decided to make a jewelry board… Obviously As Seen on Pinterest. Don’t have the exact link..as there is only five bajillion to choose from!

I started out going to spray paint my boards..


It was really windy and I tried to use a texture spray paint. Ugh! That was an effin mess of piss me off! I ended up just trying to wipe it off and taking them inside and painting them with some acrylic paint I already had. Mind you this was my SECOND attempt at spray painting the boards! Saturday I came home with a can from Wally World & the nozel wouldn’t work..so it wouldn’t spray…ugh! After I threw a little baby fit..I succumbed to the reality that I couldn’t finish my long awaited project that evening 🙁   Sunday after church I went back to Wally World & exchanged the can of spray paint. They didn’t have any left of the kind of got the day before…so I had to settle for a less sparkly not as perfect kind :/

aaaaand we see how that turned out! UGH! The can ran out after only doing 1/3 of the board AND the texture did not spray out evenly & it looked like a clumped up mess. No pic of the craziness..I was way too ticked!


The day before I went to Hobby Lobby looking for cute scrapbook paper to use for the board… But the more I looked at it and thought about it.. I decided on painting it a solid color. I knew once I got all my necklaces on there it would just look a crazy mess if I used a design.

I found these big headed tacks at Mardel and decided to paint them.


It took just two coats to cover the plastic.



(the tacks after the 1st coat)

Ready to go!


I made two boards and hung them both in my bathroom on two walls that have been empty since we moved in.





The best thing about using tacks is you can easily move them around the board where you need them.



I had some sparkly brown tulle & just hot glued it on the edge. I already had the cross hanging in the bathroom….I just got a tack & hung the cross on the edge of the board.




Muh Bill Book

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This is my kick @$$ Bill Book


And I heart it so much!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things organized. Office & school supplies make me giddy.

This is what I was working with..


It was more of a Momager.. It had everything from kids school things to meal planning.

It was great but I really needed a whole new system for our bills.

I came across this system in muh search

I ordered me some fancy smancy dividers and stuff from Office Depot online and got busy.


I made two sets of dividers… one for our fixed monthly bills and the other for credit accounts. (More on them lata)

In the front pocket I keep post it’s
for reminders & stuff.


I used these dividers to make my sections…


I printed my design on card stock and put it in the clear page protector divider. They came with clear labels for the tabs so I printed the section name on them.


In the first section Bills to Pay I put a pocket divider to hold my bills as they come in until I pay them..


The next section is Calendar and Bill Schedule


First in this section I have two lists that i can check off each month after I pay them. The first list is of my fixed monthly bills and the second page is a list of my credit accounts. I got the PDF for these lists here.


Next I have monthly calendars for the year. I like to see what is do and when..calendar style. It helps me to see it visually. Like say a bill’s due date is on the weekend. I write that bill down on the calendar to be paid on Friday. I also like to highlight a bill after I’ve paid it. I know this can be duplicative of the lists.. But it works for me. I generally find free calendars on a variety of blogs.. But this particular set came from here.



In the next two sections is where I used the dividers. Fixed Monthly Bills and Credit Accounts.


Basically, there is a tab for each bill. Once I pay the bill, I file it behind the tab.

This has corrected a lot of problems for me.. I used to take all the bills after I paid them for the month and file them in a file cabinet. This obviously lasted a hot minute because I’m so lazy busy. So they pretty much ended up thrown in a big plastic tote.. Which made it hard to find anything when I needed to refer back to it.


Now..I they are always filed as I pay them and easily accessible.

The best part..at the end of the year.. I will just stick the whole notebook on the shelf and start over.

No need to file the stuff at the end of the year..and no digging through files or boxes when I need something.

The last section All Other is just for various misc. I also added a pocket divider in this section to hold misc…like carbon copies of checks for little stuff I pay & ect.


In the back of the binder I have this.. To ya know.. Remind me..


So that’s that.

Isn’t it beautiful?

For the PDF Bill Schedule List & the PDF 2018 Calendar…click the link to the blogs that made them.

For the covers to my sections…click the pic below to download and print them.

You’re welcome.

Bills to Pay Calendar & Bill Schedule Cover Credit Accounts Fixed Monthly Bills All OtherMedical Bills

BlankMuh Bill Book Cover

Bill Paying System


March 26, 2013

I had to move it to a bigger binder.. But I’m lovin it! This is a 3″ D ring I got off Staples.com

I think this will last me the rest of the year!




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No Ace, just you.


Glad the world didn’t end…bc I’m pretty stoked to use this in twenty thirteen..






I got the PDF from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Step by step directions on printing made it easy. The last page (blog brainstormer) came from The Project Girl
I like the format & printed about 25 front and back and added them to the back. I just took it to a local place and had it bound into a spiral.

Loves it.

Like our big ass ham?


Don’t be jelly.

This guy…


Loves to wrap presents.

He was seriously cracking me up with his preciseness with the To: & From:


This other guy:


Is having a great time fillin the freezer


Have you lost a jacket?


If you have there’s a good chance it’s in the lost & found lining the halls of my kids school.

Yes. That’s for real.

This gives me some serious chuckles.




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