Life ’round here…

I’ve had a hellof a weekend…but we rocked it 🙂

After being sick last week I was happy to feel back to awesome by Friday. Danny & I hit up the ONLY place to go if you don’t go Mexican…Olive Garden…while the kids were at gym.

It was sooo nice to have an hour to just sit & enjoy a quiet dinner with my guy.

Then after the kids practice my friend & I packed the car for a late night trip to Wally World for competition makeup!

photo (2)

Saturday morning started our crazy busy weekend!

A.M. both my kids had to perform in a little competition at the gym for Team while I worked the door. They were so excited! They did great too!

It was Daynie & her partner’s first time performing..they had some minor hiccups…they tried to put their rolls into the wrong place and caught theirself..and they were going too fast & didn’t hold some skills….but overall did great!

Garridon & his partner are just too cute. She is full of sass! They were a bit nervous since this was their first time performing too!





After that G went with his BFF…PJ, for the afternoon…

….while Daynie, A, & I headed to Dallas for Daynie’s first twirl comp of the season.

photo (3)




Thanks to a sweet friend that gave us some eye shadow that matched PERFECT!



Dontcha just LOVE her team twirl outfit??


These girls ROCK them too!

In her team twirl she is front row 2nd from right


She got 2nd for her solo & team got 1st 🙂


I am SO SO SO proud of my girl! She amazes me everyday! I was laying in bed last night thinking about how she set her goals & worked hard and I had to look for some comparison pics…


5 MONTHS ya’ll!!!

And what have I been doing all that time???

Staying the same.

Seeing that photo & my child’s progress has inspired me to get back into making stuff happen for my weight loss.

I start today 🙂

Saturday night we made it home from Dallas at midnight…then I got up Sunday morning & headed to work.

After working all day I went home to eat a burger cooked by Danny & relax on the couch.

Home Sweet Home.

My most very favorite place!

So there’s my crazy busy weekend…it pretty much sums up my life! But I love & cherish every minute!

I am SO SO SO blessed!

And Monday….well ya know…Monday speaks for itself…



brown hair banner

Jesus..I get to meet him again?

The other day,  Garridon was hanging on the fridge. I yelled at him to quit. I said..what are you going to do when that falls over on you? I guess you will get to meet Jesus.

G said…oh you mean I get to meet him again?

I was like…umm huh?

He said..oh yeah I’ve already met him before, when I was a baby in your tummy I met him before I was born.


You know what?

We don’t know that he didn’t 🙂



Red Ribbon Week dress up days!

“Team up against drugs”250 252 256 258

Both of my kids won the dress up contest for their class this day & made the website!


G looks kinda funny lol.



“Hunting for drug free kids!”

284 292 293 295 296 297 298 299 300

Daynie does NOT like words on her butt. And we usually don't allow it either..but this was the only pair of camo pants I could find for her at Walmart!

Daynie does NOT like words on her butt. And we usually don’t allow it either..but this was the only pair of camo pants I could find for her at Walmart!

“Be smart and say NO to drugs!”

ISn’t he the most adorable little guy on all of Earth????

321 322

Obvi he made his own sign. Obvi I let him wear it. Obvi (I hope) the school made him remove it.


These two!!!

324 325 326 327

Ok..I know it looks like they are creepy little kids here…but they were ‘spanking’ each other.

328 329 330 331 332 333 334 336

Some of our fav friends on Nerd Day… (nerd day is HUGE at our school btw)

350 351 352

G refused to participate on pajama day. Who knows why with that guy.




“Don’t let drugs steal your dreams”

363 364 368 369 370 372 374

“Cardinals are against drugs”


He was just a little ray of sunshine this morning if you can’t tell!

386 387 388 395

A coupla things…or 5



Numero UNO

I think it’s totes bullshit that the new 5s has slow mo & my 5 phone don’t.

Damn you Apple.

My sista has posted two videos of my awesome niece doin her thang…and I’ve been trying to figure out how she did it! I just knew it had something to do with the ios7 update.

Isn’t my niece crazy awesome??

I super puffy heart love that girl!

So anyhoo..I was soooo desperate to blow away my Instagram followers with some bad ass slow mo action…that I finally broke down and downloaded the new update. YES I’m pretty sure I was the last person on Earth to do it!

And guess what?


So I resorted to just texting my sis and asking how the hell she did it. UGH!

And guess what else?

Oh yeah I already told ya…you gotta have the new 5S!!

Stupid apple.

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Numba TWO:

Is it just me or is Katie off Teen Mom 3 really the bitch that starts all the fights? Poor Joey.


In last week’s episode…it was her b-day “weekend” and he got into the car and she asked him how much gas he put in it. He said…$20 and I used $10 to wash your car.

She effin flipped.

Over water people.

Poor guy was like..I was trying to do something nice.

She just lays into him until he has enough and starts yelling back and cussing.

I would too Joey. I would too.

Then..when they get out of the car…she calls her mom to tell on Joey for yelling at her the whole ride and ruining her day.

Am I the only one SICK of her bashing him to everyone? She always leaves out HER part in the fight where she STARTS them from being a bitch and pushes and pushes him until he loses it.

The week before…he comes home from working all night at the coal mine and has to make himself a sandwich while Katie chills on the couch & bitches.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

I totally just jacked those pics & captions from

So her bitch fest is because..she doesn’t want him to go fishing because….she just wants him to sleep.


Is he 5?

He of course loses it and tells her she always says it’s ok when he plans something then the day of she never wants him to go. She just keeps saying…all I want you to do is sleep, is that too much to ask?

Bitch YES.

Look. I want to like Katie. I really do.

She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s a good mom.

But damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

She just comes off as a spoiled brat.

I just want you to sleep is that too much to ask?


just ugh.

I would want to smoke pot too.

(and I am full blown super a whole lot anti drug fo sho)

And then on the after show..the other girls are always…poor Katie..I can’t believe Joey talks to you that way…I wouldn’t put up with that.  Umm..yes you would, you do and you have. At the moment ya’ll need to be jealous that she has the only baby daddy that has a J-O-B and actually cares about his kid. He’s a good daddy.


Even Katie herself says in the after show that watching the episodes she can’t believe she let’s him treat her that way. Uhh…Katie…did you fast forward through every part where YOUR MOUTH WAS OPEN??

I can’t decide who is the new Amber..

Katie?? For obvious reasons…

080211_teen_mom110803075624 amber-portwood-121510-main-376x385 Katie105SneakPeek KatieSmile3 Teen-Mom-3-100713-34

They both are always laying on a couch or bed in every episode.

Oh yeah…and the starting retarded fights every single time they talk to their boyfriends.

Or the prob most obvious new Amber??


Just because she goes bat shit crazy over EVERYTHING.

But really…she’s wayyy more like Janelle.

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it's like looking in a mirror??!!!??

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it’s like looking in a mirror??!!!??

Drugged out loser boyfriend like Janelle?? CHECK.

Alex is just like Amber & Janelle…a ticking time bomb.

The only difference is she WORKS! A skill the other two still haven’t mastered.

AND she takes care of her kid…where the other two don’t give a shit about their kids…only PRETEND to for the cameras.

OY Numba 2 got me goin!


I have an unhealthy obsession with my bed.

That’s because….all the best things happen there.





#5-It’s the only place my kid isn’t afraid to do a back flip


Why do I suck as a mom? I can never remember to add a damn note to their lunch!


One time I even scoured Pinterest and printed 5 bazillion pre-made cutesy notes and put them in the drawer with the little plastic sadwich baggys so I would remember.

One time Daynie even ASKED me if I could put her a note in her lunch.

One time I even remembered as I was making the lunch…decided to walk over to the paper & markers…got sidetracked…and didn’t remember until 2 days later that I remembered then forgot!

WTH me?

You know how many times I have put a note in the kids lunches?


Mom of the year award goes right here baby.



I don’t have anything here are some pics of my kids.

You’re obvs welcome.

photo (18)

This morning before school. Daynie wearing all pink for breast cancer awareness. “Cardinals for the Cure”  G refused. Danny wouldn’t let me send snacks for the occasion….

photo (19)

The kids yesterday on picture day 🙂  G is such a butt. He can’t give me just ONE normal pic.

Mondays. Ugh.

My yesterday sucked.

If you follow my may have seen this:

In the little guy’s defense…there actually was something wrong with him & we did end up here:

That’s pretty much how my Monday started.

I woke up at 4:45 A to the stupid M to go to the track & get my fat girl bounce on… and I couldn’t move. Let me rephrase that. Every single stinkin move I made made me feel like a gorilla was grabbing my muscle & twisting Indian burn style.

All the result of the Dirty Girl Mud Run I did Saturday with muh girls:

So I may be a little a lot outta shape. And still way the hell overweight. But I got myself out there & rocked the shit outta that race! We had a blast! Seriously the most fun I’ve had in a long time! You can see some of that fun by searching my custom trademarked hashtag: #roadtrippitytribe on Instagram.

So I layed back down until D-Man yelled at me a whole lot to get outta the bed & take care of our rotten spawns.

Womp Wommmp.

And so it began.


And the first thing…






After posting how awesome I was doing on Friday…Obvi my body wanted to say eff you just like my morning was and punish me for my weekend of fun.

I was not expecting to have to take off work to deal with my just put me further behind at work where I’m supposed to be closing my month out.

After a hellacious morning and maybe a eff you text or two thrown around….my day got better when I got to stuff face hole with my beloved tacos from Frank-N-Burger after the doctor.

Yum to the yummidy yum.

Thank you Lord for that.

Then I ran back to work…did a few things…grabbed deposits from all the companies…and headed to the bank.

After the bank I spent a buttload of $$$ for my bedwettin kid a new mattress AND an EIGHTY EFFIN DOLLAR cover.



The kid soaks through a Pull-Up. From the day I brought him home from the hospital he has soaked through every diaper known to man. I wash bedding damn near everyday. I can’t wait til that kid grows out of it. I’ll probably buy him a damn pony.

The weirdest part? The kid was ape shit excited over getting a new mattress. He even made his bed. WTH?

The evening consisted of a lot more runnin round like crazy.

I was very excited at Miss Priss’s twirling practice though! That girl has been workin hard to get her stuff down! Seeing how far she has come and how awesome she is doing puts a big fat grin across my face! I’m so proud of her!

After twirl I grabbed the kids some food & rushed to their gym practice. G was already there for his 4 o clock class. I did get to work out on some nautical machines while the kids were at gym. Yayeah! Then I had to sit through a parents meeting & take notes like the good little secretary I’m pretending to be. Booo.

We got home about 8:30 & did the nightime rush of homework, baths, make lunches, lay out clothes, & ect ect ect. FREAKIN ECT.

My life is so crazy busy these days. Sometimes I’m cool with it…but most of the time I’m not. It’s hard to enjoy it when you have that much. My head always feels crazy. Plus it just make life go too fast.

I saw this on a fellow bloggers IG & I was like Hell to the Yeah!


So.. this Tuesday morning is a little more chill. My morning went better with the sweet babies.

I didn’t make it to the track. It was cold as hell & I can’t deal. But I plan to get up there this afternoon.

The scale still hates me this morning and karma totally got me back for my eff you’s from yesterday.

Scale: Eff you Nina!

Scale: Eff you Nina!

and to top it off….I REALLY want a cupcake.

Like REALLY REALLY bad throw a damn hissy fit give me a cupcake NOW!

But I’m not frettin. NOPE. Not ganna do it.

Because while I was truckin along gettin my month closed at work..I glanced over at my overloaded blog roll at one of muh favs & saw this…


Made. My. Day.

Life: (side eye) Back the eff up. I got this.


1st Day of School Outfits!

Daynie in Kindergarten 2010:

I made the shirt, leggings, & bows. download (28)download (1)

D is for Daynie. download (2) download (3) download


Daynie in 1st Grade 2011.

I made the shirt & had the bow made.

064 066


Daynie 2nd Grade 2012.

So obvs my child had grown out of the cutesy custom stuff and straight into Justice. Boo.


Garridon 1st Day of Kindergarten 2012:380 382


Daynie 1st Day of 3rd Grade 2013:



Garridon 1st Day of 1st Grade 2013:




Daughter Diary

I found this rockin little furry journal & muh brain went: ding ding.20130802-084232.jpg


I decided to make it into a mother/daughter journal for me & Daynie muffin.

I printed these sayings to glue in the front for her for a little pick me up when she opens the journal.



You can get them HERE and HERE.



I started off by writing to Daynie. I wrote to her on a topic (they way she shows responsibiliy) and then I asked her a question to give her something to write back about.


Not sure why she wrote back all crazy all over the page. LoL..but I like her response.  She said “getting to go to the track with your” and then asked me what I like to do with her.


This is what I glued into the back of the book. OF COURSE.


Garridon may have been a little jealous because he promptly got this spiral notebook out he got for Christmas and declared it our journal to write back & forth.



Isn’t he just the most precious man muffin in the whole wide world?



If you want to know this one says…Nina 8 Central is pretty. It cracks me up how he sounds out words sometimes. It might crack you up that the kid wrote Nina 8 central. He got it off tv or radio or’s programming time as in… 9/8 central. LOL



The bottom says…and misses Kidd Kraddick. He’s been talking about Kidd a lot lately since he passed. We listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning every morning.

Daynie really got the hang of this quickly.



One thing about Daynie is that she has SUPER excellent beautiful & perfect handwriting. Like seriously people don’t believe it’s a kid writing. But for some reason she’s LAZY. And her writing crazy in this book just about took it’s toll on me & I had to address it! HA!



Basically…when I finish writing in the book I put it on her bed & when she finishes she puts it on mine.

It really opens up the door for discussions. She gets to ask me anything and me her. Everyone knows it’s easier to write what you want to say then to say it in person.

It also helps me to get inside her little head & peek into her world. I love to know what’s on her mind & how she views things.

I hope we can continue this through her teenage years!


I’ve included a quick list of ideas to get things rollin…

Mother daughter topics

Spongebob 2nd Birthday Party

Birthday Week

This is Garridon’s 2nd Birthday.

I  always design my kids invites myself. I actually do this for anyone for a design can check that out here.

l (31)

I have made my kids cakes a few times. Since..I have decided it is much easier (not cheaper) to just pay someone to do it.  It’s too stressful to spend the whole party day making a cake when I have decorating & other stuff to get done. l (32) l (33)

Of course my little sidekick had to help! l (34) l (35)


G man checking out the cake…this is where he realized it was turning into Spongebob!l (30)



All finished!l (29)

It was a cold yucky day outside!! We used the Sesame Street Inflatable from his 1st Bday. & rented a big one for the big kids.l (4)

I set up the cake table outstide.

l (24)l (25)

l (22)

I did have another cake from Walmart.. because at the last minute I freaked thinking mine wouldn’t taste any good. But it was great to have a backup b/c there were A LOT of folks there & we actually needed both cakes.l (23)

Miss Priss. l (26) l (27)

Yes. I always put my kids in coordinating outfits to match the party theme. It’s just how I roll. I made her bows…but her outfit & G’s were from Walmart. l (28)


Here’s Little Man & Issa. He had JUST woke up from a nap & wasn’t a happy camper yet.


l (21)


Even thought the day was yucky…the kids had a blast on the blow up slide/bounce house! Call it “white trash” if ya want Kidd Kraddick…these things are ALWAYS worth the money!

l (14) l (15) l (16)

These babies seriously melt my heart! l (17) l (18) l (19)

I had bubble machines (because Spongebob’s fav pasttimes is bubbles duH)  but the wind was so crazy we had to turn them off. l (20)


We brought the cakes in to sing Happy Birthday.

l (10) l (11)


l (9)

l (6) l (12) l (13)

This pic always cracks me up!

l (8)


l (1)l (2) l (3)

Here’s what was left of Spongebob!l



Sesame Street Babies 1st Birthday Party

Birthday Week


There is a lot of birthday’s going on around here this time of the year. Garridon’s was the end of March…My mom’s the 9th of April, Danny’s mom the 17th, & my dad is this Thurs the 25th. A big fat Happy Birthday shout out to all ya’ll!

In celebration of all these B Days….this week I will be featuring some birthday parties I have done in the past.

Today I am starting will Little Man’s very first Birfday!

I always design my kids invites myself. I actually do this for anyone for a design can check that out here.


He was seriously the most adorable little chunk everrrrr.

The first two pics I took of him on a ride-on toy at Toys-R-Us & then removed the background & added the fun swirls.l (1) l (2)

The next few i did myself in my living room. I was trying to do a little birthday photo shoot so I could frame them for the party. They are dark & terrible b/c this was “back in that day” when I had a crazy little point & shoot camera that took forever to take one picture. l (3)

I was able to do a little editing to make them look a little better.l (4) l (5)

All of these I framed for the party table & then used in his new big boy Sesame Street room after the party.l (6) l (7) l (8) l (9) l (10) l (11) l (12) l (13)

Here’s the big setup…l (14)

The big letters were colored foam board from Michael’s. I just used black & white to do the faces/ letters & then cut them out. ONE foam board for each letter. The characters on each side & around the party are the same. Except….the letters I free handed…and the characters I used a local church’s overhead projector and one of the party plates to trace the characters onto the board. Then I painted over the pencil and cut out.l (15) l (16)

I had Walmart just do the cupcakes red, yellow, blue in the stringy hair design…then I did the faces myself using white gumballs and black frosting for the eyes & mouths and that cookie cereal for the cookies coming out of cookie monster’s mouth.l (17)

I made the party hats myself. Rather time consuming but soooo cute! I just bought some already made party hats…then covered in felt…cut out the mouths in black felt and nose in orange, & used googly eyes and then hot glued all that stuff together. It was surprisingly easy!l (18)

I honestly don’t remember where I got all the party supplies…prob somewhere online. I actually still have a lot of it. LOLl (19) l (20) l (21) l (22)

I know I got the blow up bounce house off …I actually only wanted it for this party. It was soo perfect for the age. I also used it for his 2nd Birthday…then sold it on CraigsList.l (23)

This little ball pit I got of Amazon. I also sold it after the party.l (24) l (25)

The kid’s matching overalls I got from a MySpace lady. Yes I just said MySpace. LOL Remember…this party was 5 years ago! Wow that stings!l (26)

Daynie’s bow I made…that’s why it’s a hot mess.l (27) l (28) l (29) l (30) l (31) l (32) l (33) l (34) l (35) l (36) l (37)

I LOVE those little fold out couches! We actually JUST sold that in a garage sale about 6 months ago!! All the little chairs you see…I kept for his room & then sold them in garage sales as he out grew them.l (38)

Look at what a fat monster baby G was!! Oh how I miss it! Tiny Issa next to him on the couch is actually 5 months older than him. l (39) l (40) l (41) l (42)



Like I said…some of the stuff…including the letters…I used as decorations in his new big boy room he got for his 1st birthday.

l (2)

l (9)

ll (8)l (7)l (3)

l (8)l (6) l (5) l (4)l (10)l (2) l (1)l (5)

l (11)


I still have the letters in his room today…when we changed his room to Cars theme…I just got fabric from Walmart & covered the letters…


#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part four-And we’re off!

So when I left you hangin on the last #roadtrippity post…we were here:



At the start line.324

With allll these people behind us:330

Let me start off by saying….Since we started telling the kids about where we were going…we called it a “race” for lack of better words.  They really had no clue what to expect. They had never been to anything like that before & had no clue what it was all about. So I can see when we say the word “race”  (which is sorta kinda right) I can see how they got their point of view.

So..I was thinking because we were surrounded by hundreds of people…that the start off would be rather slow & congested.

I wasn’t counting on the possibility of us being FIRST at the starting line! I mean c’mon..what are the odds of that?? Of course…what are the odds of my son getting Happy Birthday sung to him by hundreds of people?? Apparently pretty good. Ha!


So…what came next…I wasn’t really expecting.


The guy put down the flag & said GO….And Garridon set off to win the race.

Yes…I had a minor freak out.

Ok…I had a major mom freak out moment.

I was laughing & freaking at the same time.

That kid is FAST.


There was NO EFFIN WAY  I…or any of muh posse was ganna catch that kid.


CIAH13_05_00313 CIAH13_05_00314

Even if I wasn’t an asmathic hippo…I couldn’t have caught him.

CIAH13_05_00315 CIAH13_05_00316

I was afraid he would get like 1/2 a mile ahead & realize that we weren’t with him and look around & see hundreds of strangers. or get off the track & get lost. or get kidnapped. or be scared when I wasn’t there.

Thank the sweet baby Lord Jesus that the kid only got about a hundred yards ahead before he turned to see where we were.

I felt so bad for him because he really was ahead of everyone..& so proud of himself that he was that fast. He really thought that was what he was supposed to do!


This was really the only hill the whole race..up & down the bridge.342 343 345 346 348

Daynie’s face was pretty much like that the whole time LOL. She was not into the physical part of the whole thing!354 355 356 359

Here is Aunt Babe pretending to run.

Notice the people walking behind her the whole time.

361 362 363 364 365

Here’s me pretending to run. We were trying to get some action shots…to show we were ya know…really into it. Also notice the people walking behind us. Lol…we didn’t really think things through.366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373


Next post I’ll get to the Color Bombing…

.for now..enjoy this BEFORE of us getting photo bombed,


Some mo befo’s:

CIAH13_10_00531 CIAH13_10_00532






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