A few fun favs…

I just love a quick little video that can make me chuckle or crack a tiny smile…it makes me happy and gives me a quick little escape from the real life for a moment.

Here are some I’ve hearted lately:

HANDS DOWN…this is the best video of the week. Everyone is talking about it & it’s def hard not to love this kid!

This is sweet. I always always always wished I was a singer. I would so be down with doing this.

I know this one is cheezy…but all the pet lovers out there will be as amused as me ūüôā

Has anyone seen the YouTube channel Convos with my 2 year old?? I binge watch them all the time…. I know it’s sad…but they are just too cute!

This one isn’t as fun as it is ENRAGING. You just want to slap the little prick.

But…as annoying as he is…The Biebs is still a good train wreck that hard to look away from.


Seriously ya’ll…I just love this couple.

That is SOOO me. & sooo NOT my husband! Ha!

Tell me you guys…what are some of your favs lately?

Elf Shmelf. Thank you Jake for saying what needs to be said.

Do you know Jake  from The Life of Jake? 

¬†Well..if you don’t then you should.

He just wrote the best freakin post ever about that creepy little freak that has invaded everyone’s house for the month.



Dang his post is RIGHT ON & I love the shit out of it.

We have not one..but two of those effin elves.


I’m sick of trying to stay awake until the kids go to sleep and find a new place for those damn things. AND I’m never as creative as their friend’s moms. ANNNND….alll kinds of hell breaks lose when I forget to move the overpriced/overrated suckers.

I’m totally with Jake on this one…how about makin the kids mind by telling them JESUS is watching? ¬†Oh..b/c the spoiled rotten brats know that Jesus doesn’t bring the goods…that’s Santa’s job. ¬†So…then there’s the other thing…spank their asses! Yep…I’m ganna go with that one.


Thanks Jake for literally making me LOL today. Your post hit the spot!


brown hair banner


Ladies and Gentleman..I have officially arrived.

This is one for the history books folks. Seriously a monumental day for The Nina Show.


Yesterday…. I emailed Daynie’s teacher about something and she displayed it on the smart board and Daynie said she knew it was from me because it said…”Nina Edwards Famous Blogger” and had my picture. I was freaking out..bc I emailed her from my personal email that has nothing to do with my blog…so I tried to google what Daynie said to see why it would come up that way and this is what I found….


Hells to the yeah people!

Remember when I guest posted back in September for Tim Bob & I announced my goal to have my very own thread on GOMI?




Bam Bitches. Check that shit off the list.




I wanna give out a huge thank you to¬†NotAgain¬†aka: Laura…who is or is not really me…for making this all possible!




I think I’ll start a thread about bitches who can’t get their shit together on hate posts and overcompensate with really detailed explanations for attention.

BTW “Laura”- I totally paid off ¬†PP…I will have your IP address & GPS coordinates momentarily. Then I will go to you so we can take some awesome bathroom double selfie shots together. ¬†We will shut alllll the hatas up by proving we are not one in the same. And you can finally get the cred you so badly want for starting the thread!

You know I was under the impression that only people that liked me & my¬†pure awesomeness read my blog & stalked my social media….hmmmm…now that I know people that can’t stand me totally keep up with me on the daily…I will try to be more considerate of what you want from my blog.


Haters or lovers…in the end you are alllll fans! You run my numbers up either way…and for that I thank you. And whether you are sharing my rad stuff on Pinterest or hatin away on GOMI…ya keep muh name in ya mouths and that just makes me more famous yo! #keepmetrendingbitches


But to be totally honest…I blog for ME.

IF ya like me ya like me if ya don’t ya don’t. I’m going to be authentic no matter what.


Keep hatin ya’ll! And thanks for providing me with juicy content for today’s post & a great idea for muh IG giveaway!

To say I’m excited to FINALLY have my own thread on GOMI is the understatement of the century!!

I’m just like a Kardashian now…so famous I have haters! ¬†Watch out E!…here I come!

ps..ya’ll REALLY know a lot about my little blogosphere of bloggin buddies…we must be like you’re own real life realty show fix. ¬†yayy us! ¬† lame you.

pss…everyone else…if you are wondering if I responded…of course…I am me right.



Ha Ha Ha-larious!

The Nightmare Fear Factory, located in Niagara Falls, Canada, released pictures of more than 120,000 visitors getting their wits scared out of them.

They show us the reactions of the people…but I’d sure like to see a video of what the people are seeing!

Why does he have a more girly reaction than the girls?

Why does he have a more girly reaction than the girls?


Red shirt dad looks like he's just hoppin right along not even phased by it.

Red shirt dad looks like he’s just hoppin right along not even phased by it.


They are totally saying...Oh no she didn't!

They are totally saying…Oh no she didn’t!


This one is kinda sweet & kinda lame at the same time. Way to be a tough guy protector Dad.

This one is kinda sweet & kinda lame at the same time. Way to be a tough guy protector Dad.

Who wears dresses to a haunted house?

Who wears dresses to a haunted house? And isn’t it a little cool in Canada for summer dresses & sandals? Get it together girls.

The first thing I do when I'm scared is wrap my leg around someone. Is yellow shirt dad laughing??

These two’s faces are priceless. Frame that shit. The first thing I do when I’m scared is wrap my leg around someone. Is yellow shirt dad laughing?? Him and red shirt dad are still doing the bunny hop.



Ok..this one breaks my heart a little. Scaredy cat grown folks are just hilarious. Little kids?? Awe...someone give them a hug!

Ok..this one breaks my heart a little. Scaredy cat grown folks are just hilarious. Little kids?? Awe…someone give them a hug!


Gay guy's reactions are much less dramatic than I would have guessed.

Gay guy’s reactions are much less dramatic than I would have guessed.



These guys look creepily excited about whatever it is.

These guys look creepily excited about whatever it is.


This chick is ready to punch a monster the fuck out.

This chick is ready to punch a monster the fuck out.


ok creepy stalker looking guy. He is lovin this excuse to sniff his date's hair and dream of the order he will chop her up.

ok creepy stalker looking guy. He is lovin this excuse to sniff his date’s hair and dream of the order he will chop her up. Good thing she has her horrific red mittens to protect herself.

This toboggan trio is going to go tae kwon do on Dracula.

This toboggan trio is about to go all  tae kwon do on Dracula.


I soo want to visit this place just to get a looksy at what is just so darn scary! ….AND to get my epic reaction plastered all over the internet!


For more spooky fun…

Enter to win a Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation and print your Goosebumps coupon HERE.

A coupla things…or 5



Numero UNO

I think it’s totes bullshit that the new 5s has slow mo & my 5 phone don’t.

Damn you Apple.

My sista has posted two videos of my awesome niece doin her thang…and I’ve been trying to figure out how she did it! I just knew it had something to do with the ios7 update.

Isn’t my niece crazy awesome??

I super puffy heart love that girl!

So anyhoo..I was soooo desperate to blow away my Instagram followers with some bad ass slow mo action…that I finally broke down and downloaded the new update. YES I’m pretty sure I was the last person on Earth to do it!

And guess what?


So I resorted to just texting my sis and asking how the hell she did it. UGH!

And guess what else?

Oh yeah I already told ya…you gotta have the new 5S!!

Stupid apple.

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Numba TWO:

Is it just me or is Katie off Teen Mom 3 really the bitch that starts all the fights? Poor Joey.


In last week’s episode…it was her b-day “weekend” and he got into the car and she asked him how much gas he put in it. He said…$20 and I used $10 to wash your car.

She effin flipped.

Over water people.

Poor guy was like..I was trying to do something nice.

She just lays into him until he has enough and starts yelling back and cussing.

I would too Joey. I would too.

Then..when they get out of the car…she calls her mom to tell on Joey for yelling at her the whole ride and ruining her day.

Am I the only one SICK of her bashing him to everyone? She always leaves out HER part in the fight where she STARTS them from being a bitch and pushes and pushes him until he loses it.

The week before…he comes home from working all night at the coal mine and has to make himself a sandwich while Katie chills on the couch & bitches.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

I totally just jacked those pics & captions from trashtalktv.com.

So her bitch fest is because..she doesn’t want him to go fishing because….she just wants him to sleep.


Is he 5?

He of course loses it and tells her she always says it’s ok when he plans something then the day of she never wants him to go. She just keeps saying…all I want you to do is sleep, is that too much to ask?

Bitch YES.

Look. I want to like Katie. I really do.

She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s a good mom.

But damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

She just comes off as a spoiled brat.

I just want you to sleep is that too much to ask?


just ugh.

I would want to smoke pot too.

(and I am full blown super a whole lot anti drug fo sho)

And then on the after show..the other girls are always…poor Katie..I can’t believe Joey talks to you that way…I wouldn’t put up with that. ¬†Umm..yes you would, you do and you have. At the moment ya’ll need to be jealous that she has the only baby daddy that has a J-O-B and actually cares about his kid. He’s a good daddy.


Even Katie herself says in the after show that watching the episodes she can’t believe she let’s him treat her that way. Uhh…Katie…did you fast forward through every part where YOUR MOUTH WAS OPEN??

I can’t decide who is the new Amber..

Katie?? For obvious reasons…

080211_teen_mom110803075624 amber-portwood-121510-main-376x385 Katie105SneakPeek KatieSmile3 Teen-Mom-3-100713-34

They both are always laying on a couch or bed in every episode.

Oh yeah…and the starting retarded fights every single time they talk to their boyfriends.

Or the prob most obvious new Amber??


Just because she goes bat shit crazy over EVERYTHING.

But really…she’s wayyy more like Janelle.

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it's like looking in a mirror??!!!??

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it’s like looking in a mirror??!!!??

Drugged out loser boyfriend like Janelle?? CHECK.

Alex is just like Amber & Janelle…a ticking time bomb.

The only difference is she WORKS! A skill the other two still haven’t mastered.

AND she takes care of her kid…where the other two don’t give a shit about their kids…only PRETEND to for the cameras.

OY Numba 2 got me goin!


I have an unhealthy obsession with my bed.

That’s because….all the best things happen there.





#5-It’s the only place my kid isn’t afraid to do a back flip


Why do I suck as a mom? I can never remember to add a damn note to their lunch!


One time I even scoured Pinterest and printed 5 bazillion pre-made cutesy notes and put them in the drawer with the little plastic sadwich baggys so I would remember.

One time Daynie even ASKED me if I could put her a note in her lunch.

One time I even remembered as I was making the lunch…decided to walk over to the paper & markers…got sidetracked…and didn’t remember until 2 days later that I remembered then forgot!

WTH me?

You know how many times I have put a note in the kids lunches?


Mom of the year award goes right here baby.



I don’t have anything else..so here are some pics of my kids.

You’re obvs welcome.

photo (18)

This morning before school. Daynie wearing all pink for breast cancer awareness. “Cardinals for the Cure” ¬†G refused. Danny wouldn’t let me send snacks for the occasion….

photo (19)

The kids yesterday on picture day ūüôā ¬†G is such a butt. He can’t give me just ONE normal pic.

Oops Miley did it again…



Have ya’ll seen the video to Miley’s new song Wrecking Ball???

miley sani


Miley honey…grab a seat cover…


She alllllmost made it through the video without showcasing her tongue…oh nope wait..there it is!

Miley sledge


Does Miley own any actual CLOTHES? ¬†This girl is desperate to flaunt her body. At least she is wearing age appropriate attire this time…definitely a step up from her cartoon onesie.

I wonder if this also comes in a 6-9 months?

I wonder if this also comes in a 6-9 months?

During the opening of this video all I want to do is tell her to swallow. (although I’m sure she hears that often enough…oh snap that was a low blow) The spit between her top & bottom teeth as she sings is enough to make me wanna gag. Umm…do they not edit these videos? I’m sure there were plenty of spitless takes. Even if there weren’t….. If they can photoshop half of Lindsey Lohan’s rack out of Herbie¬†to make it more ‘family friendly’…they can take out Fruitcake’s saliva to save our lunches. Gross.

Watch out Kim & Farrah…there’s a new ugly crier in town & her name is Miley.

farrah-abraham-crying-2 kim-kardashian-crying-face-2-zap2it


I wonder if they practice their fake cries?


All obvious ridiculousness aside…I actually kinda dig the song…maybe because it reminds me of a Taylor Swift song…especially the beginning. ¬†And everyone knows I love me some Taylor.






I am the dagumm sunshine.

So lately..maybe I haven’t been the sunshine.

Dayummm Walt I'm tryin...Give a girl a break.

Dayummm Walt I’m tryin…Give a girl a break.

Okay I’ve been down right bitter.

Someone left me with a hell of a mess at work….a financial burden personally….and a broken heart friendship wise. (Blog post when I’m ready)

…and…Completely squashed any progress I’ve made in the trust issue dept.


so..I’ve been really busy & really broken lately…hence the lack of blogging.

BUT…it’s time I put muh big girl panties on…which I will happily report are getting too big….and get to gettin on with my life.

What better place to start than playing along with a little Q & A from one of muh favs in blogland….Tim Bob’s Bloggy Blog.


1. ¬†What’s the sexiest song you’ve ever heard?

Too Close by Next has been doin it for me since 1998…roll down the windows in that Chevy Malibu & blast that chit w/ muh posse.

2.  Dream vacation?

at the moment…ANY vacation. seriously. I just need to check out of life for awhile. ¬†I’m thinking of staging a nervous breakdown so I can have an excuse to do just that.

3.  First movie you saw in the theatre?

Oh wow..I don’t even know this? And I have a GOOD memory. I remember seeing Casper with my Aunt Nina. She fell asleep and was snoring & I had to wake her up. ¬†Before that maybe Fern Gully? Wowza I’m shocked I don’t know this.

MV5BMTk1NTYxMzU0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzU1NzQyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_ MV5BNDMyOTMzMjc0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDc4MzEzMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_
4.  Celebrity crush?

I’m not a big on celebrity crushes. Yes there are some super hot guys that make me crazy went they dance on the big screen…but I don’t get gaga over any celebrity really. Unless they’re a blogger.


okay okay…I may or may not have a thing for a coupla the Duck Dynasty guys…


I’ll let you guess which ones.
5.  Your worst family reunion moment?

Hmm..we don’t really have family reunions anymore…
6.  Best Christmas present you ever received?

A pager circa: 2000 from muh man. I still have that bad boy. 143 baby. 143.

7.  Worst Christmas present you ever received?

Umm..where do I start? Danny has made this a open running list….We will just start with the deodorant in my stocking that wasn’t even my brand…
8.  Disney World or the beach?

Well the only beach I’ve ever been to is Galveston & I thought it was icky. So I’m ganna go with Disney World. I super jumbo heart love that place!

9.  Post a selfie pic of you at this exact moment.

10.  Post the 5th picture in your phone.

photo (3)


This cracks me up. I used it as my Day 1: ¬†Eat photo for my Instagram Photo a Day challenge. Jump in there & do it…you know you wanna. All the cool kids are doin it.


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