Fun Mom Friday

You want to totally make your kids day?

Let them do the annoying stuff you gotta do anyway. Even if it seems more time consuming and more of a nuisance for them to tag along and play a part.

I mean I get it moms.. I really do.. You could be in and out and done. Bam. Ten times easier. Ten times faster.

But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and be the fun mom.

I go to the PO almost every stinking day. I hate it. I have a buttload of mail to drop off, 3 PO boxes to check, and almost always a package or certified letter to pick up.

So the PO…

Not my fav.

The other day I was soo flippin busy during the day I didn’t make it until after work.

And I had three kids.


Since I don’t do the white trash negligent leave a car full of kids crawling all over the car because you’re too lazy to take yer kids in and would rather they get kidnapped I took them all in.


And instead of yelling a dozen no’s at them to avoid anticipated fights… I delegated.


I split that mail up & let them each put some in the slot.


They suddenly thought they were grown.


Next we made our way to muh 1st PO box.

Since I check three.. My personal & two for work…it’s easy to let each child have a turn putting the key in a box.
But if you just have one like most people.. Or if I just need to check one.. I let one kid turn the key & open box, one get mail out, and one carry mail to car.


This day I just checked one box. So I let daynie do the key.


I knew I would have a package delivered that day.. So I let Garridon get the key and open the next box where they put the packages that can’t fit in your PO box.


Yes his tongue is out. Anyone that knows my kid, knows he always has his tongue out when he is thinking or concentrating on doing something.




And our fav little sassy neighbor got to carry the package to the car.



It sounds so simple.. But for them..

Best. Day. Eva.


Sometimes we forget that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make their day.

To make a memory.

It’s the little things.

When I was getting in the car this van next to me rolled their window Down to talk to me..


A cute little old lady said.. I just told my husband (who was in the passenger seat) that I had to wait and tell you what sweet children you have.

When we were pulling out Daynie said…you should have told her one of the kids was Blair’s. Or did you want all the credit?

Lol. That child!

I just said.. I want all the credit!

So.. What did YOU do this week to be a fun mom?

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