God lessons through Instagram & twirl.


Friday before the girls went out to twirl at the high school pep rally I said a quick prayer asking God to let the girls have a no drop performance.

This pep rally was a huge deal because Sabine doesn’t currently have twirlers and we are trying to reintroduce them to the school and the community and show them we can have great twirlers to be proud of representing our school line. It was an even bigger deal for our girls whose peers (2nd through 5th grade) had come to watch the pep rally. It was very important to make a good impression.


Well, 3 very nervous, but very excited girls went out to do their thing…and had to stand for over a minute in their starting poses because the sound people couldn’t find the CD. The crowd was cheering the whole time and Daynie was standing right next to the football players who were hooting. The music started and Daynie couldn’t hear. Once she realized it had started she rushed to begin and dropped her first trick. She was the very first trick of the routine. All eyes on her. I felt so bad for her but she kept going and finished strong. The music kept fading in and out because something was messed up with the sound system but, the girls didn’t miss a beat and rocked their performance! That was Daynie’s only drop and there were only 3 total drops for the whole routine, which is pretty good for elementary kids. The crowd loved them & it was a huge proud mom moment for us three mommies!



These awesome girls did an amazing job at the high school pep rally today! Even with technical/sound system issues and trouble hearing the music they gave a great performance showing what great little twirlers they are! @blairmax6 @mer0808

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A few minutes later, as we were watching the rest of the pep rally, Daynie started crying and saying she didn’t want to go back to school because she was so embarrassed she dropped and was afraid the kids at school would make fun of her. I could barely speak to her to calm her because I didn’t want her to see me cry too. My heart ached for her. For a second, I thought about letting her skip school the rest of the day. But I knew she had an awesome performance and told her she had to go back to school.  


While watching the rest of the pep rally, a sweet high school boy in a jersey came over and told her she did good. She was embarrassed and still pouting from the drop, and wouldn’t speak.  After the pep rally, a man ( I think he was a coach) walked over with his wife and told Daynie great job. Daynie just looked at him and muttered a half thank you (because I threatened her life after she didn’t say anything to the football boy)  I apologized to the man and told him that she was upset and embarrassed because she dropped. He assured her that she did amazing and his guys drop the ball all the time.  

On the way out of the gym we passed all her friends from her class and they were calling her name and telling her great job.All the way out kids & parents she didn’t even know told her great job. We ran into her sweet friend Emma. She could tell Daynie was upset and gave her a pep talk. Daynie seemed to perk up. She actually wiped her face from crying & half smiled for a picture.




In the car, I gave her a good talking to about the way she acted. It’s okay to be upset that you messed up, but it’s not okay to be rude to other people because you are upset. I still expect her to use her manners and say thank you.


I also want her to realize that not every performance will be perfect, but it is how you finish and carry yourself afterwards that really matters. Because a lot of people, like Daynie, didn’t even realize the music had started, so they weren’t paying attention and missed her drop.  Even the ones that saw it, because the rest of the performance was so good, they forgot about the first drop by the time the girls were done.

After I dropped her back off at the elementary school, I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this post and it immediately brought me back to my earlier prayer for the girls to have a no drop performance…and then what do ya know….it’s my kid that drops the very first trick of the routine.




That post, my prayer, & Daynie’s attitude sort of resonated with me all day.


After school, Daynie was just happy as could be. I asked her how her day went. She said that a boy in her class actually did make fun of her and told her she had two drops. She argued and said, no I only had one drop. But, everyone else told her good job. Even some 5th graders that she didn’t know. She said I don’t even know how they knew my name, I’m popular now! (let’s not get carried away now lol)  She was so excited telling me about it.  


Could it be because her name is on the back of her jersey?!

Could it be because her name is on the back of her jersey?!

I had a feeling that’s how her day would go, and I’m glad I made her go back to school so she could experience that.


At church Sunday, a sweet middle schooler ran up to Daynie & said…”Hey was that you that was twirling? You are so good!”  Daynie smiled and said thank you. I’m thankful for that boy and his sweet words, it made Daynie’s day!

 “There are times that God doesn’t give us what we want. But in those cases He speaks to us in ways that are just as valuable as the things we prayed for.”

So looking back, I’m thankful for that drop. It has taught Daynie some very valuable life lessons. And she is for sure going to come out a better person & twirler for it. And this mom learned a few things too 😉  




PS…the girls performed the day before at the middle school pep rally and that night at the 8th grade football game. They did great!



Oh my goodness…these girls! @blairmax6

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They are performing at the 8th grade game tonight and the high school pep rally in the morning! #twirl View on Instagram




Shout out to @blairmax6 for choreographing this awesome routine & to the girls for learning it in a few weeks! #twirl


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The girls rocked it at their 1st ever pep rally performance today! #twirl View on Instagram






#future #sabine #twirler


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Eating Clean & all that blah blah blah…



Sooo….as I was scrolling through muh IG feed…I saw the little quote above & I was all..RIGHT ON! But then the poor graphics just made me sad..so I spruced it up a bit.


At first…back in my ignorant days…whenever I would see all the “clean eating” posts…there was some major eye rolling going on.


Mostly..because I equated clean eating with VEGETABLES….. BLAH! Basically, I thought eating clean would be eating like a rabbit!


But then…last year when Daynie had to do the Advocare 24 day challenge and I found out it’s just a bunch of “clean eating” plus some nasty shakes and about a bajillion vitamins..I had to edjumacate myself on just exactly what “clean eating” was.

And ya wanna know what I found out?

I already knew what clean eating was & didn’t even know it!


Daynie was pretty much already eating clean…but we were able to actually add in whole wheat items!


Here’s the run down for folks like me that never really got the 101 on clean eating:



To eat “clean” you are trying to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives from your diet.  Basically, you are choosing to eat whole, unrefined foods.
The basics of eating clean include – eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Blah..yeah…rabbit food.  These are straight from nature – the idea is to stay away from anything that may have been altered in any way.

Get back to eatin the foods that God made ya!

“Whole” meats that you have chosen straight from the butcher or prepared yourself. Not processed.


Whole grains – these are grains that are still complete and haven’t been broken down in any form.  Examples include: brown rice & whole wheat.  You will have to get used to reading over food labels.  Just because a product says its “whole grain” does not mean it is.  It also does not mean they have not added a bunch of other ingredients as well.


Eat fewer ingredients – try not to purchase items with more than 4-6 ingredients in the ingredient list.  Also, be sure you recognize every ingredient.  If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t put it in your body.

clean vs dirty

Basically you want to eat foods in their most BASIC & NATURAL form.

But look ya’ll…that doesn’t necessarily mean rabbit food! Daynie & I like a little salad..but we are majorly deficient in the fruits & veggies department.  We’ve learned to adapt the clean eating to fit us.



You don’t have to be all extreme with your clean eating either. Just do what you can. Make some swaps & try to cut out as much processed foods as you can.

The best thing about it??? ENERGY! You will feel like a rock star!



Here’s a few of our fav clean(er) go to’s! Like I said..we aren’t all extreme about the clean eating..we just strive for cleanER…& it works out just fine for us 🙂


photo (7)

Instant brown rice, green beans, & baked chicken (Oven @450 for 20 min with whatev seasonings you like..we love Italian dressing seasoning mix)

photo (4)


Turkey Burger on whole wheat bun.


photo_1 (1)


photo_2 (1)


Turkey Taco Soup.


photo_1 (2)


Breakfast burritos are a fav any meal for us! I’m NOT a fan of the turkey sausage…kids didn’t notice though!

photo_2 (2)


TIP: always ALWAYS use hot sauce generously.


photo_3 (1)



photo_1   photo_2

An easy & yummy go to: Grilled Chicken from the frozen food section and corn tortillas…and of course…HOT SAUCE!  My salsa is homemade locally….it’s also the ONLY kind I eat!

photo (6)

Our very fav snack/dessert…rice cake w/ Natural PB.


These are also super yummy & totally addictive. Not exactly clean..but the ingredients are kept to a minimum.

Also..we learned to adapt when eating out too!

photo (2)

Mexican food we get chicken fajitas w/ corn tortillas and only use salsa…plus we swap the refried beans for the charro beans.



photo (3)

Sausage, egg, cheese, on corn tortillas for breakfast.


Here’s some of Daynie’s lunches for school:

photo (5)

That is spark in the water bottle btw.



photo (1)

As you can see..my kid still eats A LOT of food & she is still losing weight!

photo (8)


Clean eating & moving her body did that ya’ll! In just 5 months!

Eat Clean







Brew Mama

Life ’round here…

I’ve had a hellof a weekend…but we rocked it 🙂

After being sick last week I was happy to feel back to awesome by Friday. Danny & I hit up the ONLY place to go if you don’t go Mexican…Olive Garden…while the kids were at gym.

It was sooo nice to have an hour to just sit & enjoy a quiet dinner with my guy.

Then after the kids practice my friend & I packed the car for a late night trip to Wally World for competition makeup!

photo (2)

Saturday morning started our crazy busy weekend!

A.M. both my kids had to perform in a little competition at the gym for Team while I worked the door. They were so excited! They did great too!

It was Daynie & her partner’s first time performing..they had some minor hiccups…they tried to put their rolls into the wrong place and caught theirself..and they were going too fast & didn’t hold some skills….but overall did great!

Garridon & his partner are just too cute. She is full of sass! They were a bit nervous since this was their first time performing too!





After that G went with his BFF…PJ, for the afternoon…

….while Daynie, A, & I headed to Dallas for Daynie’s first twirl comp of the season.

photo (3)




Thanks to a sweet friend that gave us some eye shadow that matched PERFECT!



Dontcha just LOVE her team twirl outfit??


These girls ROCK them too!

In her team twirl she is front row 2nd from right


She got 2nd for her solo & team got 1st 🙂


I am SO SO SO proud of my girl! She amazes me everyday! I was laying in bed last night thinking about how she set her goals & worked hard and I had to look for some comparison pics…


5 MONTHS ya’ll!!!

And what have I been doing all that time???

Staying the same.

Seeing that photo & my child’s progress has inspired me to get back into making stuff happen for my weight loss.

I start today 🙂

Saturday night we made it home from Dallas at midnight…then I got up Sunday morning & headed to work.

After working all day I went home to eat a burger cooked by Danny & relax on the couch.

Home Sweet Home.

My most very favorite place!

So there’s my crazy busy weekend…it pretty much sums up my life! But I love & cherish every minute!

I am SO SO SO blessed!

And Monday….well ya know…Monday speaks for itself…



brown hair banner

Weight. What?! Wednesday. & what we’ve been up to…

Weight what wednesday


So…here it is…




Yeah I know..don’t even say it.

I almost just posted that I was too busy to do the weigh in today b/c I know that the scale is going the wrong way…but I decided to just be honest with ya’ll instead.


Life is busy right now & that number is just not at the top of the list. My head totally isn’t in the game. The struggle is real. I know that there are a lot of people out there JUST. LIKE. ME.

You may have seen me here on the IG:

Don’t let me fool you. This is me.

If you look close at the gym pic you can see Daynie running the track. I sat the side line. And the next time I sat in the car & slept. I know..I know…LOSER. My excuse: I’ve been up late everynight doing party stuff.


Oh shut up motivational quote. This is real life here.

Oh yeah…& I’m also a #jmdvdchallenge DROUPOUT.

It was a good 10 day run. But when I got too busy & started missing workouts…I felt like I missed to many to get back in to it.

It is what it is…hopefully after Daynie muffin’s Big B-Day this weekend I can get my shit together and get back to losing some fluff.



Hopefully I will lose all my excuses next week. But I’m ganna be up front with ya’ll RIGHT NOW….Saturday night…it is PARTAYYYYY TIME! And you betta believe Imma stuff my face with ALL THE PIZZA & ALL THE CAKE!

Speaking of that birthday bash…I literally decided to have a party for her birthday 8 days ago at 11pm laying in bed browsing Pinterest. So…that gave me a week and a half to plan & execute a lavish affair! Usually I start planning parties months in advance!

So basically…that’s where I’ve been. Planning. Shopping. Cutting. Glittering.


I’m stoked about how this party is coming together! I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll on the blog next week! Stay tuned to IG for some sneek peaks!

Last night me & the kids hit up this in support of an awesome family that we love:

The Sweets are one of my favorite families. Like for real. You will not find a better dad than Nick. And Leanne is one of the hardest working, coolest chicks I know. Leanne was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She had surgery to remove it and had some complications as a result…plus once they got it out they found out it was Gloiblastoma. She’s 33. For more info & to donate…CLICK HERE. Please remember this sweet family in your prayers.

The kiddos had a blast!


G was especially happy to see his #1 since they were 18 months:

Two cool guys & double the trouble!

And as always..we are at the gym ALL. THE. TIME.

We are there 3 nights a week but they recently added Saturday & Sunday. Add to that Daynie having twirling 3 times a week too. We are NEVER home!



There is NO internet/cell service at the gym..the building blocks it all…you have to walk outside to send a text…so I can’t get much blogging or anything done there. This week I’ve been getting party stuff done while they are at gym.



I’m working on a post about Daynie’s journey to make the gymnastics team. I am SO SO SO PROUD of that sweet girl!

When we aren’t at work/school, gym, or twirling…Daynie tries to catch a minute to do some practicing!

So…I’d love to here about your week! Link up a post or comment!



Five on Friday



Get yo rear over to my fav girl in BlogLand’s blog…Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally. 

She is giving away a $75 Target e-gift card! It’s an easy peasy Rafflecopter giveaway. Just hit like or follow & BAM you’re entered!  It ends Sunday morning at 10am…so DO IT NOW!




Have I told ya’ll how much I LOVE fall??  I had to pick up this cutesy deco for my office…it’s the little things ya know.









Speaking of my holiday obsessions…here’s more…


Butterfinger Jingles.



Reese’s Bells.

Why do they have to be sooooo flippin good?

I prob shouldn’t have included them in my office deco…they call my name ALL DAMN DAY. And by call my name..it’s not…Nina eat me.

IT’S….NINA DON’T EAT ME! You’ve already ate all my friends! (as I devour it)


and you prob would be interested to know what my child is doing with them right now…





She might be a little bored 😉

It’s keeping her busy & keeping me from eating them all…so win/win.

Tuesday night she was stung by we are guessing a yellow jacket. She said it was “really long & really yellow”  Well..Wednesday the redness & swelling overtook half her thigh & by yesterday it covered her whole thigh. It’s also hot & hard.

So to the doc she went today.

Ugh! I feel like I live at the dr’s office. Any dr. mine, theirs, the dentist, eye dr, ortho… Doesn’t matter I’m always at one of them.

On the bright side..she did allow me to MAKE her sport this cute holiday attire PLUS a bow today! Oh happy day!

035 051 052


I LOVE LOVE LOVE big layered bows! Daynie has over 100 made to match bows & she won’t hardly wear them anymore 🙁  I’m contemplating having another baby just to get more bow use.




One good thing about doctor days though:



Tacos from my fav place evaaaa.

I had to miss G man’s field trip today b/c of Daynie’s dr appt… booooo. But I’m thankful for good friends that are picture whores like me!



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yes, yes he is.

Yes. Yes he is. #andmakingme$$$

I know this might all seem a little cray..but hey…sometimes we all need a little cray in our life! An eye for an eye. Bible style.


Anyhoo..it’s good for you..b/c I post some GOOD DEALS & FREE STUFF!

FrugaLattes Header 1200x300

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Red Ribbon Week dress up days!

“Team up against drugs”250 252 256 258

Both of my kids won the dress up contest for their class this day & made the website!


G looks kinda funny lol.



“Hunting for drug free kids!”

284 292 293 295 296 297 298 299 300

Daynie does NOT like words on her butt. And we usually don't allow it either..but this was the only pair of camo pants I could find for her at Walmart!

Daynie does NOT like words on her butt. And we usually don’t allow it either..but this was the only pair of camo pants I could find for her at Walmart!

“Be smart and say NO to drugs!”

ISn’t he the most adorable little guy on all of Earth????

321 322

Obvi he made his own sign. Obvi I let him wear it. Obvi (I hope) the school made him remove it.


These two!!!

324 325 326 327

Ok..I know it looks like they are creepy little kids here…but they were ‘spanking’ each other.

328 329 330 331 332 333 334 336

Some of our fav friends on Nerd Day… (nerd day is HUGE at our school btw)

350 351 352

G refused to participate on pajama day. Who knows why with that guy.




“Don’t let drugs steal your dreams”

363 364 368 369 370 372 374

“Cardinals are against drugs”


He was just a little ray of sunshine this morning if you can’t tell!

386 387 388 395

A coupla things…or 5



Numero UNO

I think it’s totes bullshit that the new 5s has slow mo & my 5 phone don’t.

Damn you Apple.

My sista has posted two videos of my awesome niece doin her thang…and I’ve been trying to figure out how she did it! I just knew it had something to do with the ios7 update.

Isn’t my niece crazy awesome??

I super puffy heart love that girl!

So anyhoo..I was soooo desperate to blow away my Instagram followers with some bad ass slow mo action…that I finally broke down and downloaded the new update. YES I’m pretty sure I was the last person on Earth to do it!

And guess what?


So I resorted to just texting my sis and asking how the hell she did it. UGH!

And guess what else?

Oh yeah I already told ya…you gotta have the new 5S!!

Stupid apple.

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Numba TWO:

Is it just me or is Katie off Teen Mom 3 really the bitch that starts all the fights? Poor Joey.


In last week’s episode…it was her b-day “weekend” and he got into the car and she asked him how much gas he put in it. He said…$20 and I used $10 to wash your car.

She effin flipped.

Over water people.

Poor guy was like..I was trying to do something nice.

She just lays into him until he has enough and starts yelling back and cussing.

I would too Joey. I would too.

Then..when they get out of the car…she calls her mom to tell on Joey for yelling at her the whole ride and ruining her day.

Am I the only one SICK of her bashing him to everyone? She always leaves out HER part in the fight where she STARTS them from being a bitch and pushes and pushes him until he loses it.

The week before…he comes home from working all night at the coal mine and has to make himself a sandwich while Katie chills on the couch & bitches.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

I totally just jacked those pics & captions from trashtalktv.com.

So her bitch fest is because..she doesn’t want him to go fishing because….she just wants him to sleep.


Is he 5?

He of course loses it and tells her she always says it’s ok when he plans something then the day of she never wants him to go. She just keeps saying…all I want you to do is sleep, is that too much to ask?

Bitch YES.

Look. I want to like Katie. I really do.

She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s a good mom.

But damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

She just comes off as a spoiled brat.

I just want you to sleep is that too much to ask?


just ugh.

I would want to smoke pot too.

(and I am full blown super a whole lot anti drug fo sho)

And then on the after show..the other girls are always…poor Katie..I can’t believe Joey talks to you that way…I wouldn’t put up with that.  Umm..yes you would, you do and you have. At the moment ya’ll need to be jealous that she has the only baby daddy that has a J-O-B and actually cares about his kid. He’s a good daddy.


Even Katie herself says in the after show that watching the episodes she can’t believe she let’s him treat her that way. Uhh…Katie…did you fast forward through every part where YOUR MOUTH WAS OPEN??

I can’t decide who is the new Amber..

Katie?? For obvious reasons…

080211_teen_mom110803075624 amber-portwood-121510-main-376x385 Katie105SneakPeek KatieSmile3 Teen-Mom-3-100713-34

They both are always laying on a couch or bed in every episode.

Oh yeah…and the starting retarded fights every single time they talk to their boyfriends.

Or the prob most obvious new Amber??


Just because she goes bat shit crazy over EVERYTHING.

But really…she’s wayyy more like Janelle.

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it's like looking in a mirror??!!!??

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it’s like looking in a mirror??!!!??

Drugged out loser boyfriend like Janelle?? CHECK.

Alex is just like Amber & Janelle…a ticking time bomb.

The only difference is she WORKS! A skill the other two still haven’t mastered.

AND she takes care of her kid…where the other two don’t give a shit about their kids…only PRETEND to for the cameras.

OY Numba 2 got me goin!


I have an unhealthy obsession with my bed.

That’s because….all the best things happen there.





#5-It’s the only place my kid isn’t afraid to do a back flip


Why do I suck as a mom? I can never remember to add a damn note to their lunch!


One time I even scoured Pinterest and printed 5 bazillion pre-made cutesy notes and put them in the drawer with the little plastic sadwich baggys so I would remember.

One time Daynie even ASKED me if I could put her a note in her lunch.

One time I even remembered as I was making the lunch…decided to walk over to the paper & markers…got sidetracked…and didn’t remember until 2 days later that I remembered then forgot!

WTH me?

You know how many times I have put a note in the kids lunches?


Mom of the year award goes right here baby.



I don’t have anything else..so here are some pics of my kids.

You’re obvs welcome.

photo (18)

This morning before school. Daynie wearing all pink for breast cancer awareness. “Cardinals for the Cure”  G refused. Danny wouldn’t let me send snacks for the occasion….

photo (19)

The kids yesterday on picture day 🙂  G is such a butt. He can’t give me just ONE normal pic.

1st Day of School Outfits!

Daynie in Kindergarten 2010:

I made the shirt, leggings, & bows. download (28)download (1)

D is for Daynie. download (2) download (3) download


Daynie in 1st Grade 2011.

I made the shirt & had the bow made.

064 066


Daynie 2nd Grade 2012.

So obvs my child had grown out of the cutesy custom stuff and straight into Justice. Boo.


Garridon 1st Day of Kindergarten 2012:380 382


Daynie 1st Day of 3rd Grade 2013:



Garridon 1st Day of 1st Grade 2013:




Daughter Diary

I found this rockin little furry journal & muh brain went: ding ding.20130802-084232.jpg


I decided to make it into a mother/daughter journal for me & Daynie muffin.

I printed these sayings to glue in the front for her for a little pick me up when she opens the journal.



You can get them HERE and HERE.



I started off by writing to Daynie. I wrote to her on a topic (they way she shows responsibiliy) and then I asked her a question to give her something to write back about.


Not sure why she wrote back all crazy all over the page. LoL..but I like her response.  She said “getting to go to the track with your” and then asked me what I like to do with her.


This is what I glued into the back of the book. OF COURSE.


Garridon may have been a little jealous because he promptly got this spiral notebook out he got for Christmas and declared it our journal to write back & forth.



Isn’t he just the most precious man muffin in the whole wide world?



If you want to know this one says…Nina 8 Central is pretty. It cracks me up how he sounds out words sometimes. It might crack you up that the kid wrote Nina 8 central. He got it off tv or radio or something..it’s programming time as in… 9/8 central. LOL



The bottom says…and misses Kidd Kraddick. He’s been talking about Kidd a lot lately since he passed. We listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning every morning.

Daynie really got the hang of this quickly.



One thing about Daynie is that she has SUPER excellent beautiful & perfect handwriting. Like seriously people don’t believe it’s a kid writing. But for some reason she’s LAZY. And her writing crazy in this book just about took it’s toll on me & I had to address it! HA!



Basically…when I finish writing in the book I put it on her bed & when she finishes she puts it on mine.

It really opens up the door for discussions. She gets to ask me anything and me her. Everyone knows it’s easier to write what you want to say then to say it in person.

It also helps me to get inside her little head & peek into her world. I love to know what’s on her mind & how she views things.

I hope we can continue this through her teenage years!


I’ve included a quick list of ideas to get things rollin…

Mother daughter topics

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