As of lately…

So I’m just a tad bit behind on the blogging lately…

And most definitely behind on the weight loss updates. Mostly because its pretty much non existent at the moment. Weight loss that is.

I’ve been hangin out between 227 & 230 for way too long now.

I’ve gotta do something to jump start not only my weight loss.. But my mindset.

It’s just.. When Reese’s comes out with these…


What’s a girl to do?


Around here there’s been a lot of Tball



And softball




And twirling



And hangin with Willie at Walmart


And watchin muh shows






And lots of lots of freakin laundry




And hangin with friends



It’s a busy time of year! I feel like I’m always running everywhere.

Here’s Miss Priss before church. She pretty much dresses herself nowadays.


Lately I’ve been heartin on my new heels..




This weekend.. While G & his best friend were talkin God talk..

Every time they got a chance


I was cleaning out my half of the closet



It only took about five hours for me to try on every piece of clothing and cull out 25 shirts and 21 pairs of pants that were too big. If you are friends with my resale Bookface.. You can check out my plus size clothes for sale.

I also finally tackled the shoe shelf



Oh yeah.. & I had some flippin yummy beanie weenies.


So yeah, I know exactly why my weight loss is at a stall… Eatin crap & not moving my bod.


I’m throwing a few diets around trying to decide on which one can help me get back in the groove.

I’m also going to come up with some kinda fitness plan.


So yeah… Maybe a plan… A bonafide written document will hold me more accountable than my ramblings in the blogosphere.

Oh yeah and the other day I totally almost went to jail.


After taking my damn number and waiting my flippin turn…The ghetto lazy bitch that would do anything to not do her job almost got her gold tooth knocked outta her mouth. She’s lucky rent a cop had his eye on me bc he heard me gettin crunk with o girl.

Please bitch! My job where I actually work for a living pays your undeserved salary so you can get those fake nails & ratty weave. You’re welcome.


Valuing time??? Uhh.. Not so much.

DIYoself Jewelry Board

I’ve been wanting to tackle this project for awhile!

I have a large jewelry box but it just doesn’t do the job!


It only holds about 8 necklaces & when you put them in the drawers they are a tangled mess. It was seriously getting out of control.

I had some extra bulletin boards at the howse so I decided to make a jewelry board… Obviously As Seen on Pinterest. Don’t have the exact there is only five bajillion to choose from!

I started out going to spray paint my boards..


It was really windy and I tried to use a texture spray paint. Ugh! That was an effin mess of piss me off! I ended up just trying to wipe it off and taking them inside and painting them with some acrylic paint I already had. Mind you this was my SECOND attempt at spray painting the boards! Saturday I came home with a can from Wally World & the nozel wouldn’t it wouldn’t spray…ugh! After I threw a little baby fit..I succumbed to the reality that I couldn’t finish my long awaited project that evening 🙁   Sunday after church I went back to Wally World & exchanged the can of spray paint. They didn’t have any left of the kind of got the day before…so I had to settle for a less sparkly not as perfect kind :/

aaaaand we see how that turned out! UGH! The can ran out after only doing 1/3 of the board AND the texture did not spray out evenly & it looked like a clumped up mess. No pic of the craziness..I was way too ticked!


The day before I went to Hobby Lobby looking for cute scrapbook paper to use for the board… But the more I looked at it and thought about it.. I decided on painting it a solid color. I knew once I got all my necklaces on there it would just look a crazy mess if I used a design.

I found these big headed tacks at Mardel and decided to paint them.


It took just two coats to cover the plastic.



(the tacks after the 1st coat)

Ready to go!


I made two boards and hung them both in my bathroom on two walls that have been empty since we moved in.





The best thing about using tacks is you can easily move them around the board where you need them.



I had some sparkly brown tulle & just hot glued it on the edge. I already had the cross hanging in the bathroom….I just got a tack & hung the cross on the edge of the board.




Muh Bill Book

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This is my kick @$$ Bill Book


And I heart it so much!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things organized. Office & school supplies make me giddy.

This is what I was working with..


It was more of a Momager.. It had everything from kids school things to meal planning.

It was great but I really needed a whole new system for our bills.

I came across this system in muh search

I ordered me some fancy smancy dividers and stuff from Office Depot online and got busy.


I made two sets of dividers… one for our fixed monthly bills and the other for credit accounts. (More on them lata)

In the front pocket I keep post it’s
for reminders & stuff.


I used these dividers to make my sections…


I printed my design on card stock and put it in the clear page protector divider. They came with clear labels for the tabs so I printed the section name on them.


In the first section Bills to Pay I put a pocket divider to hold my bills as they come in until I pay them..


The next section is Calendar and Bill Schedule


First in this section I have two lists that i can check off each month after I pay them. The first list is of my fixed monthly bills and the second page is a list of my credit accounts. I got the PDF for these lists here.


Next I have monthly calendars for the year. I like to see what is do and when..calendar style. It helps me to see it visually. Like say a bill’s due date is on the weekend. I write that bill down on the calendar to be paid on Friday. I also like to highlight a bill after I’ve paid it. I know this can be duplicative of the lists.. But it works for me. I generally find free calendars on a variety of blogs.. But this particular set came from here.



In the next two sections is where I used the dividers. Fixed Monthly Bills and Credit Accounts.


Basically, there is a tab for each bill. Once I pay the bill, I file it behind the tab.

This has corrected a lot of problems for me.. I used to take all the bills after I paid them for the month and file them in a file cabinet. This obviously lasted a hot minute because I’m so lazy busy. So they pretty much ended up thrown in a big plastic tote.. Which made it hard to find anything when I needed to refer back to it.


Now..I they are always filed as I pay them and easily accessible.

The best the end of the year.. I will just stick the whole notebook on the shelf and start over.

No need to file the stuff at the end of the year..and no digging through files or boxes when I need something.

The last section All Other is just for various misc. I also added a pocket divider in this section to hold misc…like carbon copies of checks for little stuff I pay & ect.


In the back of the binder I have this.. To ya know.. Remind me..


So that’s that.

Isn’t it beautiful?

For the PDF Bill Schedule List & the PDF 2018 Calendar…click the link to the blogs that made them.

For the covers to my sections…click the pic below to download and print them.

You’re welcome.

Bills to Pay Calendar & Bill Schedule Cover Credit Accounts Fixed Monthly Bills All OtherMedical Bills

BlankMuh Bill Book Cover

Bill Paying System


March 26, 2013

I had to move it to a bigger binder.. But I’m lovin it! This is a 3″ D ring I got off

I think this will last me the rest of the year!




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Ugh! And she’s not even a teenager yet!

I have spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening and this evening…cleaning my little hoarder’s room.

My child, has some serious issues. I threw away no less than 8 shoe boxes that she proclaimed to be “collecting”. Each and every one was filled with..umm how should I say this… CRAP!

Random little pieces of nothing and everything.

Every drawer, nook, and cranny was stuffed with something that didn’t belong there.


All of the cubes above were stuffed with crap.

The bad thing is I freak out and go through her room about once a month and dump every one of these out and clean it alll. It doesn’t take her but a few days to reload. Where does she get the crap to hoard??

The kids rooms are rather small and since we are trying to sell our house.. I am trying to simplify to make them appear bigger.

I boxed up over 100 bows, all her trophies, stuffed animals, and just random clutter.

This TV stand was taking up a lot of room so it had to go..


And that’s when I saw this…


That child is damn lucky she wasn’t home when I found it too.

We have a strict rule of no food or drink in rooms. Daynie is always getting busted too. And i never ever get through to that thick headed child.

Yes that’s a peanut butter cup!

Nasty. I’m shocked she doesn’t have monster sized rodents.


A spoon? Really Daynie?


This is all out of her room. The stuff to the left for garage sale & to the right is going into storage.

Clear the Clutter: Pot Lids

You know that big humungo soup pot that takes up half of your cabinet?

You know the 5 cajillion pot lids that you have to sift through to get to that one pan?


Take a deep breathe.

This is life changing.

Put. The. Lids. In. The. Pot.


Perfect solution to store all those lids in small spaces.


You’re welcome.

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