Being a Teen Mom addict..

Sooo…how many of you caught the Teen Mom “Being” specials?!?


I’m only going to tackle the Being Farrah & Being Amber in this post…because…well…obvi those are the two train wrecks everyone gets in a hissy over.

Maci’s was all the way last year & pretty boring. I will say Ryan was less of douche in that episode and Dalis pretty much showed her needy little lame ass.

Being Catelyn was pretty much what everyone expected….they are  the sweetest little couple wise way beyond their years.

Now Farrah…

If you didn’t already know…

Farrah is an attention seeking dumbass.

Here’s my reference to back that up:

Farrah…just close your mouth honey. STOP TALKING.

BTW- I LOVE how they all respond. Especially Scott!

Ya’ll know how I love me some Kardashians!


Especially LD.



Back to this airhead:



This whole show….


just ugh.


we we all know that this pretty much sums up Farrah…




Well not much has changed with that except now we can add:



Question NUMBER ONE: How many times can you plug your porn?

It’s bad enough Farrah DID the porn…but this whole show she basically plugged it with her “everyone makes mistakes” and “I’m not a porn star” references.

She referred to her porn no less that 328 times in this episode.

But I’m not a porn star.



Right Farrah.

Another obvious WTF moment:

Did she really just say that? They do NOT look amazing Farrah…they look like someone busted you in your mouth


Farrah honey stop. You are addicted.

One thing that really aggrivates me about Farrah…she always always brings up the dead boyfriend. AND THAT’S FINE. Obviously that is Sophia’s father & she wants to keep his memory alive. BUT…to blame it on the kid & say she asks about him & misses him? That’s just stupid & annoying.

So…a 4 year old constantly talks about missing a daddy she’s never met? Hmm.

Ya’ll…I totally cringed through this whole episode. She’s just so…UGH!

BUT…this was definetly the most cringe worthy yet hilarious moment of the whole show:

Also…I just want to yank that paci right out of that kid’s mouth. She’s almost FIVE people!

Here’s the full episode in case you want to gag a lot.


As if her Being Farrah show wasn’t a big enough train wreck…here’s a little bonus WTF:

Soo…moving on to Amber.


I dreaded watching this show because Amber gets under my skin like Janelle.

But I was pleasantly surprised by Amber’s show!



She was actually less The Spawn of Satan & more relate-able kinda sorta

Prison really worked wonders on this girl.

She is so different! Reminds me of Josh (from Teen Mom 3) when he got off the pills and could actually form a sentence.


Gary is still a fat ugly ogre though.

Leah has turned into a beautiful little girl. You know I was worried for a minute there from her baby pictchas!

Lookin a little too much like her daddy *shudder*

Lookin a little too much like her daddy *shudder*

Leah was VERY excited to be with her mom. It’s amazing & beautiful after all that kid has been through with her mother that she still has that unwavering love for her mom.

The most heart wrenching moment came when Leah & Amber were laying in bed. Leah asked Amber…‘Are you going to be here when I wake up?’

I felt my heart shatter into a million tiny pieces.

And I know it broke Amber’s heart too.

The next day she was telling her Grandma about it & here is where my view of Amber REALLY changed.

In case you didn’t catch all that:

As she is telling her g-ma about what Leah said in bed…Leah is unable to hold back tears, and she runs to her bedroom and closes the door.

“I feel so f— bad. I left her for so long and I just don’t f—ing want her to feel that way I know why she’s acting the way she is. She’s afraid I’m going to f—ing leave her again.

“I just hate everything I did. It was all the drugs and s—t. It was all I did. All I did was get f—ed up.”

All I could think to myself is…WOW! Amber FINALLY gets it!

That breakdown she had really showed her change from the selfish drug addict to a caring mother. This change that is so evident in this episode is so so amazing!


Now I’m not saying Amber is fixed. I’m just saying that she recognizes who she was and the damage she has done and that’s how she can move forward and change.

Another heartbreaking moment was when Gary picked Leah up to take her home…Leah asked Amber, “Mommy I’ll be back tomorrow will you be at jail?”

I’m so happy that Amber used her time in prison for the better and I’m happy for this second chance her daughter has to have a mother.

And on a serious note…we should all pray for these two that it lasts and continues to progress.

On a not so serious note….her hair:


From her jail special I was horrified by her hair. It looked greasy-slash-hard-slash-wtf .

Well.. Hair explained!

Jolly Ranchers…who knew?



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3 thoughts on “Being a Teen Mom addict..

  1. Bwahahahaha, you nailed this.

    I had the exact same thoughts and feelings while watching these “specials”. Special they were indeed!

    Farrah just needs to stop.

    Amber, I wish her the best but, she’s gonna get back with Gary and back on the pills. 🙁

    • I AGREE! She needs to stay far far away from Gary! I think if I had to deal with that guy on the daily I’d put myself in jail too!

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