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I for real thought I was the only girl on the face of the this planet not all wrapped up in The Bachelor…I’ve seriously never seen an episode..only a bazillion and three clips on those shows that make fun of it…thank heavens Tammy Jo knows what’s up too so I’m not alone! I love everything about her guest post today because I can so relate!

Be sure to check out her blog and get click happy because you will love it! I mean hello look at that awesome blog name!

Hey guys!! I am Tammy Jo from over at You Wouldn’t Call It A Drinking Problem, I just love Nina and her blog and totally wanted to steal the spot light from her for a day 🙂

So I know that most of you are into the Bachelor, sadly I am not. Mainly because err time I watch it they never pick the ones that I know think they should pick which really just pisses me off. So this new guy I’ve watched it like 1 time for abouuuuut 10 mins and was over him and his accent buuuuut any who that is not the focus of today’s lesson.

Here are the top 5 reasons I could NOT be on the show:

5. I have a mouth like a sailor like FOR REAL!!! It’s bad every other word out of my mouth would be beep, beep, beep by the end of the first 5 mins of the show they would seriously just mute me.

4. I am  a hot mess when alcohol is involved (even when it isn’t) and is it just me or are they drinking like ALL THE TIME. Home girl would be a total hungover hot mess all day err day on that damn show.

3. I don’t like girls. I mean I have VERY few friends that are girls and I seriously could NOT live in a house with that many females under one roof. And imagine if it was that time of the month OMG just the thought makes me want to punch someone!!

2. Err body in my business. I do NOT have time for that, I have a mom and she’s a great one. I don’t need America being all nosy (says the girl that writes a blog).

1. I HATE to share!!! I don’t even like to share my gum I am NOT about to share a man with 20 other broads ummm no thanks!!

So there you have it guys the top 5 reasons I couldn’t be on the Bachelor!! Now if I could just go to all the cool places they get to go to like a chaperon I’d be all about that life!!

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