Because I’m Awesome! Duh.

describe your decorating style
I really dunno. I just like modern and not like little house on the prairie slash white trash. you could prob walk into Kirklands & get an idea.
limitless funds to spend?
Hobby Lobby & Kirklands..duh
a comedy that never gets old?
my husband.
alive or dead, who’d you like to share a coffee with?
coffee is gross.
majority of your pins on pinterest?
recipes & jokes. neither of which i am good at.
song on repeat?
anything taylor swift.
things you’re currently loving.
the end.
best musical?
that’s the only one anywayz right
what do you miss?
sleeping in.
what did you want to be when you grew up?
who was your first love?
dan tha man & my babies.
first true loves that is.
real. deep in muh soul love.
favorite meal?
name something in your netflix queue.
something lame i’m sure. i never have time to fill that que much less watch the daggum movies.
ever won a contest?
um. no.
lame kid/school stuff.
nothing kick ass cool.
favorite rom-com/chick flick?
last handwritten letter you wrote?
right after high school??
like mailed it in tha mail to my high school friend.
best feeling ever?
my husband. my kids.
us together.
biggest fear.
losing my kids.
favorite scripture?
the one that says i’m awesome like the big G.
pretty sure that’s in there.
last song that made you cry?
umm..idk. it happens pretty often.
celebrity crush?
last frivolous purchase?
um. some lame-o diet gimmick i’m sure.
favorite disney princess?
i like rapunzel b/c her hair rocks.
favorite disney prince?
none. they are all lame douche bags.
what do you want to be for halloween this year?
me bc i’m awesome.
favorite kardashian.
Lord Disick
you have a free weekend, where do you spend it?
at tha howse. not sure the last time that happend.
looking forward to?
2012 to be OVA. it sucked big donkey D.
magazine subscriptions?
Danny gets some deer bs. my kids get national geo i get nada but i wish i got us weekly.
on your to-do list?
lose weight duh. isn’t that always at the top?
first thought when you wake up.
don’t touch me…unless it’s to rub my back. ha!
random phobia?
high places..i’m afraid my kids will fall.
what makes you belly laugh?
my husband.
my kids who got his weird, quick humor.
how do you like your pasta?
at olive garden. it’s the ONLY way.
pull something random out of your memory bank.
oo tampon. yum.
favorite book as a child?
boxcar children.
any last thoughts?
sorry it’s long overdue busy bee + the beard
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