American Girl Pen Pal

So.. My child has never really been the baby doll type. Even when she was itty bitty and would get one.. She would be excited and play with it a bit then she would be over it. She never really played mommy with them or carried them everywhere.

So imagine my surprise when at 7 years old Miss Priss suddenly developed an interest and asked for an American Doll for Christmas. I was like..


Fo reals..

How did that kid even know what in the heck an American Girl doll was?

Flippin school I’m sure.

So instead of just wrapping one up and sticking it under the tree…I decided to make an experience of it.

Cuz dang it… A hundred and twenty dolla freakin doll betta have a kick a$$ experience along with it!

So I planned a fun girls trip for Daynie’s 8th BDay the 1st weekend in Feb to go to the AG store & pick out the coveted doll. An experience is what she got & it was an awesome weekend! So many memories were made that I knew she would always feel when she saw that doll.

I’m giving away one of these cute personalized American Girl shirts HERE.


I was pretty shocked though that a few days after her birthday getaway she was still all about that doll!


I was super happy that the large chunk of change I shelled out was paying off!

One day I signed into my resale Facebook one day and saw a post of someone wanting an American Girl Pen Pal for her daughter.

Cutest idea ever!

I didn’t tell Daynie… Just let the letter show up in the mailbox for a fun surprise!


It’s so fun for these girls to hear stories of other girls and their dolls.

Daynie loved to hear the names of her pen pal’s dolls & what they like to do together. She was especially excited that her pen pal sent little school supplies for Daynie to play school with her doll. So fun!

Daynie was excited to promptly write back.


Such a great way for these girls to build and improve so many different skills!

Daynie sent back pictures of her and her doll (Ginger), a letter telling what they like to do together, and some crafts for her pen pal to do and play with her dolls!

I was happy to see when her pen pal received it and they did all the crafts!


Daynie can’t wait to get another letter in the mail!

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