American Girl Party & a GIVEAWAY!!





Last Saturday (Feb 2) was Daynie Muffin’s 8th Birthday! EIGHT people!! Where does the time go??

I decided to surprise her with a trip to the American Girl store to pick out her very own doll!

I rounded up some fun friends & made it a girls trip!



I wish muh girl over at busy bee + the beard could have made the trip too!


That’s okay…we have some road trips on the horizon with Hippie Santa & the Gnomester.


We strategically packed up my white chariot..& hit the road!


After a long exhausting day of travel an hour and a half we decided it was time to get our Mexican on & stuff our face holes with MexHikano goodness.

Gotta love that  nobody cared about muh mamarazzi moment...but the waiter.

Gotta love that nobody cared about muh mamarazzi moment…but the waiter.


When we finally made it to the AG store…to say these girls were excited is an understatement! They were not amused they had to stop for a photo op!





WELCOME to the American Girl store..home of the overpriced & overrated! Every little girls dream…every mom’s nightmare!




When we first got inside we made the whole crew take a bathroom break…where we saw these on the stalls…

Where were these when my kids were beh behs??

Where were these when my kids were beh behs??

Yes…that would be to hold their dolls while they tinkle. O.M.G.


Off to find “the perfect doll that looks like her”

$120 later…mission accomplished!



Next..we headed up to the salon to get her dolls ears pierced..a gift from one of her friends!



It was a little disappointing that they didn’t do it in front of her & make a big the hair salon. The girl just grabbed the doll & went through a door to the back & reappeared not 30 seconds later & handed the doll back. None the less Daynie was ecstatic!




The store is HUGE! Way bigger than I was expecting!



We also met up with muh sista & her girls for a hot minute while we were there!



After this pic…we were all ready to go…Daynie just HAD to go to the bathroom! She could NOT hold it a second longer! And when we got in there…I figured out why…

This is serious ya'll!

This is serious ya’ll!

Fun times at AG..the girls didn’t want to leave!


And then this happend:



Avery is actually an awesome little gymnast! They have a whole collection of her hand stand pics. I thought this was a totally adorable addition!

Then of course…monkey see monkey do! All the other girls joined in on the tricks!



Kendal & Kinsley (her doll)


Daynie & Ginger started out with the splits…but then Daynie realized it’s been a little too long since she’s done them & couldn’t make it all the way down. LOL So she moved on to the back bend.




Issa & Avery is in the background.

And YES YA’LL…this is all taking place right in front of the AG store. WE BE COOL MOM’s LIKE THAT!

A unanimous vote by everyone the girls was made to skip the mall & head to the hotel for some SWIMMING!



The magic buttons of awesome:



I think the girls loved the pool almost as much as the AG store! They had it all to themselves & had a blast!








While the girls were swimming…me & another mom went upstairs to put together a little surprise & wait on the pizza guy!



There was a mixup with the room at the hotel…we were supposed to have a two bedroom suite that had a kitchen & table..ect…but SOMEHOW our room was given to someone else even though I reserved & paid a month before! Ugh! ANYWAYS…the hotel gave us adjoining rooms. But because there was no table we had to improvise! I think it worked out ok!


I got the American Girl party accessories here. The cupcakes were from Walmart. Big ones for the girls & mini ones for the dolls.  I love that I was able to order place settings & goody bags for the dolls too!



While we were setting up upstairs…this was happening down at the pool…

Only my child...

Only my child…

And this…

Only my friends!

Only my friends!

DBJ..Don’t be jelly muh friends are more awesome than yours!


We chowed down on some pizza & then the girls swam some more while the grown ups at “grown up time”

This is what Facebook does to the world...

This is what Facebook does to the world…



Then it was back to the room to PARRTAAAAY!






We quietly sang Happy B Day  to Daynie…

And then she blew out her candles!






Then it was time to get our AG craft on!



The craft was awesome! It came with everything precut & ready to stick! No other supplies were needed! And I was surprised how much the girls love it!222

224225 228 229 230 232 233 234 236 238 240

I got tickled at how serious these girls were about their dolls! Especially Issa who layed out their clothes for the next day!


Daynie’s doll ready for bed!



The first thing the girls did when they got up the next morning was get their dolls dressed for the day!

252 251 250




Daynie was excited to show me the milk cartons. That’s the kind they have at school  & she is obsessed with the cheesy jokes. She tells them to us when we eat dinner together & we just crack up!

253 257

photo255 256 258 259

We stayed at Holiday Inn Express because it looked cool online and it had an indoor pool! The hotel was seriously great. We all loved the new contemporary totally modern decor.260


We had a FLIPPIN AWESOME trip!



Daynie is still all about that doll too!



After nearly a week of begging…yesterday I took her to WM to spend her bday money on some stuff for her doll…


What a great Birthday this girl has had!


Now onto the deets on these awesome shirts…


I found the AG font online & whipped these bad boys up!

And ONE awesome Mommy Edwards reader can WIN ONE!

AG Giveaway

Just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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41 thoughts on “American Girl Party & a GIVEAWAY!!

  1. I liked that they were able to go with a bunch of friends to pick out their dolls. They will always remember it when they play with the dolls.

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  4. How awesome was that birthday! I am so happy I found your blog today. Your comments under the pictures just cracked me up. You and your friends have a great sense of humor and that is why your little girls look so happy!

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  6. You have got to be the best mom in the world – the whole party looked great and the birthday girl could not stop smiling!

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  8. I loved your entire party. What an awesome idea. I hope I am able to do the same for my little girl some day. The girls looked so happy and the cupcakes were awesome.

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  10. I don’t even know where to start! Loved the planned out day of fun for the group, the matching outfits, that your daughter took a picture with her doll upside down against the wall, and that you put such great effort in making it a special day! Now, is there a way to hint to my hubby that I want to be treated like a princess on my bday? lol (I’ll be 26 in May). Thanks a bunch

  11. This was too precious! You really outdid yourself with the entire thing! Making the event of her picking out her own AG doll a big to-do was pretty cool! I don’t even know what to say my favorite part was. Traveling, swimming, pizza, shopping, crafts…. these girls really had to have had a blast!!

  12. Oh my gosh this was something I would have loved as a child! My favorite was Samantha! I dont know which part is better, the matching AG shirts or the fact that they all did fun things outside of the store like handstands and back bends with their dolls! You are the most awesome Mom to put this all together! Surely a birthday she will remember forever.

  13. OMG Daynie’s blue eyes are BEAUTIFUL! I really like that each girl got her own personalized shirt!! I especially like the “peeing” pics with the fountain by the pool. It looks like she had sooo much fun!!!

  14. It seems that your baby girl really enjoyed the trip! Her smile in every picture of her says it all! 🙂

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  17. Make the huge pot, but just take the rest left over for meals later.My dad was the big chili cooker in the house. He and I love thgins “hot”….ditto for my daughter Kimberly. (I never would have thought that…..but it is true)My dad would make massive batches of Chili and freeze some of it.I’ve made chili, but it isn’t the first thing I think of making…though I probably should because I do like to eat it!

  18. I just stumbled upon this by chance but wanted to make a quick comment.
    Not sure how old this post is but enjoy every moment.
    I feel like I just woke up one day and my little girl was 29 and gone.

    Time gets away from us and we wonder what the heck happened.
    Gorgeous girls you have.

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