A few fun favs…

I just love a quick little video that can make me chuckle or crack a tiny smile…it makes me happy and gives me a quick little escape from the real life for a moment.

Here are some I’ve hearted lately:

HANDS DOWN…this is the best video of the week. Everyone is talking about it & it’s def hard not to love this kid!

This is sweet. I always always always wished I was a singer. I would so be down with doing this.

I know this one is cheezy…but all the pet lovers out there will be as amused as me 🙂

Has anyone seen the YouTube channel Convos with my 2 year old?? I binge watch them all the time…. I know it’s sad…but they are just too cute!

This one isn’t as fun as it is ENRAGING. You just want to slap the little prick.

But…as annoying as he is…The Biebs is still a good train wreck that hard to look away from.


Seriously ya’ll…I just love this couple.

That is SOOO me. & sooo NOT my husband! Ha!

Tell me you guys…what are some of your favs lately?

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