A beautiful faith…

Last Sunday…my church started a new video series…Walk His Trail movie message series. It contains exerts from the movie End of the Spear (a true story about five missionaries killed by a tribe in the Amazon) and commentary/testimony from Steve Saint (the son of one of the missionaries killed.) It is a video series sent to pastors to share with their church.

Here is the trailer…

Last week the first video shook a lot of us up & really made us think.

A true story of 5 missionaries in the 50’s that were reaching out to the tribes to bring them God’s word, were brutally murdered. Some of the family members of the missionaries murdered…actually later went to live in the tribe along with the same members of the tribe that did the killing. They taught them God’s love & showed them the error of their ways. They grew to love them like family.

I don’t know anyone whose faith and commitment to the Lord is that strong…that they would and COULD put their anger and hurt aside…to continue the missionaries mission. To obey God and forgive and continue to witness to this tribe. To obey God’s commandment to LOVE these people that murdered their loved one.

The story itself  AH-MAZING….the testimony of the son is unbelievable.

Tonight was the second video. I can’t find the actual videos with commentary we watch at church..but here is an exert from the actual movie.

At the 5:55 mark…there was a conversation between one of the missionaries & his eight year old son. It really shook me.

The father was about to leave on the plane to go into the Amazon jungle. The boy asked his father…. “If the Waodani attack will you defend yourself? Will you use your guns?” The father’s answer was nothing short of amazing to me… “Son, we can’t shoot the Waodani. They’re not ready for heaven. We are.”

On that trip…the 5 missionaries were attacked. And they did not use their guns to defend their selves.

What a beautiful unwavering faith. What a beautiful story. Beautiful testimony. A beautiful honor to God.


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