50 Shades…

So last night I saw the long awaited 50 Shades of Grey movie.


And I loved it.

It was better than I thought it would be. I just knew they would butcher the movie like most movie’s made from books that they try to reenact on the big screen. Surprisingly, they followed the book pretty closely. Close enough that I really didn’t catch anything that they changed and felt like it was coming right from the book.

The casting could have been better…but of course…a movie actors will never live up to the book’s characters you have built up in your head.

I wasn’t sure about Dakota Johnson as Ana at first….but I ended up liking her in the part. Although…the whole movie I kept thinking…does she brush her hair? She needs to change clothes she’s been wearing them too long. She hasn’t bathed in days. Eww…don’t those shoes make her feet stink? Can he smell her? Also…does she NEVER wear a bra?Obviously, I’m an over critical thinker and the logistics of things were irritating me. But to be fair, they totally did in the book too.

Now for Christian….Jamie Dornan didn’t really do it for me. At times he looked hot…but he just didn’t portray the part in it’s entirety to me. Sometimes he seemed too young & teenager-ish. Other times…he just wasn’t dominate enough.

The sex….it was just eh. It wasn’t near as hot & steamy as I was expecting & they barely touched on the erotica part. They mostly showed him tying a bunch of damn knots! #boyscout


All I could think about during the movie was…damn Christian must’ve been a Boy Scout because… #allthoseknots

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Also…they showed her boobs too much. I get it…it’s pretty much all they can get away with showing. But hello….this movie was made for women…cater to us a little bit more. We have boobs. We’re not interested in seeing how hot SHE is (well not all of us) We want to see more of HIS yummy hotness.

So that’s it…I loved it & can’t wait until the next one!

PS…After seeing waaayyyy too many 50 shades bashing posts…I finally had to add my 2 cents in on FB:

I personally liked the movie & the books (even though they were a grammatical & literary nightmare). I think it’s all in how you choose to view them and what you choose to take away from it. I never saw Christian as sick or abusive. I saw him as troubled. He was someone who was abused and therefore grew up with a skewed view of himself and love. The story is about Ana & Christian’s connection and how she saves him from himself. She shows him how to love and be loved. She also helps him find a healthy balance in his sexual experiences by the end of the 3rd book. Ana was a very strong character. She is very vocal about right & wrong and what she would & wouldn’t put up with. I love the story that this book/movie tells. People are flawed & not everything is black & white. But in love, anyone can change. With all that being said…we must remember..this is FICTION. This was written purely for entertainment with millions of women’s fantasies in mind. Women love to think they can change men. Most of the things in the book & movie are for pure entertainment value. They are filled with mature adult content & only mature adults should be viewing them. And again…this genre isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t mean anyone else is right or wrong for seeing it or even enjoying it or the movie is right or wrong. (Unless, you take the whole religious route…then yes..valid argument, that can also be applied to 99% of entertainment and life experiences) My point is…50 Shades is just like anything in this life…everyone will walk away with something different. I choose to walk away with the story of love that saved a broken man from himself. Annnd the fantasies I got to live out through Ana 😉

Here’s a good article regarding it:

Five of Christian Grey’s 50 Shades We Should Be Discussing (Instead of Sex and Bondage)

I’m just ganna go ahead & leave this little slice of perfection right here too:

50 Shades of Blah (a man’s perspective) 

because #ALLOFIT.

Hilarious. Spot on. & #1!!!

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One thought on “50 Shades…

  1. Nice to hear from someone that is not bashing the movie before they even see it! LOL!
    I will be checking it out asap. I loved the books and I love what you said – its all in how you choose to view them.
    Glad you enjoyed and reviewed – I will definitely be going to see it!

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