50 Shades of Christians…

I want to clarify something about my earlier post referencing the the “judgy holier than thou churchers” ….I am not talking about my church, which I love. Yes, I’m sure that there are a few there, as there are many in this world. But for the most part, my church is full of loving people that desire to love Jesus AND His people, despite their sins and differences. As I’m sure you are aware, I can be a bit over the top, rough around the edges, & full of sin. I have never walked into my church and felt anything less than welcome & loved. I go to church because I desire to be closer to God and church is the place I can do that. So please don’t generalize from my post that all church going Christians think they are better and will judge you. My church is proof that that is not true.

I do however want to caution those “holier than thou judgey Christians” about allowing the devil to use your passion for Christ to do his dirty work.

I am ALL about standing up for what you believe in and spreading The Message. BUT you should be careful in your pursuit so that you do not actually work against your cause by turning people away from Jesus and Christians and the Church. Be careful that your message is not seen as looking down on the person. When your message is one of judgement and condemnation, it is in fact YOUR message and not that of the Father.

Your message, delivery, and your hypocrisy are often what makes the unsaved uninterested and drives the saved away.

One thing I have learned from my social media & blog platforms is that people like to relate to other people and feel like they aren’t alone in their own struggles. They are turned off by fakes that try to project a perfect image. Therefore, when a person finds you unrelatable, they also find your message undesirable.

Back when I first began attending my church, I was intimidated by all the perfect little church couples everywhere, meanwhile I couldn’t even get my husband to attend. Then one day, a woman from one of those perfect little church couples opened up about her past struggles in her marriage and how years before they were close to divorce. For the first time since attending, I felt a connection. This couple that I viewed as perfect had the same struggles in life as the next guy. I could relate. From then on, I felt like a part of a church of people like me, not a sinner struggling to conform to a church full of perfect people.

Everyone sins. Be careful of judging others because they sin differently than you.

The big difference between me and you, is that I don’t try to hide my sin. I don’t flaunt it and celebrate it, but I also don’t pretend like it’s not there.

Be careful of the sins you point out in others. Sin is sin. So, my adultery and your white lie you just told your kid are one in the same in the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus loves me. PERIOD. I am going to Heaven. PERIOD. My sin doesn’t change either of those facts.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

As a saved follower of Christ should I try to be better everyday and hold myself to a higher standard? Absolutely.

But here’s where we will probably have a fork in the road.

To WHO’s standard shall I hold myself to? Yours?

The judgey Christian that has condemned a book & movie they have not seen nor read?

There is no debate that there is content in 50 shades that contains unchristian-like behavior. For instance, they are an unmarried couple engaging in sexual relations.    My husband and I lived together for 10 years before we got married. If a Christian thinks I shouldn’t watch this movie based on the adultery, then should people also have covered their eyes or refused to be around me and Danny before we were married?

As far as all the other particulars in the movie, who is to define right or wrong? I will judge it for me and you should judge it for you. But please, do not judge me for not judging it the same as you. In the end, God is the only judge that matters.

I am a mature adult capable of watching and/or exposing myself to anything and deciding how I will apply the experience in my life.

I don’t  believe watching this movie made be any less of a Christian or lover of Jesus. I didn’t commit adultery. I didn’t do anything sexually immoral. I didn’t lust. My husband was fine with me seeing it. If anything, it made me love & appreciate our marriage more. I enjoyed the love story and it was entertaining. The end. Plain & simple.


Everyone will take away a different experience from the movie, as with ANYTHING in life. Like I said in an earlier post…I chose to take away from this the story of a broken man that was saved by love from himself.

People in this world are flawed. Many are broken.  Followers of Christ should not turn their back on those people just because they are full of sin. Not everything in life is rainbows & butterflies, & buttermilk pie. Christians want to save, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty doing it.   The main character in the movie is one of those flawed broken people. His story is rough, graphic, and hard. But in the end he was changed.  I would love for it to have been Jesus that in the end saved him….but in the particular movie…it was love. And isn’t that what Jesus commands us to do? LOVE?

So that is my message. If Christians want to win the battle of good and evil, they should do it with LOVE. Concentrate on that when spreading your message, not what you percieve as the sins of others. But, really, what is your intention? Were you trying to win a soul over to Christ or bring the saved closer in their relationship by condemning their choice in entertainment? Doesn’t it seem like that is counter productive? In the grand scheme of things…what is worse…me watching a movie you don’t agree with, or you driving people further from Jesus in your quest to prove your image?




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